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#fedora-summer-coding freenode

32 users – 88 minutes ago – GSoC 2018 is now open for applications.​ If you're thinking about participating,​ introduce yourself on summer-coding@​lists.​fedoraproject.​org We aren't always online,​ so if you don't get a response send us an email.​ Thank you.​ See also: https:/​/​docs.​fedoraproject.​org/​mentored-projects/​gsoc/​2018/​index.​html
chat category: Fedora Summer Programmingnetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: #fedora-summer-coding

#plone freenode

65 users – 88 minutes ago – post questions to https:/​/​community.​plone.​org • Google Summer of Code https:/​/​plone.​org/​gsoc • Latest releases: 5.​1,​ 4.​3.​15 http:/​/​plone.​org/​download • Intro to Plone: Plone.​com • Plone community: plone.​org • Security patch https:/​/​plone.​org/​security/​announcements/​security-patch-released-20171128 • https:/​/​2017.​ploneconf.​org/​presentation_​slides
chat category: Plonenetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: #plone

#tradewinds-ooc DarkMyst

4 users – 82 minutes ago – Welcome to the Trade Winds domain! DC: WTG.​tw.​dc@​gmail.​com .​ Games - Anglesey Apoc Fri 27th April 8pm BST/​7pm GMT|​ Bristol C/​A April 15 5PM BST/​4pm GMT.​ Please contact ST ahead of game.​ Diceroom #tradewinds-challenges TW Sign In: https:/​/​goo.​gl/​forms/​VRS3TryO69RSCoPV2 Apoc Sign In: https:/​/​goo.​gl/​rZ73Ss |​ Welcome to "Summer".​ Please double check game times.​
network: DarkMyst  –  irc2go: #tradewinds-ooc

#kde-soc freenode

62 users – 88 minutes ago – KDE Google Summer of Code,​ Season of KDE,​ Google Code-in |​ https:/​/​developers.​google.​com/​open-source/​gci/​resources/​getting-started |​ http:/​/​archive.​flossmanuals.​net/​kde-guide/​ |​ Student checklist http:/​/​tinyurl.​com/​soc-checklist |​ KDE's Google Summer of Code: https:/​/​community.​kde.​org/​GSoC
chat category: KDEnetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: #kde-soc

#haskell-gsoc freenode

29 users – 88 minutes ago – We are a mentoring org for gsoc 2018! https:/​/​summer.​haskell.​org/​ideas.​html for the 2018 summer of code ideas list.​ If you have questions,​ please stay on channel,​ the right people will see and reply within 12-24 hours,​ but only if you stay online,​ there are programs that help :)
chat category: Haskell Googlenetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: #haskell-gsoc

#d2n Mibbit

5 users – 75 minutes ago – █▓▒░ Welcome to #D2N ░▒▓█ Sinister Junctions Of Summer |​ https:/​/​client01.​chat.​mibbit.​com/​#d2n irc:/​/​irc.​mibbit.​net/​d2n https:/​/​kiwiirc.​com/​client/​irc.​mibbit.​com/​d2n Bookmark one of these! |​ Use the apps: http:/​/​d2nwiki.​com/​wiki/​Applications |​ Always set escort!
network: Mibbit  –  irc2go: #d2n

#osgeo-gsoc freenode

11 users – 88 minutes ago – OSGeo foundation's Google Summer of Code discussions |​ https:/​/​wiki.​osgeo.​org/​wiki/​Google_​Summer_​of_​Code_​Recommendations_​for_​Students |​ Logs: http:/​/​irclogs.​geoapt.​com/​osgeo-gsoc/​ |​ Subscribe and post your GSoC-related questions here https:/​/​lists.​osgeo.​org/​mailman/​listinfo/​soc
chat category: OSGeo Googlenetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: #osgeo-gsoc

#/​g/​summer Rizon

4 users – 88 minutes ago – don't go to #wormhole
chat category: Summernetwork: Rizon  –  irc2go: #/​g/​summer

#akatokuro IRCHighWay

9 users – Welcome to Aka to Kuro - Website: http:/​/​aka2kuro.​wordpress.​com/​ - Latest Releases: Nightmare Express c1-3 |​ Chrome Shelled Regios c6-16c(End) |​ Supinamarada c01-05 |​ Sakurada Reset-c02 |​ 81 Diver c27-c34 Need TLs & EDs Summer is starting so lets work on something!
network: IRCHighWay  –  irc2go: #akatokuro
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