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​#AmericaPolitics on IRC network Undernet

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Chat rooms are also called channels on IRC. Here you see a small report about channel ​#AmericaPolitics on IRC network Undernet. This kind of report usually includes user statistics and topics of the last days, if the channel was registered on and its channel mode wasn't set to private or secret by its administrators.  –  Registration of channel ​#AmericaPolitics was based on a large attendance. End of registration was extended through this web request.

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Channel: ​#AmericaPolitics

Network: Undernet

​#AmericaPolitics Webchat Undernet Webchat

#AmericaPolitics Undernet - Graph about the amount of users during the last week
​#AmericaPolitics Undernet - Online Chat
Registered since:  2013-10-17 16:08

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Wednesday 02:00 Why does anyone expect Hillary to have a position on Keystone XL? It's not as if she was running the dept.​ that spent years analyzing it.​
Tuesday 22:00 "If Hilary couldn't satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy America?" - Donald J.​ Trump
Tuesday 18:00 Huckabee mentions that the anti-semite has no clothes .​.​.​ panic ensues
Tuesday 14:00 - Tuesday 06:00 Kenyan President to Obama: "You leave the gay talk in America"
Tuesday 02:00 - Monday 18:00 CNN/​ORC poll: GOP voters want more Trump - http:/​/​edition.​cnn.​com/​2015/​07/​26/​politics/​cnn-poll-trump/​
Monday 14:00 - Monday 02:00 Watch Trump's interview on State of the Union - http:/​/​www.​cnn.​com/​videos/​politics/​2015/​07/​26/​donald-trump-new-poll-reaction.​cnn/​video/​playlists/​donald-trump/​
Sunday 22:00 "The only religion I respect is Islam.​ The only prophet I admire is the Prophet Muhammad.​" - Adolf Hitler
Sunday 18:00 End the Occupation (of the whitehouse)
Sunday 14:00 - Saturday 18:00 Donald Trump Surges To Commanding Lead In Post-McCain Backlash Poll
Saturday 14:00 Welcome To ​#AmericaPolitics, if you're liberal please take a seat, the psychiatrist will be with you shortly
Saturday 10:00 https:/​/​www.​psychologytoday.​com/​blog/​evolutionary-entertainment/​201206/​conservatism-mental-illness
Saturday 06:00 Louisiana shooter supported Obama and his spending
Saturday 02:00 There is no science that says 'gun control' works, Mr.​ Science McScienceson.​
Friday 22:00 Donald Trump /​ James Trafficant ----- The Hair TEAM!
Friday 18:00 - Friday 02:00 Obama returns to his native Kenya: are we rid of him now?
Thursday 22:00 - Thursday 06:00 Kate Steinle was laid to rest today.​.​.​ There were no comments from Obama, no swarm of FBI agents, no DOJ investigation.​ Nothing.​ Why?
Thursday 02:00 - Wednesday 22:00 Welcome to ​#AmericaPolitics
Wednesday 18:00 - Wednesday 10:01 trump will never win 2016 presidental race
Wednesday 06:00 MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - Show your support for Donald J.​ Trump 4 President 2016 - https:/​/​www.​donaldjtrump.​com/​
Wednesday 02:00 http:/​/​hotair.​com/​archives/​2015/​07/​20/​new-obama-plan-ban-gun-ownership-for-some-social-security-recipients-based-on-incompetency/​
Tuesday 22:01 - Tuesday 06:00 BREAKING: Washington Post latest Poll: Trump surges to huge lead in GOP presidential race
Tuesday 02:00 - Monday 18:00 Islamization Of America Continues As Empire State Building Lit Up In Green For Ramadan - http:/​/​www.​nowtheendbegins.​com/​blog/​?p=​34191
Monday 14:00 a post by Sheryl Atkisson is always welcome at ​#AmericaPolitics
Monday 10:00 - Monday 06:00 Obama's kids go to school with 11 armed security officers.​ Yet, he wants your kids protected by "no gun zones"
Monday 02:00 "The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.​" - Ecclesiastes 10:2
Sunday 22:00 Trump terrifies leftists -- panties in a bunch
Sunday 18:00 - Sunday 10:00 While American children are taught political correctness, Muslims teach their kids to kill Americans
Sunday 06:00 ​#WhiteLivesMatter
Sunday 02:00 BREAKING: Texas Gov.​ Defies B.​ Hussein Obama, Arms Texas National Guard On Base
Saturday 22:00 - Saturday 18:00 Democrats caught crushing babies and selling their body parts
Saturday 14:00 - Saturday 06:00 Cleanliness tip: With a little soap and water, Obama will come off the bottom of your shoe.​
Saturday 02:00 Muslim jihadist shoots 4 marines.​.​.​ FBI and 99% of the Media at a loss for motive
Friday 22:00 - Friday 18:00 Would Obama wish us Happy Easter after Chrisian terrists attacked a abortion clinic? NO HE WOULD NOT
Friday 14:00 - Friday 02:00 Deepest condolences to the 4 Marines killed by the Religion of Peace today.​
Thursday 22:00 RIP Devildogs.​
Thursday 18:00 - Thursday 14:00 Obama has just authorized a weapons purchase by the equivalent of a five-time deportee with a rap sheet.​
Thursday 10:00 - Thursday 02:00 Only Obama could have brought Israel and Saudi so close together
Wednesday 22:00 - Wednesday 18:00 No Topic Set - A Sign of Netsplit?
Wednesday 14:00 - Wednesday 06:00 Welcome to ​#AmericaPolitics: Where it may be very well understood that sanctuary cities embody sedition!


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