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#SUN Zandronum

3 users – 111 minutes ago – [+Hnt 20:24h] Welcome to the SUN IRC channel! You can ask for any help here.​ |​|​ Leader - Madcat |​|​ Co-leader - Vavency |​|​ Members: Erendis,​ Jigsaw,​ Maud Pie,​ Omicron White,​ uggi121,​ waterflame,​ Langrenus,​ Darkmile_​,​ thefox,​ Lt_​Psycho,​ Nour,​ Gustavo |​|​ Forum: http:/​/​sunforums.​cf/​ |​|​ Zandronum Topic : http:/​/​zandronum.​com/​forum/​showthread.​php?tid=​4577
chat category: Sunnetwork: Zandronum  –  irc2go: #SUN

#sun Coldfront

3 users – Welcome to the PUBLIC channel of State of Unified Nations,​ a Youtube Video-Friendly Place.​ Our Forums: http:/​/​s4.​zetaboards.​com/​SUN Refer all private FA questions/​issues to #SUNFA--Find us on DISCORD here! https:/​/​discordapp.​com/​channels/​269382090108174336/​269382090108174336
chat category: Sunnetwork: Coldfront  –  irc2go: #sun

#unglinux freenode

3 users – 133 minutes ago – The official Unix not GNU project! |​|​ https:/​/​github.​com/​UNGLinux |​|​ working to preserve Unix |​|​ MOTD: "While Linux was a social movement of open-source fanatics,​ BSD was collection of engineers trying to keep a technology they believed in alive.​" |​|​ Via https:/​/​geekanddo.​wordpress.​com/​2012/​03/​16/​the-free-software-foundation-is-killing-linux/​ |​|​ UNGLinux + ZFS: Sun Quality (tm)
chat category: Linuxnetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: #unglinux

#pakistan DALnet

189 users – 133 minutes ago – yeh khabar sun k falak per hay ayaan eid ka chand,​dil ki shaakh per kai dard k taaray chamkay,​hum nay dekha tou ufaq per tha samundar ka sakoot,​haan teray sath jo guzray vo nazaray chamkay,​vo jo shair tera bimaar bhi,​dilgeer bhi hay,​eid k din teri kismat k saharay chamkay .​.​
chat category: Pakistannetwork: DALnet  –  irc2go: #pakistan

#sun Undernet

8 users – 133 minutes ago – Learned to stay alive to the real side of the curb.​
chat category: Sunnetwork: Undernet  –  irc2go: #sun

#OutOfAshes GameSurge

2 users – 123 minutes ago – Willkommen im Chat von www.​starwars-rpg.​de - Eure Admins: @​Jarik und @​Samira - Für Fragen stehen wir und die Community vom OoA stets gern bereit! - Praise the sun! \[T]/​ Und möge die Macht mit euch sein! ☆ Erinnerung: http:/​/​starwars-rpg.​de/​viewtopic.​php?f=​19&t=​1109 Meldet Euch! Es ist Pflicht!
network: GameSurge  –  irc2go: #OutOfAshes

##linux-il freenode

9 users – 133 minutes ago – Welcome to ##linux-il! This channel is for Linux support and discussions |​ using Hebrew and UTF-8 |​ Next meetup: Sun.​ May 13th,​ 18:00 at Soluto (Rothschild 39,​ Tel Aviv) - Monthly Open Source Hack Night - https:/​/​www.​meetup.​com/​Open-Source-and-Free-Software-in-Israel/​events/​249578328/​
chat category: Linux Israelnetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: ##linux-il

#MagicLantern WikkedWire

3 users – ((]î[)) Make yourselves at home here friends! "No matter how dark the night,​ somehow the Sun rises once again" ((]î[)) This is a pvt room that has nothing to do with photography.​ If you happened to stumble in,​ welcome to have a chat,​ but we have nothing to do with Canon
network: WikkedWire  –  irc2go: #MagicLantern

#oasis-team Worldnet

4 users – 112 minutes ago – Oasis est de retour ! Dispos : Curriculum 1-20fin ; E&P ! Sun to Witch ! MT ; MMSC ; Other Zone ; LHP /​ ComicsXXX : Crypt Raider ch1-2 /​ Blade Under Mask ch1-4 /​ SG 1-22 /​ IRO Livre1 |​|​ New : TH 03 (Une question ? Migosh --> oasis.​scantrad@​gmail.​com
chat category: Oasis Computer Gamesnetwork: Worldnet  –  irc2go: #oasis-team
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