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#ShadowICT.​disc ShadowICT

6 users – 82 minutes ago – [​+AFHJKPTdfjlnrt 5:15 15:20m 5 10 20:7 10:4 17] Shadow Information and Communication Technologies |​|​ Network Disciplinary Segregation - If you are in this channel,​ you are being addressed by network management for behavior,​ or #ShadowICT is full |​|​ All Channel Operators are IRC Operators.​ |​|​ This is a ShadowICT PUBLIC Service Channel
network: ShadowICT  –  irc2go: #ShadowICT.​disc

#lesbianhypnosis Cuff-Link

4 users – 92 minutes ago – Female Only/​FEMPIRE We ask that all ID with Gender and Age upon entry.​ Predatory behavior will be dealt with upon presentation of logs to an OP,​ and that decision is final.​ We practice Safe,​ Sane,​ and Consensual hypnosis here,​ we ask that you do too |​ http:/​/​i.​imgur.​com/​M2CQN0c.​png
chat category: Hypnosis Lesbiannetwork: Cuff-Link  –  irc2go: #lesbianhypnosis

#zastaff Zandronum

18 users – 78 minutes ago – Welcome to Zandronum's staff discussion channel.​ Hostile behavior will not be tolerated,​ from neither staff nor user.​ |​|​ This is not #staff.​ Go to #staff if you really need help and support,​ this is just the open moderator channel.​ Moderator chat and banter lives here.​
network: Zandronum  –  irc2go: #zastaff

#ARArchive SorceryNet

8 users – 81 minutes ago – AR Chat/​RP |​ Maniac owns this channel.​ Address any concerns to him.​ |​ 18​+ channel.​ Rules: Always ask permission to PM someone.​ Do not disturb others with constant requests for RPs.​ Any behavior that is seen as disturbing the peace is subject for ban.​
network: SorceryNet  –  irc2go: #ARArchive

#6c37 freenode

9 users – 97 minutes ago – An organization dedicated to cool CRUX ports.​ |​ https:/​/​github.​com/​6c37 |​ To all crux ports contributors: https:/​/​github.​com/​6c37/​crux-ports/​wiki/​Port-standards |​ General guidelines for behavior: http:/​/​thinkmoult.​com/​irc.​html
network: freenode  –  irc2go: #6c37

#morton CaffieNET

4 users – 94 minutes ago – Go here https:/​/​discord.​gg/​6NrgQ5Q |​ Current reminder: behavior for the bosses |​ Missing: 2 bosses,​ revamping nin levels,​ final testing |​ DEADLINE: whenever mirann tells me to kill this
network: CaffieNET  –  irc2go: #morton
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