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Search in channel names and topics of 597 IRC networks to find your favourite chat room within the world of the Internet Relay Chat (short: IRC)!

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#pick-up Undernet

1 users – 213 minutes ago – No topic
category: PIC – network: Undernet  –  Webchat

#CoyoteMoonClub AnthroChat

5 users – 222 minutes ago – A secret rave/dance club inside of a mountain. Come to party, come to chat, come to hang out, or even to pick up a date. It's all good here. ;p Channel rules and qikpad are here feel free to leave a description! Welcome new members! :3
network: AnthroChat  –  Webchat

#script Coldfront

13 users – 220 minutes ago – #script: Scripting discussion - Over four lines? | - Take your pick. | has great scripting guides. | Don't ask for someone to query you, ask your question in the channel!
category: Programming – network: Coldfront  –  Webchat

#google AustNet

1 users – 222 minutes ago – So my wife taught my 5 year old son today that, if there's an emergency... pick up the phone, dial 000 and tell the lady what's happening and the police will come very fast. My son's response... "But what if they're in a Holden?" Damn I love this kid!
category: Google – network: AustNet  –  Webchat


1 users – 220 minutes ago – The original slavepit back in action, come on in, sluts beg entry, strip and move to the pit. Dom/mes take your pick, Open channel no pm's!!! Gorean Friendly Room. NO: kill zone, force collars, captures, or assissnations, A safe sane slave training area not a slave fighting pit
network:  –  Webchat


14 users – 220 minutes ago – This is a casual SOCIAL channel! DO NOT PM without FIRST asking permission. THIS IS NOT a place to pick up on cyber! If shuts down we will be on in #kinky-toronto
network:  –  Webchat

##bookclub101 freenode

6 users – 219 minutes ago – WElcome to ##Bookclub101. We love to Read! Current Genre: Mystery/Suspense | Current Title: Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty | Next Discussion: May 1st 6:30PM - How it works. Bi-weekly we pick a genre, a title, and read. Must be a new read for all. Prepare 2 questions. Next Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy
network: freenode  –  Webchat

#genymobile freenode

8 users – 219 minutes ago – Chan IRC de GenY Mobile - help wanted on GYMActivity ! Pick tasks here - BigGYM ne peut fermer qu'une issue par commit pour le moment.
category: Mobile – network: freenode  –  Webchat

#sqlite freenode

83 users – 219 minutes ago – (Current)- | Need help? Ask and wait patiently. All questions will be answered eventually | Pastebins: (pick SQL) | See also: |
category: SQL – network: freenode  –  Webchat

#icucinema freenode

5 users – 219 minutes ago – We are ICU Cinema | | | Be nice to HW | We have FakeD. Next up: Fakemos | "Bars are often good places to pick up legs" | "C++ : Where friends have access to your private members." - Gavin Russell Baker
category: Cinema – network: freenode  –  Webchat

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