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#vegetarian IRCnet

9 users – 119 minutes ago – w/​EFnet |​ vegetarianism for the animals,​ health,​ the planet |​ news:/​/​alt.​food.​veg www.​NutritionFacts.​org #vegan
network: IRCnet  –  irc2go: #vegetarian

#yoga IRCnet

6 users – 119 minutes ago – ॐ spirituality,​health,​exercise,​meditation,​ w/​EFnet,​UnderNet|​ news:alt.​yoga yoga.​wikia.​com |​ rationalists must integrate #math ,​ Yoga,​ Qigong,​ Neigong
chat category: Yoganetwork: IRCnet  –  irc2go: #yoga

#outages freenode

8 users – 119 minutes ago – Welcome to #outages,​ a discussion forum for major communications failures |​ use pastebin.​com for traceroute or other output |​ http:/​/​wiki.​outages.​org |​ Internet Health Dashboard: http:/​/​wiki.​outages.​org/​index.​php/​Dashboard
network: freenode  –  irc2go: #outages

#datalagringslauget freenode

4 users – 119 minutes ago – Datalagringslauget - for folk med behov for datalagring som ikkje vil sende data ut i tåkeheimen,​ men vil ha kontroll sjølve
network: freenode  –  irc2go: #datalagringslauget

#foss-sthlm freenode

46 users – 119 minutes ago – http:/​/​www.​foss-sthlm.​se/​ |​ Posta gärna länkar men tydliggör vad det handlar om med t.​ex.​ #.​.​.​ efter |​ "plundra: Det var bätter förr.​ Typ 20 år sedan.​ FACT.​"
chat category: Ossnetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: #foss-sthlm

##information freenode

30 users – 119 minutes ago – The Alternate Information discussion room.​ Ask us about the free red pill program,​ drop links,​ and discuss topics like conspiracies,​ occult politics,​ suppressed technology,​ energy sources,​ Earth mysteries,​ medical cures,​ health and nutrition,​ crypto currencies |​ Conspiracy Central (torrents) https:/​/​concen.​org |​ Conspiracy King (books) conspiracyking.​com
network: freenode  –  irc2go: ##information

##weightloss freenode

4 users – 119 minutes ago – Health,​ Wellness,​ and Dieting related discussion.​ We are quite small right now,​ but feel free to hang out and kick back.​ Related channels: ##health,​ ##nutrition,​ ##fitness.​
chat category: Ossnetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: ##weightloss

##fitness freenode

63 users – 119 minutes ago – Welcome to ##fitness! |​ http:/​/​www.​exrx.​net/​ |​ http:/​/​liamrosen.​com/​fitness |​ http:/​/​4chanfit.​wikia.​com/​wiki/​Harsh%27s_​Worksheet_​%28WIP%29 |​ Those who do not find time for exercise now will have to find time for illness--Earl of Derby,​1873 |​ It may take a while for someone to respond,​ so stick around |​ Related: #running,​ ##nutrition,​ ##sports,​ ##health,​ ##weightloss
chat category: Fitnessnetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: ##fitness

#archlinux-botabuse freenode

14 users – 119 minutes ago – Welcome abusers,​ welcome to #archlinux-botabuse,​ it's safer here.​ You have chosen,​ or been chosen,​ to come here to abuse your bots.​ If you want to abuse ops,​ you're in the wrong place,​ go to ##archlinux-opabuse.​ Pasting (or otherwise displaying) text representations of men having sex with cows is frowned upon.​
chat category: Arch Linux Botanetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: #archlinux-botabuse

#ubuntu-no freenode

24 users – 119 minutes ago – Velkommen til Ubuntu-no |​|​ Still spørsmål du lurer på her,​ men vær tålmodig og vent på svar |​|​ Denne kanalen er offentlig logget |​|​ For ulogget og uformell prat #ubuntu-no-offtopic |​|​ Husk at vi er underlagt Ubuntus regler for oppførsel: http:/​/​www.​ubuntu.​com/​about/​about-ubuntu/​conduct
chat category: Ubuntunetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: #ubuntu-no
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