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#hypnosis EsperNet

12 users – 146 minutes ago – Hypnosis channel! Evidently the only source of non-sexual hypnosis on the entirety of IRC! | Hypnotists have voice. If you want to be hypnotized, just ask somebody with a thing next to their username. | Relaxation hypnosis video: | It may take up to 10 minutes for someone to respond. Please be patient!
category: Hypnosis – network: EsperNet  –  Webchat

#hypnosis FurNet

79 users – 145 minutes ago – [18+] Welcome to the Furry Hypnosis and Mind Control channel! The best furry hypnosis channel since 2006! ( | | | Database, database, we're living in the database, woo woo!
category: Hypnosis – network: FurNet  –  Webchat

#hypnosis TulpaInfo

3 users – 140 minutes ago – Come on in and start a conversation! | A guide to learning. (Everything you think you ever knew is wrong, and even if it was right, it was irrelevant.)
category: Hypnosis – network: TulpaInfo  –  Webchat

#Hypnosis XxXChatters

1 users – 139 minutes ago – Real Hypnosis here, no hypno videos BS here some FAQ: Hypnosis does not involve mind control, unless certain drugs are used, you're fully in control at all times, Hypno videos are mostly BS,hypnosis normally involves imagining things and mostly with your eyes closed
category: Hypnosis – network: XxXChatters  –  Webchat

#Pony_Hypno2 Rizon

5 users – 141 minutes ago – A channel that is dedicated to Pony Hypnosis and Pony Hypnosis ONLY . No tulpas please. Come here for advice on how to enter a trance, or submit files. The doc: For file development see #Pony_HypnoDev. Come here for advice on how to enter a trance, or submit files. Also vist #Pony_Hypno, our origins. Song Of The Week:
category: Ponies – network: Rizon  –  Webchat

#OmegaPoint Rizon

3 users – 141 minutes ago – Metaphysics and simulation, astral magick and other spiritual, power structures and conspiracy, psychic paranormal phenomena, and all other manner of esoteric fringe strangeness welcome! | Current project: Bootstrapping/kickstarting the technological singularity/human revolution/mass awakening. | Consciousness/the mind/hypnosis/mass psychology/society in general on topic.
network: Rizon  –  Webchat


8 users – 126 minutes ago – Everything you wanted to learn about hypnosis, but were afraid to ask. Just relax... and let go...IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR OUR SURRPORTERS - Bondage is now set to shut down at any moment so please find us in same ports should work. You will need to register your name on that site again~~~
network:  –  Webchat


8 users – 126 minutes ago – `°º©º°´ Welcome to Forced_Womanhood ! `° º©º°´`°º©º°´ A D/s based room and a safe haven for all sissies, crossdressers, ts/tg, the simply curious and those who love them. Ask Before PM'ing!! **NO Hypnosis!** For scening #Forced_Womanhood_Parlor .
category: Women – network:  –  Webchat


2 users – 126 minutes ago – When Angel is a little girl (uncapped nick), hypnosis makes it feel completely real. Saying "Little girls (whatever you want)" can make me do, like or feel things. Other littles feel welcome to come and play :) More triggers -
category: Angel – network:  –  Webchat


52 users – 126 minutes ago – Warp My Mind! ~ Here to help with all hypnosis related questions, hypnosis of all types ~ Please read the !rules --we have been told bondage is closing, the new home of wmm chat we are also at
network:  –  Webchat

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