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#stargate-fans IRCHighWay

15 users – Welcome to #Stargate-Fans,​ the place for all your ST/​\RGÅTE needs! |​ Channel rules =​ gdo,​ rules |​ Here you can get all EPs of SG-1,​ SGA + SG°U |​ ST/​\RGÅTE is over,​ for now! But you can get a lot of other shows in here.​ Feel free to queue them and have fun!
chat category: Stargatenetwork: IRCHighWay  –  irc2go: #stargate-fans

#stargate-wiki.​de euIRC

9 users – 85 minutes ago – Stargate Wiki,​ Stargate und was euch sonst noch einfällt |​ Offizieller Channel von http:/​/​stargate-wiki.​de |​ Stats: https:/​/​stats.​cryo-magic.​de/​stargate-wiki.​de/​
chat category: Stargate Germanynetwork: euIRC  –  irc2go: #stargate-wiki.​de

#stargate freenode

8 users – 91 minutes ago – Welcome to Wikia's Stargate channel |​ http:/​/​stargate.​wikia.​com/​ |​ http:/​/​stargate.​mgm.​com/​
chat category: Stargatenetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: #stargate

#stargate EsperNet

3 users – 85 minutes ago – The Channel About StarGate SG1 and Atlantis and not about universe
chat category: Stargatenetwork: EsperNet  –  irc2go: #stargate

#stargate KampungChat

8 users – 79 minutes ago – `%%,​'%%,​'%%,​'%%,​|​ |​ 'Tester Only.​.​ No More Chat !!! Wanna Download MiRC Just Clickk http:/​/​www.​mediafire.​com/​file/​t2gdcmeg6wrdqmc/​mIRC-PeaceNoWar.​rar|​ |​ '%%,​'%%,​'%%,​'%%'
chat category: Stargatenetwork: KampungChat  –  irc2go: #stargate

#stargate-atlantis Rizon

2 users – 91 minutes ago – \\_​/​/​ Chevron locked and encoded!
chat category: Stargate Atlantisnetwork: Rizon  –  irc2go: #stargate-atlantis

#stipkas iZ-smart.net

4 users – 80 minutes ago – OBACHT: Das zizzelnde,​ surrende,​ gurrrrende,​ zirpende Schnattereikanälchen der espritvollsten Persönlichkeit des weltenweiten,​ ubiquitären Gewebes: STIPKA! (gordon,​ stipka,​ tim,​ paul,​ former und StarGate hecken im Geheimrefugium aus!) https:/​/​i.​imgur.​com/​6QyoRqN.​gif
chat category: Štipnetwork: iZ-smart.net  –  irc2go: #stipkas

#stargate.​fi QuakeNet

28 users – 91 minutes ago – http:/​/​www.​gateworld.​net/​universe/​ R.​I.​P Stargate Universe .​:.​ http:/​/​www.​gateworld.​net/​news/​2012/​04/​is-mgm-about-to-revive-stargate-sg-1/​?utm_​source=​twitterfeed&utm_​medium=​twitter
chat category: Stargatenetwork: QuakeNet  –  irc2go: #stargate.​fi

#DRMacIver freenode

33 users – 91 minutes ago – Companion IRC channel to drmaciver.​com.​ Stargate fanfic and software quality are equally on-topic.​ Hypothesis code of conduct is in effect: http:/​/​hypothesis.​readthedocs.​org/​en/​latest/​community.​html#code-of-conduct
network: freenode  –  irc2go: #DRMacIver

#scifi-online IRCHighWay

11 users – [ NEW: Stargate Universe,​ Caprica,​ Fringe,​ Eureka,​ Smallville,​ Supernatural,​ Sanctuary,​ V,​ Doctor Who,​ The Event ][ SERVERS NEEDED ] Please join our Brother chan #Scifi-HQ!
chat category: Science Fiction Internetnetwork: IRCHighWay  –  irc2go: #scifi-online
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