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Chat Rooms on IRC - mercury

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#mercury freenode

19 users – Mercury, the statically typed (and moded), pure/declarative, logic (and functional) programming language. -|- Mercury 14.01 now available!
category: Mercury – network: freenode  –  Webchat

#Mercury Rizon

2 users – not quite the best irc client (but working on it) -
category: Mercury – network: Rizon  –  Webchat


3 users – Not expecting this channel to get a little popular, it sucks and there's a bad owner. There's nothing else to talk about and this topic is kinda... how should I say... it's bad really, so to make it up watch Freddie Mercury VS Frank Sinatra
network:  –  Webchat

#GlassLake Canternet

3 users – Glass Lake! Before you is a lake of water with a pure mercury coloring, surrounding the lake is a field of arid land, barren of anything. Current Weather: Calm and Clear. Current surroundings beyond the arid land: Tenpony Tower, 1st floor
network: Canternet  –  Webchat


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