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#[Centro-Pokemon] Immortal-Anime

4 users – 108 minutes ago – .​:[ Wing Zero Fansub - The World - Hiten Mitsu ]:.​ |​ El canal Vip del Staff de Wing Zero solo STAFF |​ No se admiten forasteros [Si sos nuevo poné !reglas,​ !yo,​ !noticias,​ !quien_​se_​la_​come?,​ !guarrin ] |​ [~Los que sacamos más Bleach~] |​ [El que se pase se va =​) ]
chat category: Centro Pokémonnetwork: Immortal-Anime  –  irc2go: #[Centro-Pokemon]

#pokemon Rizon

7 users – 117 minutes ago – Welcome to #pokemon! The one place to talk about Pokémon and other related things!
chat category: Pokémonnetwork: Rizon  –  irc2go: #pokemon

#pokémon darkscience

8 users – 112 minutes ago – Pokémon Channel! |​|​ Current Event: https:/​/​www.​reddit.​com/​r/​pokemontrades/​wiki/​events
chat category: Pokémonnetwork: darkscience  –  irc2go: #pokémon

#Pokemon EsperNet

8 users – 111 minutes ago – |​|​ A Home for all things Pokemon |​|​ Alolan Vulpix is the Pokemon of the month! The suprise typing will give longtime players chills~~~ |​|​
chat category: Pokémonnetwork: EsperNet  –  irc2go: #Pokemon

#Pokemon Immortal-Anime

2 users – 108 minutes ago – Bienvenido al canal Pokemon actualmente Pokemon Sol y Luna visita nuetra página web www.​pokemonhn.​jimdo.​com nuestros moderadores Steven y Tiffany
chat category: Pokémonnetwork: Immortal-Anime  –  irc2go: #Pokemon

#Pokemon MantraIRC

2 users – 106 minutes ago – https:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​watch?v=​f8Thn_​CqDS! Pokemon Trivia Bot : ONLINE|​|​ NOTE: Like the network and the bot? Invite your friends! We'd love to have you! |​|​ The answer to every question is Dewgong or fish,​ if you're Sora ;x |​ To start the game type .​trivia.​ To stop,​ type .​stop .​ Enjoy!
chat category: Pokémonnetwork: MantraIRC  –  irc2go: #Pokemon

#pokemon Mibbit

5 users – 105 minutes ago – Welcome to #pokemon! If you want Cyrus,​ ping him.​ He doesn't always watch this channel.​ |​ If you're looking for the Smogon IRC,​ you're on the wrong network.​ You need to connect to SynIRC,​ not Mibbit.​ |​ https:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​watch?v=​-lbw491S8Ss
chat category: Pokémonnetwork: Mibbit  –  irc2go: #pokemon

#pokemon Snoonet

3 users – 101 minutes ago – #pokemon
chat category: Pokémonnetwork: Snoonet  –  irc2go: #pokemon

#Centro-Oeste vIRCio

3 users – 219 minutes ago – Bem vindo a sala da regiao Centro Oeste https:/​/​pt.​wikipedia.​org/​wiki/​Regi%​C3%​A3o_​Centro-Oeste_​do_​Brasil
chat category: Centronetwork: vIRCio  –  irc2go: #Centro-Oeste
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