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Chat rooms are also called channels on IRC. Here you see a small report about channel ​#AmericaPolitics on IRC network Undernet. This kind of report usually includes user statistics and topics of the last days, if the channel was registered on and its channel mode wasn't set to private or secret by its administrators.  –  Registration of channel ​#AmericaPolitics was based on a large attendance. End of registration was extended through this web request.

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Channel: ​#AmericaPolitics

Network: Undernet

​#AmericaPolitics Webchat Undernet Webchat

#AmericaPolitics Undernet - Graph about the amount of users during the last week
​#AmericaPolitics Undernet - Online Chat
Registered since:  2013-10-17 16:08

to, from topic
Saturday 22:00 CopLivesMatter
Saturday 18:00 - Saturday 02:00 FBI "A-Team" investigating Clinton.​ If this gets any worse, FBI Knight Rider and FBI MacGyver may get involved.​
Friday 22:00 - Friday 10:00 Racist, Black, Gay Man Murders Straight, White Journalists on LIVE TV.​.​.​ Liberal Media Blames the Gun
Friday 06:00 Cruz and Trump Join Forces -- http:/​/​www.​thepoliticalinsider.​com/​donald-trump-and-ted-cruz-just-joined-forces-in-a-major-way/​
Friday 02:00 - Thursday 14:00 Biden leads Hillary in latest Poll
Thursday 10:00 - Wednesday 02:00 LATEST POLLS: Trump leaving rivals in the dust - http:/​/​thehill.​com/​blogs/​ballot-box/​polls/​251910-trump-leaving-rivals-in-the-dust
Tuesday 22:00 - Tuesday 14:00 Donald Trump says he wants to simplify the U.​S.​ tax code.​ He wants it to be so simple that even Joe Biden can understand it.​
Tuesday 10:00 Muslim hogtying contest, Friday at noon
Tuesday 06:00 - Monday 02:00 Democrats object to "anchor baby" but they're fine with murdering babies to sell body parts
Sunday 22:00 Nuclear Bombs Detonated in New York City, Washington; Dozens of Gay Marriages Delayed
Sunday 18:00 It's National "Hogtie a Muslim Terrorist Day"
Sunday 14:00 - Sunday 06:00 Bad lip reading of the Republican debates - https:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​watch?v=​ufGlBv8Z3NU
Sunday 02:00 Hope Hillary didn't send that orange jumpsuit to the drycleaners yet.​ Might be needing it again soon.​
Saturday 22:00 - Saturday 18:00 CNN: "American heroes hogtie gunman on train"
Saturday 14:00 - Friday 22:00 BREAKING: U.​S Marines ‘take down’ Muslim gunman on French train, prevent deadly terror attack
Friday 18:00 - Friday 10:00 Republicans have: 2 Hispanics, 1 African American, 9 Governors, 2 Doctors, ! Business Mogul, 1 CEO, 5 Senators, 1 Woman.​ Democrats have: 1 Criminal, 1 Socialist
Friday 06:00 - Thursday 22:00 The republican establishment better begin to deal with it - 2016 Trump/​Fiorina 2016
Thursday 18:00 - Thursday 14:00 Trump said in response, ³I¹ll use the word Œanchor baby.​'²
Thursday 10:00 - Thursday 02:00 Dear Great Satan: We inspected our own nuke sites, sent results to HDR22@ClintonEmail.​com.​ Not our fault if you didn't get them.​ Love, Iran
Wednesday 22:00 BREAKING: CNN/​ORC Poll: Donald Trump now competitive in general election -- 2016 Trump /​ Fiorina 2016
Wednesday 18:00 Jared to plead guilty to child porn charges, Subway - eat fresh!!
Wednesday 14:00 - Wednesday 10:00 Multiple sources say attempts were made to wipe Hillary Clinton’s hard drive; FBI is optimistic it can recover some data
Wednesday 06:00 - Tuesday 22:00 BREAKING: CNN POLL: Trump strengthens lead atop GOP field
Tuesday 18:00 - Tuesday 10:00 Cloward/​Piven 2016
Tuesday 06:00 - Monday 22:00 Polish a shaft for Jesus: https:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​watch?v=​Tr0UpQXYkGs
Monday 18:00 - Monday 14:00 Hillary for prison 2016
Monday 10:00 - Monday 02:00 People like Trump because he's a reality TV star and Americans worship them.​ He's lucky Kardashian isn't running for office
Sunday 22:00 People like Trump because he acts like a winner, which appeals to a nation tired of being told to settle for less.​
Sunday 18:00 - Sunday 06:00 Japan has been at peace with us since Aug.​ 9, 1945.​ It's time to use the same method to bring about peace with the Muslim world.​
Sunday 02:00 Who should replace Pinocchio as the icon for lying? Barack H.​ Obama or Hillary R.​ Clinton?


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