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Search in channel names and topics of 596 IRC networks to find your favourite chat room within the world of the Internet Relay Chat (short: IRC)!

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#adult Nerdfighteria

6 users – 102 minutes ago – WARNING: ADULTS ONLY! | Sex talk goes to #sexytimes (password: adultcontent) | Please do not pass NSFW content through Willie tell/ask | We don't believe in age limit, maturity is what counts. | Channel pass is adultcontent, join at your own discretion
category: Adults – network: Nerdfighteria  –  irc2go: Webchat

##thongPlanet freenode

6 users – 227 minutes ago – Welcome to ##thongplanet. Topic set by AspergerHelper You must be a legal adult no younger than 18 yrs old to be in this channel. Any adult topic is welcome but if it is viewed as too controversial by room members it may be addressed by an op. WARNING! Clicking of links/Cybering is at your own risk. We neither promote it or dissagree with such things. Play safe and have a good time.
network: freenode  –  irc2go: Webchat

#DM*OOC SorceryNet

8 users – 102 minutes ago – FFRP Homemade SL.2014-15 set in Oregon. Main IC: #Dangerous*Masquerade ADULT Night Club/Hotel. Characters: Anything reasonable that can appear Human or Animal.. RULES: BE NICE! Arguing with @s, Godmoding, whining, bitching will not be tolerated. OPS Final word on disputes. ALL CHARACTERS MUST BE TEMP APPROVED BY AN OP, PERM APPROVAL BY AZRAEL. 18+ only. 13th yr.
network: SorceryNet  –  irc2go: Webchat

#Adult Aitvaras

45 users – 110 minutes ago – (. )( .)
category: Adults – network: Aitvaras  –  irc2go: Webchat

#adult RusNet

3 users – 101 minutes ago – Канал для взрослых, а не то, что вы подумали.
category: Adults – network: RusNet  –  irc2go: Webchat

#adult GigaIRC

27 users – 106 minutes ago – Educatia este ca si ERECTIA, daca ai vede!!!
category: Adults – network: GigaIRC  –  irc2go: Webchat

#1337Kelpies Rizon

38 users – 103 minutes ago – IRC DRAMA IS FOR LOSERS. This is a child's response. What is an adult response? Get to the kiddy table and keep your drama to yourselves. OR GET OVER IT. If you got a problem with peaceful conversing, GET OUT OF MY CHANNEL. Everyone who follows the rules in this channel is welcome. Do !rules
network: Rizon  –  irc2go: Webchat

#hyperyiff FurNet

27 users – 107 minutes ago – Channel is open for everyone that is big! [Adult 18+] | Hypers and fans all welcome. | Current rules: 1. No Drama seriously! 2. English please, its international. 3. Bigger is better! | We got our offical group at FurAffinity: | Everybody do the thlump
network: FurNet  –  irc2go: Webchat

#hyperhermyiff FurNet

6 users – 107 minutes ago – Welcome to #HyperHermYiff ! Choose just one sex to make huge? Fuck that, we're greedy, we'll take 'em ALL. [Adult 18+] | Current rules: 1. No Drama seriously! 2. English please, its international. 3. Bigger is better! | We got our own group on FurAffinity:
network: FurNet  –  irc2go: Webchat

#wolvesyiff FurNet

9 users – 107 minutes ago – Welcome to a channel dedicated to the play of wolves. All are welcome, especally foxy-fluffs for the wolves to enjoy. <3 18+ Only please, this channel sees much adult content. Our new theme song: | Now with 20% More teasing | Godmodding is forbidden.
network: FurNet  –  irc2go: Webchat

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