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#wikileaks AnonOps

16 users – 98 minutes ago – Welcome to #Wikileaks! Current major leaks: https:/​/​ghostbin.​com/​paste/​s4ny4 |​ Links will be regularly updated |​ On-topic discussion related to Wikileaks is highly encouraged.​ Wikileaks Twitter: https:/​/​twitter.​com/​wikileaks |​ UPDATE: CIA Vault 8: https:/​/​wikileaks.​org/​vault8/​ Channels of interest #OpNSA #OpCyberPrivacy
chat category: WikiLeaksnetwork: AnonOps  –  irc2go: #wikileaks

#wikileaks freenode

14 users – 100 minutes ago – http:/​/​www.​WikiLeaks.​ch/​ |​ Mirror us: http:/​/​46.​59.​1.​2/​mass-mirror.​html |​ once registered you can request a cloaked hostname from FreeNode staff but be advised that your anonymity and privacy cannot be guaranteed on this network.​
chat category: WikiLeaksnetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: #wikileaks

#wikileaks Undernet

11 users – 100 minutes ago – WikiLeaks is the intelligence agency of the people" - @​JulianAssange.​
chat category: WikiLeaksnetwork: Undernet  –  irc2go: #wikileaks

#BlackHat DALnet

7 users – 99 minutes ago – «©¤ Don't Judge People By The Cover,​ Only GOD Can Truly Judge Us! |​ www.​blackhat.​com - www.​defcon.​org - www.​eff.​org - www.​wikileaks.​org - www.​binushacker.​net - www.​infosecinstitute.​com |​ We Love Freedom,​ So We Will Fight Until The Rest Of Our Life's ¤©»
chat category: Black Hatnetwork: DALnet  –  irc2go: #BlackHat

#wikileaks QuakeNet

2 users – 100 minutes ago – No topic
chat category: WikiLeaksnetwork: QuakeNet  –  irc2go: #wikileaks

#databazy freenode

5 users – 100 minutes ago – May the 4th be with you! |​ "The Vimium extension for Google Chrome.​ trust me,​ you want this" -- CIA,​ https:/​/​wikileaks.​org/​ciav7p1/​cms/​page_​3375350.​html |​ Desperate times call for desperate actions
network: freenode  –  irc2go: #databazy

#only.​hard.​nigs.​pimp.​and.​roll.​here EFnet

21 users – 100 minutes ago – https:/​/​wikileaks.​org/​ciav7p1/​
network: EFnet  –  irc2go: #only.​hard.​nigs.​pimp.​and.​roll.​here


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