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#c AnonNet

3 users – All Hail ISO C11!! All Hail GNU GCC!! This channel is for ISO C,​ not C​+​+ or C#.​ Idle if you ask a question,​ most of us are prob afk,​ C Standards: http:/​/​port70.​net/​~nsz/​c/​ |​|​ Basic info: https:/​/​bpaste.​net/​show/​88db71cbdfd8 We don't know C​+​+ or C# here |​|​ char *​motto() { printf("learn2codepls");}
chat category: Cnetwork: AnonNet  –  irc2go: #c

#linux-zone freenode

3 users – Welcome to Linux-zone |​ Non chiedere di chiedere,​ ma chiedi e basta.​ https:/​/​www.​gnu.​org/​proprietary/​malware-microsoft.​html \ https:/​/​www.​linuxfoundation.​org/​announcements/​microsoft-fortifies-commitment-to-open-source-becomes-linux-foundation-platinum .​:.​ https:/​/​s25.​postimg.​org/​ud4r5nk3z/​uonnacrai.​jpg
chat category: Linuxnetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: #linux-zone

#java AnonOps

4 users – Welcome! This channel is focused on the GNU Java Programming Language and general help.​ Feel free to lurk.​ We are NOT here to write your code for you.​ See https:/​/​www.​oracle.​com/​java/​index.​html |​|​ javac -verbose learn2code.​java && java learn2code |​|​ System.​out.​println("learn2codepls");
chat category: Javanetwork: AnonOps  –  irc2go: #java

#guile freenode

113 users – Welcome to #guile.​ See https:/​/​gnu.​org/​s/​guile for more information.​ Guile 2.​2 is out! <https:/​/​gnu.​org/​s/​guile/​news/​gnu-guile-220-released.​html>.​ This channel is logged,​ see <https:/​/​gnunet.​org/​bot/​log/​guile>.​ Bug database at <https:/​/​bugs.​gnu.​org/​guile>.​
network: freenode  –  irc2go: #guile

#iX freenode

4 users – An X11 based GNU/​Linux distribution for Apple's iDevices |​ Supported Devices: IPT1G,​ iPhone3G |​ website: www.​projectix.​org |​ Current Release: iX SHR 1.​10 |​ Download: http:/​/​cdn.​idroidproject.​org/​release/​ix/​iX-SHR-1.​10.​tar.​bz2 |​ Latest Progress: Waiting for nand support in the A4 kernel
network: freenode  –  irc2go: #iX

#gzlug freenode

13 users – 欢迎来到广州 GNU/​Linux 用户组 http:/​/​gzlug.​org |​ 邮件列表: gzlug@​googlegroups.​com |​ 寻路指南: http:/​/​www.​gzlug.​org/​pages/​TransferGuide.​html |​ 图片与代码: https:/​/​cfp.​vim-cn.​com |​ 聊天记录: https:/​/​fishroom.​tuna.​moe/​log/​gzlug/​today |​ 六月小聚已结束
chat category: Linux gznetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: #gzlug

#gnash freenode

9 users – The GNU Flash Player - http:/​/​www.​gnu.​org/​software/​gnash - http:/​/​wiki.​gnashdev.​org/​FAQ - http:/​/​gnashdev.​org - http:/​/​savannah.​gnu.​org/​projects/​gnash - http:/​/​wiki.​gnashdev.​org/​WaysToHelp - http:/​/​wiki.​gnashdev.​org/​Adobe_​OpenScreenProject - http:/​/​wiki.​gnashdev.​org/​Release_​0.​8.​11
network: freenode  –  irc2go: #gnash

#mediagoblin freenode

73 users – GNU MediaGoblin: your free,​ autonomous media hosting software.​ |​|​ Code: https:/​/​savannah.​gnu.​org/​projects/​mediagoblin |​|​ MediaGoblin 0.​9.​0 "The Three Goblineers" is out! http:/​/​ur1.​ca/​oqkqh |​|​ Community governance https:/​/​wiki.​mediagoblin.​org/​CommunityGovernance
chat category: Medianetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: #mediagoblin

#Cthulhu EpiKnet

4 users – ::: Ordre_​Esoterik_​de_​Dagon ::: Ia Ia Cthulhu Ftgn ::: (;,​,​;) ::: Bienvenue dans le Temple ::: Ici les sujets sont la littérature,​ le jeux de roles l' Appel de Cthulhu et l' os Gnu/​Linux ::: Pas de politique tans que Cthulhu n'est pas revenu ::: Locus est Terribilis :::
network: EpiKnet  –  irc2go: #Cthulhu
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