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Search chat rooms within the Internet Relay Chat! – Chat rooms on IRC are usually called channels. Use this IRC search engine to search in channel names and topics of around 600 IRC networks! Find interesting chat rooms and chat with people that share your interests!

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​#elemental-ircd ShadowNET

19 users – 61 minutes ago – The official channel for Elemental-IRCd |​ http:/​/​github.​com/​elemental-ircd/​Elemental-IRCd |​ Now with 50% more channels per channel! |​ Current stable release: 6.​6.​2 - Experimental Release 7.​0-experimental is out! |​ Live commit feed,​ etc in ​#elemental-travis |​ http:/​/​elemental-ircd.​com |​ Please read: http:/​/​elemental-ircd.​com/​security/​e50b0d59-f3c5-4472-a3cd-e2e07731417c/​
category: Ircdnetwork: ShadowNET  –  irc2go: ​#elemental-ircd

​#bitcoin-ircd freenode

7 users – 69 minutes ago – All discussion and development for the new Bitcoin-centric IRC net will occur here.​ |​ vortex.​thetechgeek.​org 6667/​+6697 ​#bitcoin-ircd |​ Webchat at http:/​/​vortex.​thetechgeek.​org:3989/​ |​ Testing volunteers are voiced,​ devs are opped.​ PM RBecker for more info.​ |​ Geek info: ircd-seven + atheme + atheme-web + BOPM + IRIS |​ Mumble (voice chat) is available at coolty.​asia
category: Bitcoin Ircdnetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: ​#bitcoin-ircd

​#IRCd VirtuaLife

2 users – 60 minutes ago – ​#IRCd Bem vindo ao único canal de suporte a IRCdS/​Services/​Stats/​Monitores.​ Faça sua pergunta direta no canal e jamais pergunte se tem alguém para ajudar.​ Não vamos ajudar você com IRCd/​Services de outra rede,​ seja inteligente,​ comece sem ERROS!
category: Ircdnetwork: VirtuaLife  –  irc2go: ​#IRCd

​#ircd DALnet

8 users – 64 minutes ago – ​#ircd@DALnet] >> ircd support channel.​ |​ Please state your question and wait patiently for a response.​ |​ Bahamut 2.​0.​7 released! - http:/​/​www.​dal.​net/​?page=​Bahamut |​ http:/​/​wircd2k.​sourceforge.​net/​ -> nostalgic.​
category: Ircdnetwork: DALnet  –  irc2go: ​#ircd


7 users – @IRCd 8:04AM up 224 days,​ 17:22,​ 1 user,​ load averages: 0.​02,​ 0.​03,​ 0.​00 ~ boy 23:01:54 up 213 days,​ 8:06,​ 1 user,​ load average: 0.​00,​ 0.​00,​ 0.​00 ~ oconnell @WebChat: http:/​/​www.​brirc.​net/​canal/​ircd
category: Ircdnetwork: BrIRC  –  irc2go: ​#IRCd

​#ircd WeNet

1 users – 60 minutes ago – all about ircd: Сервер и доки > http:/​/​ircmuh.​ru/​ircd IRC services: www.​anope.​org www.​ircservices.​esper.​net\\ Пример конфигурации сервера для нашей сети: http:/​/​www.​ircworld.​ru/​zemin/​ircd.​conf \\ Генератор файлов ircd.​conf для IRCD-ru! -> www.​ircworld.​ru/​soft/​IRCDConfigGenerator.​exe
category: Ircdnetwork: WeNet  –  irc2go: ​#ircd

​#ircd QuakeNet

13 users – 69 minutes ago – ircu/​derivates/​P10 help channel (no unreal/​hybrid) |​ Sources: http:/​/​ircu.​darkserv.​net |​ Do NOT PM voices/​ops |​ Basic Knowledge of unix,​ gcc and the IRC protocol strongly required.​ |​ We're not here to read for you
category: Ircdnetwork: QuakeNet  –  irc2go: ​#ircd

​#ircd EFnet

5 users – 67 minutes ago – Does your IRCd pass the Acid3 test?
category: Ircdnetwork: EFnet  –  irc2go: ​#ircd

​#IRCDrama Snoonet

9 users – 61 minutes ago – Official channel for http:/​/​www.​reddit.​com/​r/​IRCDrama/​ |​ IRCDrama's rules are more lax in IRC than on Reddit,​ but they do still apply.​ Especially about not revealing personal information.​ Doxxing will result in a ban,​ so don't do it! Don't link or post full names,​ locations,​ IP addresses,​ etc,​ or you will get banned.​ Also,​ if you just came in here to bitch about IRCD,​ get the fuck out!
category: Drama Ircdnetwork: Snoonet  –  irc2go: ​#IRCDrama

​#help PonyChat

40 users – 62 minutes ago – PonyChat Network Help and Support |​ Ask your question and wait for an operator to answer.​ Please be patient.​ |​ Check here first: https:/​/​ponychat.​net/​faq/​ |​ Remember,​ you can find services help by sending the HELP command to any services bot.​ IRCD help is available via: /​quote HELP |​ Network Status: https:/​/​ponychat.​net/​status/​ and http:/​/​status.​ponychat.​net/​
network: PonyChat  –  irc2go: ​#help

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