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IRC network IRCHighWay was registered in March 2003. Since that time our small data collector regularly connects this IRC network to determine its key performance indicators, such as its number of users and its number of chat rooms (IRC channels). On this occasion a list of visible (not private) chat rooms is requested too.

During last connections to IRCHighWay its servers reported an average of 0 users and 0 chat rooms. Use the following menu to get more information about IRC network IRCHighWay! Take a view to the generated statistics and search within the list of chat rooms for topics of your interest!

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#hel IRCHighWay

13 users – Public Channel of Twisted Hel Scans - Discord: https:/​/​discord.​gg/​XwJDBaK~ website ~ www.​twistedhelscans.​com
network: IRCHighWay  –  irc2go: #hel

#nihongo IRCHighWay

13 users – nihongoresources.​com,​ or redesign.​nihongoresources.​com - WOTM: -らか (added to adjectival stem,​ or giongo/​gitaigo) "being .​.​.​"
chat category: Japannetwork: IRCHighWay  –  irc2go: #nihongo

#script IRCHighWay

13 users – .​: IRCHighway's mIRC scripting help - Ask questions in chan and wait for reply; do NOT PM people without consent - We will NOT help with malicious or piracy-related scripts - We will help you learn,​ NOT script for you - ENGLISH ONLY :.​RFC-1459-> http:/​/​bit.​ly/​cojhnz
chat category: Programmingnetwork: IRCHighWay  –  irc2go: #script

#suimasenscans IRCHighWay

13 users – Welcome to Suimasenscans! ★ Prisma Cosmos Edition ★ |​ R> mooncells,​ counter-guardians |​ https:/​/​twitter.​com/​silverlink2007/​status/​916578205493899265 - Moar Prisma Illya incoming,​ can the madness ever be stopped?
network: IRCHighWay  –  irc2go: #suimasenscans

#tradersnetwork IRCHighWay

13 users – IRC channel for former site mangatraders.​com |​ mangatraders.​org is in NO WAY affiliated with mangatraders.​com! |​ Twitter @​mangatradernews |​ No dl bots present |​ Don't wait for someone else to speak,​ just say something interesting!
chat category: Computersnetwork: IRCHighWay  –  irc2go: #tradersnetwork

#cxc IRCHighWay

12 users – http:/​/​www.​cxcscans.​com |​ We're currently recruiting Translators and Typesetters,​ apply on the forum or PM [Cross]
network: IRCHighWay  –  irc2go: #cxc

#re-translations IRCHighWay

12 users – Project Page : http:/​/​tinyurl.​com/​reTransHome |​ Rules : No Spoilers! or be KICKS! |​ "Welcome to Rou's Dietary Journal + WN Translations!" |​ Looking for Translators - PM Ishman or rei_​hunter (LEAVE YOUR EMAIL!) |​ RPG Channel @​ #wolfbane |​ http:/​/​pastebin.​com/​GMNhB0Hb
network: IRCHighWay  –  irc2go: #re-translations

#retards IRCHighWay

12 users – MANGAHOLIC http:/​/​mangaholic.​org/​blog/​ :: Latest: !rosarioEp,​ !zkc369,​ !zkcu1omake,​ !zkcu6,​ !mahouka22,​ !mudazumo68,​ !celestial7,​ !index5,​ !kanshikan5,​ !bb114,​ !bb115 :: Packlist at http:/​/​goo.​gl/​80U12 :: WANTED: Redrawers and a Typesetter!
network: IRCHighWay  –  irc2go: #retards

#riceballicious IRCHighWay

12 users – ☆ Riceballicious.​ Deliciously Riceball ☆ http:/​/​bit.​ly/​riceballicious https:/​/​youtu.​be/​RySHDUU2juM |​ Why are there still people here? .​_​_​_​_​.​ not like the next chap of oneesan is coming anytime soon.​.​.​
network: IRCHighWay  –  irc2go: #riceballicious
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