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IRC network AnonOps was registered in October 2011. Since that time our small data collector regularly connects this IRC network to determine its key performance indicators, such as its number of users and its number of chat rooms (IRC channels). On this occasion a list of visible (not private) chat rooms is requested too.

During last connections to AnonOps its servers reported an average of 193 users and 143 chat rooms. Use the following menu to get more information about IRC network AnonOps! Take a view to the generated statistics and search within the list of chat rooms for topics of your interest!

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#opCNN AnonOps

5 users – 77 minutes ago – Getting CNN to issue a public apology for blackmailing a shitposter,​ make a statement that they will not release dox,​ and troll them along the way - http:/​/​piratepad.​net/​bkUZ5QME0T |​ Back-up pad - https:/​/​pad.​riseup.​net/​p/​vcykgTr0OhhA
chat category: CNNnetwork: AnonOps  –  irc2go: #opCNN

#opSyria AnonOps

5 users – 77 minutes ago – Guides & Links: https:/​/​anonops.​com/​sy/​ :: Intro: http:/​/​tinyurl.​com/​lsf479g :: Other Channels: #opnewblood #news :: This is NOT the chan for conspiracy theories.​ Please don't discuss them here.​ :: DDOS or Defacement? DISCUSS
chat category: Syrianetwork: AnonOps  –  irc2go: #opSyria

#hackers.​fr AnonOps

5 users – 77 minutes ago – #Hackers.​FR |​ Pas de Facebook |​ Utilisez un VPN et/​ou Tor |​|​ Communaut√© #Francophone Anonymous |​|​ Inscrire sur le canal -Toolz afin obtenir des examples d'outils disponibles.​ Voir aussi #Setup et #Tutorials (Anglophone).​
chat category: Hacking Francenetwork: AnonOps  –  irc2go: #hackers.​fr

#opfreecat AnonOps

4 users – 77 minutes ago – "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.​" - Martin Luther King.​ |​|​ We are here to help with the Catalonian situation.​ We want Catalonia to choose for Catalonia |​|​ https:/​/​comp.​st/​sBkz (English) |​|​ https:/​/​comp.​st/​Ut3e (Spanish) |​|​ No DDOS! |​|​ Anonymous needs to do something besides DOS guys,​ seriously.​
chat category: Catsnetwork: AnonOps  –  irc2go: #opfreecat

#OpCatalonia AnonOps

4 users – 77 minutes ago – #OpCatalonia is a movement that directly aids the Catalans regain independence from Spain.​ We will be doing a massive ddos attack Nov 12th against Spanish DNS Servers.​ - Target List: https:/​/​pastebin.​com/​1E8hQH4r & https:/​/​ghostbin.​com/​paste/​d3hb7 - Twitter: https:/​/​twitter.​com/​OpCatalonia - Instagram: https:/​/​www.​instagram.​com/​OpCatalonia
chat category: Spainnetwork: AnonOps  –  irc2go: #OpCatalonia

#opspeakcode AnonOps

4 users – 77 minutes ago – Pave way for next generation of Anonymous.​ Support being multi-lingual and logical.​ updates to come https:/​/​bpaste.​net/​show/​1a21d59133c4 |​|​ Learning channels for specific info: #python,​ #learninghub,​ #perl,​ #anon-assembly,​ #swift,​ #C,​ #C​+​+ |​|​ Most are welcome.​ Trolls are not.​ Current errand: update PyBot for #OpTraining.​ Operators : Woz,​ zguy300,​ v1 |​|​ Next Meeting T.​B.​A.​
chat category: Programmingnetwork: AnonOps  –  irc2go: #opspeakcode

#anime AnonOps

4 users – 77 minutes ago – http:/​/​www.​crunchyroll.​com/​videos/​anime :: http:/​/​boards.​4chan.​org/​a/​ :: Free Anime http:/​/​www.​animeget.​com ::Android? Check out "Manga Rock" on the play store! :: Recommendations! http:/​/​sprunge.​us/​HOOJ |​ imgur.​com/​gallery/​il19G |​ imgur.​com/​gallery/​1pl7B |​ |​ imgur.​com/​gallery/​R2bOm |​ imgur.​com/​gallery/​aUJh6 |​ https:/​/​i.​imgur.​com/​MsmqM7v.​jpg
chat category: Animenetwork: AnonOps  –  irc2go: #anime

#oprussia AnonOps

4 users – 77 minutes ago – Russia has restarted the cold war.​ Ruck Fussia |​|​ Fight back for Crimea #opukraine |​|​ http:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​watch?v=​HnLewXuZuLo
chat category: Russianetwork: AnonOps  –  irc2go: #oprussia

#greeksec AnonOps

4 users – 77 minutes ago – Read the topic or type !topic ---> Feel free to ask any questions or discuss about Hacking,​ etc |​ Useful hacking tools and more: https:/​/​pastebin.​com/​YYNZ2dqT |​ PM TehLuLz for Antisec's shell |​ Do not use fake tools |​ Respect: #opgreece #antisec #freeanons and the old LuLzSec.​
chat category: Greecenetwork: AnonOps  –  irc2go: #greeksec

#Opindia AnonOps

4 users – 77 minutes ago – Welcome to #OpIndia |​ Add ideas to: https:/​/​pad.​riseup.​net/​p/​rqHCeRQP0xJr |​ Current objective: Mumbai stampede
chat category: Indianetwork: AnonOps  –  irc2go: #Opindia
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