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IRC network OFTC was registered in June 2002. Since that time our small data collector regularly connects this IRC network to determine its key performance indicators, such as its number of users and its number of chat rooms (IRC channels). On this occasion a list of visible (not private) chat rooms is requested too.

During last connections to OFTC its servers reported an average of 11366 users and 2620 chat rooms. Use the following menu to get more information about IRC network OFTC! Take a view to the generated statistics and search within the list of chat rooms for topics of your interest!

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#debian OFTC

769 users – glibc security update? /​msg dpkg libc6_​bug |​ Debian Stretch frozen 2017-02-05; /​msg dpkg stretch freeze |​ point release 8.​7 of Debian Jessie released! /​msg dpkg jessie ; /​msg dpkg 8.​7; /​msg dpkg wheezy->jessie ; /​msg dpkg install jessie |​ NO FLOOD: /​msg dpkg paste |​ /​msg bots NOT people |​ offtopic: #debian-offtopic |​ testing/​unstable: #debian-next |​ chanlogs: /​msg dpkg irclog
category: Debiannetwork: OFTC  –  irc2go: #debian

#tor OFTC

463 users – Welcome to #tor,​ which is for asking questions about using Tor |​ https:/​/​www.​torproject.​org/​docs/​faq |​ https:/​/​tor.​stackexchange.​com/​ |​ Developer discussion on #tor-dev |​ It's 'Tor',​ not 'TOR'
category: Tornetwork: OFTC  –  irc2go: #tor

#ceph OFTC

396 users – http:/​/​ceph.​com/​get |​|​ dev channel #ceph-devel |​|​ test lab channel #sepia |​|​ Cephalocon 23-25 Aug 2017 - http:/​/​ceph.​com/​cephalocon2017/​
category: Cephnetwork: OFTC  –  irc2go: #ceph

#linode OFTC

365 users – Linode Community Discussion |​ https:/​/​www.​linode.​com |​ High-Memory Instances and $5 Linodes - https:/​/​blog.​linode.​com/​2017/​02/​14/​high-memory-instances-and-5-linodes/​ |​ Join the Linode API alpha - #linode-next - https:/​/​alpha.​linode.​com
category: Linodenetwork: OFTC  –  irc2go: #linode

#debian-next OFTC

327 users – Unprivileged Xorg is here! /​msg dpkg xorg root |​ Avoid stretch if you don't like reporting bugs |​ sid faq: http:/​/​deb.​li/​sidfaq |​ ongoing transitions: http:/​/​deb.​li/​xns |​ multiarch fun: /​msg dpkg multiarch failures |​ NO FLOOD: /​msg dpkg paste |​ /​msg bots NOT people |​ offtopic → #debian-offtopic |​ oldstable,​ stable → #debian
category: Debiannetwork: OFTC  –  irc2go: #debian-next

#qemu OFTC

321 users – QEMU Open Source Processor Emulator - http:/​/​qemu-project.​org/​ - 2.​9.​0 and 2.​8.​1 are out! - https:/​/​plus.​google.​com/​101344524535025574253
network: OFTC  –  irc2go: #qemu

#debian-mentors OFTC

289 users – Get help creating packages for the Debian archive |​ Join #packaging for other packaging |​ Join #debian for user support |​ Thanks for being friendly and helpful |​ Links: https:/​/​mentors.​debian.​net/​intro-maintainers https:/​/​wiki.​debian.​org/​Glossary https:/​/​wiki.​debian.​org/​DebianMentorsFaq https:/​/​wiki.​debian.​org/​UpstreamGuide |​ Sponsoree repository: https:/​/​mentors.​debian.​net/​
category: Debiannetwork: OFTC  –  irc2go: #debian-mentors

#virt OFTC

268 users – libvirt,​ virt-manager,​ gtk-vnc,​ virt-top and virt-p2v |​ For oVirt,​ goto #ovirt |​ Please STAY and wait for an answer.​.​ |​ http:/​/​libvirt.​org |​ https:/​/​plus.​google.​com/​u/​0/​communities/​109522598353007505282
network: OFTC  –  irc2go: #virt

#osm OFTC

267 users – OpenStreetMap |​ Help: http:/​/​help.​osm.​org/​ |​ FAQ: http:/​/​wiki.​osm.​org/​FAQ
category: OpenStreetMapnetwork: OFTC  –  irc2go: #osm

#oftc OFTC

231 users – "+R" channels need nickserv verification now: https:/​/​services.​oftc.​net |​ OFTC's public support channel.​ Our social channel is #moocows |​ Do NOT paste spam when reporting it |​ Want a cloak/​vhost? See https:/​/​www.​oftc.​net/​UserCloaks/​ |​ https:/​/​www.​oftc.​net/​
category: Developmentnetwork: OFTC  –  irc2go: #oftc
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