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#English EuropNet

2 users – 59 minutes ago – Dear all,​ welcome to the first,​ (and hopefully long-lasting),​ room for Algerian English speakers on Europnet,​ in this room you are free to speak about different topics in English but also to teach and learn this beautiful language.​ Remember,​ respect is our most important condition in this group,​ we trust you :)
category: Englandnetwork: EuropNet  –  irc2go: #English

#emule-english-offtopic MindForge

18 users – 54 minutes ago – No eMule help,​ just chat |​ ENGLISH ONLY |​ For eMule help & support /​join #emule-english |​ No jukebox scripts allowed |​ NO FILE REQUESTS |​ Ask nicely before you PM anyone |​ Non-english will result in kick without warning.​ Type !triggers for available triggers.​ |​ Rest In Peace,​ Brian.​ :(
category: eMule Englandnetwork: MindForge  –  irc2go: #emule-english-offtopic

##English freenode

349 users – 65 minutes ago – Topic for ##English is: Help and discussion about the English language |​ Use UTF-8 |​ Provide context! |​ Rules: http:/​/​english.​twey.​co.​uk/​policies.​html |​ Word of the day: ultracrepidarian: somebody who gives opinions on subjects they know nothing about.​
category: Englandnetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: ##English

#eMule-English MindForge

23 users – 54 minutes ago – eMule technical help ONLY ! |​|​ NEWS: eMule v0.​50a Final Released - Type !update for instructions |​|​ info: type !rules and !triggers |​ NO FILE REQUESTS |​ ENGLISH ONLY |​ THIS IS NOT A GENERAL CHAT
category: eMule Englandnetwork: MindForge  –  irc2go: #eMule-English

#english OFTC

7 users – 65 minutes ago – Given the pervasive pedantry-as-gamesmanship concerning grammar,​ spelling,​ punctuation and usage,​ #English seems in order.​ • Ask technical and non english topic in #Corsair or #Cyberia.​
category: Englandnetwork: OFTC  –  irc2go: #english

#English EpiKnet

2 users – 60 minutes ago – Welcome to the English channel of EpiKnet where we speak and learn english language.​ Two beers or not two beers that is the pression.​ Have a good chat ! ;)
category: Englandnetwork: EpiKnet  –  irc2go: #English

#DreaMule-English Hub4Ever.Org

3 users – 57 minutes ago – DreaMule Help/​Support channel in English |​ Info: type !help |​ English only |​ Website: http:/​/​dreamule.​org/​hub/​en/​ |​ Lastest version: DreaMule 3.​2
category: Englandnetwork: Hub4Ever.Org  –  irc2go: #DreaMule-English

#English.​room EuropNet

2 users – 59 minutes ago – Welcome to #english.​room.​ Please take a seat,​ and enjoy speaking English with us.​ French is strictly forbidden,​ of course!!
category: Englandnetwork: EuropNet  –  irc2go: #English.​room

#Emule-English-USA MindForge

7 users – 54 minutes ago – `%%,​`%%,​`%%,​ ææææææ Welcome to Emule-English-USA!! Have Fun! Be Nice! Try to speak ENGLISH! dont post ed2k links ææææææ `%%,​`%%,​`%%
category: eMule England USAnetwork: MindForge  –  irc2go: #Emule-English-USA

#English SorceryNet

3 users – 50 minutes ago – [+CGTfknrt 7:2 <key>] »»-(¯`v´¯)--» CHAT GRATIS »»-(¯`v´¯)--» https:/​/​sweety.​chat/​ - Try mChat on the Play Store.​ It's free! - English only
category: Englandnetwork: SorceryNet  –  irc2go: #English
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