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##fitness freenode

73 users – 99 minutes ago – Welcome to ##fitness! |​ http:/​/​www.​exrx.​net/​ |​ http:/​/​liamrosen.​com/​fitness |​ http:/​/​4chanfit.​wikia.​com/​wiki/​Harsh%27s_​Worksheet_​%28WIP%29 |​ Those who do not find time for exercise now will have to find time for illness--Earl of Derby,​1873 |​ It may take a while for someone to respond,​ so stick around |​ Related channels: #running ,​ ##nutrition ,​ ##sports ,​ ##health ,​ ##weightloss
chat category: Fitnessnetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: ##fitness

##fitness Snoonet

15 users – 83 minutes ago – Welcome to the unofficial IRC channel for /​r/​fitness! Come discuss lifting,​ running,​ whatever activity helps you become the best version of yourself! This channel is active but it make take a while for someone to respond to your question,​ you can always use r/​fitness if you don't have enough patience for us.​ Join the discord https:/​/​discord.​gg/​NRqnbjT
chat category: Fitnessnetwork: Snoonet  –  irc2go: ##fitness

#fitness darkscience

12 users – 94 minutes ago – "Lean,​ built,​ swoll,​ huge,​ slim,​ healthy,​ big,​ phat buttock.​.​.​ regardless of your goal,​ stay focused.​" |​ L2FeedThem: http:/​/​www.​bodybuilding.​com/​store/​protein.​htm |​ Set a PR everyday.​ |​ Cheap gains meal: http:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​56OCZ |​ #finance for monetary gains.​
chat category: Fitnessnetwork: darkscience  –  irc2go: #fitness

#fitness AnonOps

7 users – 98 minutes ago – Lifting,​ Sports,​ and Nutrition |​ The Pastebin (updated 12/​4): https:/​/​pastebin.​com/​tpK659dj |​ fit =​=​ fed |​ Weakly Video: https:/​/​youtu.​be/​uUHZ8IXT7tY |​ TRUTH! : catface "EVERYONE IS ON STEROIDS!" |​ You,​ right now: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​gallery/​57Tda
chat category: Fitnessnetwork: AnonOps  –  irc2go: #fitness

##nutrition freenode

71 users – 99 minutes ago – Dietary and supplemental nutrition |​ Disclaimer: Consult a doctor.​ No professionals here.​ Don't abruptly stop your meds.​ |​ RULES: Identify with nickserv.​ Stay on topic.​ No idling >60d.​ No changing nick.​ No public logging.​ |​ Data: http:/​/​j.​mp/​ndata http:/​/​j.​mp/​MP-HS http:/​/​j.​mp/​WMD-VS |​ Related: #biology ##biochemistry #coffee ##cooking ##fitness #reddit-nootropics #running ##tea
chat category: Nutritionnetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: ##nutrition

#Fitness Rizon

5 users – 99 minutes ago – Http:/​/​tiny.​cc/​FitnessRizon.​ Excellence is an art of habit and a fit body the greatest form of art.​
chat category: Fitnessnetwork: Rizon  –  irc2go: #Fitness

##ArmyofIT freenode

5 users – 99 minutes ago – this is the #republicofit fitness subchannel |​ "I dream of a reality where IT people see lack of fitness as an engineering problem to be solved and all become the fittest motherfuckers the world has ever seen.​" |​ The usual stuff [age,​ gender,​ weight,​ height,​ current fitness level,​ exercise program (if any)] gets better answers |​ Check out #powerlifting too
chat category: Armynetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: ##ArmyofIT

#fittit freenode

44 users – 99 minutes ago – Welcome to #fitness |​ Reading studies is bad for hypertrophy and bad for strength.​ |​ DO THE PROGRAM and READ,​ NOT SKIM the FAQS: (http:/​/​tinyurl.​com/​rfitfaq http:/​/​examine.​com/​faq/​)|​ Stuff: http:/​/​swole.​fatti.​es
network: freenode  –  irc2go: #fittit

#Jeganjustice Caelestia

3 users – 96 minutes ago – Welcome to #JeganJustice!! Happy Colony Drop Day! |​ Stop kitten around about fitness! Join BRUCE'S FITNESS CART! Deviljho got you down? GET RIPPED RIGHT MEOW!! |​|​ OTHER CHANNEL,​ #jeganjustice on irc.​rizon.​net
network: Caelestia  –  irc2go: #Jeganjustice
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