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IRC network ChillNet was registered in September 2004. Since that time our small data collector regularly connects this IRC network to determine its key performance indicators, such as its number of users and its number of chat rooms (IRC channels). On this occasion a list of visible (not private) chat rooms is requested too.

During last connections to ChillNet its servers reported an average of 48 users and 21 chat rooms. Use the following menu to get more information about IRC network ChillNet! Take a view to the generated statistics and search within the list of chat rooms for topics of your interest!

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#hanf ChillNet

12 users – 76 minutes ago – www.​chillnet.​org |​|​ stats http:/​/​hanf.​chillnet.​org |​|​ https:/​/​www.​heise.​de/​tp/​features/​Historisch-betrachtet-willkuerlich-und-bis-heute-weder-intelligent-noch-zielfuehrend-3960654.​html
chat category: Cannabisnetwork: ChillNet  –  irc2go: #hanf

#chillecke ChillNet

11 users – 76 minutes ago – "Albert Schweitzer" Was ein Mensch an Guten in die Welt hinausgibt,​ geht nicht verloren! http:/​/​chillecke.​ninirc.​ga/​
network: ChillNet  –  irc2go: #chillecke

#conversate ChillNet

10 users – 76 minutes ago – Happy 420!! https:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​watch?v=​yDg52r_​nzsY
network: ChillNet  –  irc2go: #conversate

#growing ChillNet

9 users – 76 minutes ago – Was ein Mensch an Gutem in die Welt hinausgibt,​ geht nicht verloren.​ "albert schweitzer" - Heute lernen wir etwas über den Feigenkaktus.​.​.​ -> http:/​/​tinyurl.​com/​mhz3tlz
network: ChillNet  –  irc2go: #growing

#drogen ChillNet

7 users – 76 minutes ago – We're sorry,​ something went wrong.​
chat category: Drugsnetwork: ChillNet  –  irc2go: #drogen

#temple ChillNet

7 users – 76 minutes ago – > www.​temple-chat.​webs.​com < Wer wo auflegt oder einen Partyeintrag im Topic möchte,​ einfach einem OP melden! Viel Spaß und ruhig mal abwarten,​ niemand sitzt 24/​7 vorm Chat.​ ;)
network: ChillNet  –  irc2go: #temple

#goa ChillNet

4 users – 76 minutes ago – .​
network: ChillNet  –  irc2go: #goa

#schoko.​space ChillNet

4 users – 76 minutes ago – Wo die Leidenschaft das Leiden packt!
chat category: Science Fictionnetwork: ChillNet  –  irc2go: #schoko.​space

#linux ChillNet

3 users – 76 minutes ago – https:/​/​imgs.​xkcd.​com/​comics/​password_​strength.​png <- what about permutation dictionary attacks? https:/​/​security.​stackexchange.​com/​questions/​42125/​how-to-generate-dictionary-for-a-dictionary-attack#42130
chat category: Linuxnetwork: ChillNet  –  irc2go: #linux

#hopm ChillNet

2 users – 76 minutes ago – No topic
network: ChillNet  –  irc2go: #hopm
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