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Hier siehst du einen kleinen Bericht zu Channel #dataclaw, einem Chatraum im IRC-Netz DarkMyst. Sofern der Channel bereits etwas länger registriert ist und von seinen Administratoren nicht als privat oder sogar als geheim gekennzeichnet wurde, enthält der Bericht die Besucherzahlen und Themen der letzten Tage und Wochen. Verwende den unten dargestellten Webchat-Knopf, um zu irc2go zu springen und den Channel #dataclaw zu betreten!

Die Registrierung des Chatraums erfolgte aufgrund von Web-Anfragen.

#dataclaw DarkMyst - Diagramm über die Anzahl an Benutzern während der letzten Woche
bis, von Thema
welcome to #dataclaw /​/​ [OOC] /​/​ [[:: Tarnish /​/​ Nightshade ::]] topic: <Morgrim> I usually assume that national stereotypes are just that,​ exaggerated stereotypes,​ but Germany really likes trying to prove them right
welcome to #dataclaw /​/​ [OOC] /​/​ [[:: Tarnish /​/​ Nightshade ::]] topic: It had been refreshing to not have to worry about traps and instead worry about being blown off a mountain or dropped from great heights by an impossible giant bird,​ but all good things must come to an end.​
2018-01-27  welcome to #dataclaw /​/​ [OOC] /​/​ [[:: Tarnish /​/​ Nightshade ::]] topic: <Dread> Though my 'a' key appears to be dying a lopsided death and I should see if I can fix it.​ <Vecna> Time to start using a different vowel? Or as I like to put it: Time to sturt using o different vowel?
welcome to #dataclaw /​/​ [OOC] /​/​ [[:: Tarnish /​/​ Nightshade ::]] topic: *​ Shyriath becomes Moloch,​ demands reasonably-sized sacrifices.​ <Shyriath> Snackrifices,​ if you will.​
welcome to #dataclaw /​/​ [OOC] /​/​ [[:: Tarnish /​/​ Nightshade ::]] topic: Adventures in conlanging: <Dread> I turned 'simu' into 'kchimu',​ which looks like a candidate for a shibboleth.​ :P <diRehbo> A kchibboleth,​ you mean.​ :P
welcome to #dataclaw /​/​ [OOC] /​/​ [[:: Tarnish /​/​ Nightshade ::]] topic: "How do I introduce myself to someone that doesn't speak my language? Pantomime and speak really slowly like the id--,​ er,​ people in bad B movies?" - "Exactly!"
welcome to #dataclaw /​/​ [OOC] /​/​ [[:: Tarnish /​/​ Nightshade ::]] topic: <Shyriath> Emotes are supposed to be text,​ like the 90s intended.​
welcome to #dataclaw /​/​ [OOC] /​/​ [[:: Tarnish /​/​ Nightshade ::]] topic: What had possessed her - literally or otherwise - to seek out a fragment of light that had cut through the night was hard to fathom.​ The path was all wrong,​ she insisted.​ She had seen falling stars before - this was nothing like any of them.​


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