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#moon EFnet

2 users – 141 minutes ago – No topic
chat category: Moonnetwork: EFnet  –  irc2go: #moon

#Otaku-Channel Rizon

5 users – 141 minutes ago – Welcome to #Otaku-Channel! A channel where otakus hang out (this channel is kinda dead though.​) Do feel free to do whatever you want here but please respect other otakus,​ users and iPhone users.​ Beware of moon moon.​ He might be behind you.​
chat category: Otakunetwork: Rizon  –  irc2go: #Otaku-Channel


3 users – 125 minutes ago – Bienvenue sur le chan du [Moonlight_​Project] ! Sailor Moon Crystal saison 3 en MKV VOSTFR ! |​ Releases : Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal saison III 13/​13 |​ XDCC listing : http:/​/​ns329953.​ip-37-187-118.​eu/​xdcc/​xdcc_​moonlight.​php
chat category: Moonnetwork: Recycled-IRC  –  irc2go: #MOONLIGHT_​PROJECT

#Saien Rizon

4 users – 141 minutes ago – Web~ http:/​/​saien.​perrylandia.​in/​ :: Fansub de chicas <3 |​|​ Rilis~ Sailor Moon Crystal 07 wp.​me/​p4Idby-3x |​|​ Comentario del día: Black Moon Arc! <3 |​|​ Saien Scans :soon:
network: Rizon  –  irc2go: #Saien

#eggdrop PTnet

9 users – 125 minutes ago – Comunidade Portuguesa de Eggdrops (GUPe) (ChanTools): v2.​1 BETA: https:/​/​www.​dropbox.​com/​s/​nrivzuphpvybu0r/​moon-chantools-2.​1.​tcl https:/​/​bash.​duckbusters.​org
chat category: Eggdropnetwork: PTnet  –  irc2go: #eggdrop

#kawaii-scans Rizon

7 users – 141 minutes ago – Welcome to Kawaii Scans! |​ Visit http:/​/​kawaii.​ca for New Releases |​ Latest Releases: Ohana Holoholo Ch.​ 11; Virgins Empire Ch.​ 27; Moon,​ World,​ and Stars Ch.​ 4
network: Rizon  –  irc2go: #kawaii-scans

#Bubble Undernet

8 users – 141 minutes ago – ღஐ✿ Everyone wants to be the sun to brighten up someone’s life; I prefer to be the moon,​ to shine on someone’s darkest hour.​ ✿ஐღ
network: Undernet  –  irc2go: #Bubble

#astro EFnet

7 users – 141 minutes ago – ASTROLOGY! ~When the Moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars,​ then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars~
network: EFnet  –  irc2go: #astro

#altplay GameSurge

10 users – 132 minutes ago – ¬ AltPlay.​net ¬ News: The following ZNC users has their networks removed.​ Moon,​ Jacksharkben,​ KingJumper,​ Snak,​ Teach.​ Hit me up to talk! ¬
chat category: Gamesnetwork: GameSurge  –  irc2go: #altplay

#pink DALnet

22 users – 141 minutes ago – We live on a blue planet that circles around a ball of fire next to a moon that moves the sea,​ and you don’t believe in miracles?
chat category: Pinknetwork: DALnet  –  irc2go: #pink
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