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2017-09-20  Trump visits the bar in Star Wars .​.​.​.​ orders a Mos Eisley Cantina special,​ n/​a of course.​
2017-09-19  Welcome to #AmericaPolitics: It's International "Talk like a Leftist" Day.​ That means you lie every time you open your mouth.​ RIP Jerry Gottesman
(IogicaI) Welcome to #AmericaPolitics
2017-09-18  Jose - https:/​/​pbs.​twimg.​com/​media/​DJ-fuKvXUAAEJZ1.​jpg
2017-09-18  Let Rap to pay down the Debt
2017-09-18  Democrats: The Party of Hexes,​ Spirit Cooking,​ and Alternate Nasal Breathing
2017-09-17  Welcome to the #sports channel *​yawn
2017-09-17  RIP Harry Dean Stanton
2017-09-16  Key Equifax Executives Departing After Huge Data Breach :: New execs will have more Lesbian Interpretive Dance skillz
2017-09-16  300 reporters now feverishly investigating Lawnmower Boy's possible links to Russia and neo-Nazis
2017-09-15  TODAY is POW MIA Recognition Day
Welcome to #americapolitics
2017-09-15  Berkeley,​ California braces for Hurricane Ben
2017-09-14  Luther Strange - sounds like a villan on Batman!
2017-09-14  Upside: Leftists will have to remove their masks to unlock their new iPhones when protesting corporate greed.​
2017-09-13  Every day Trump goes on not being President Hillary,​ and every day that makes me happy.​
2017-09-13  Never Trust man name Sergio Dipp and a Woman name Hillary Clinton
2017-09-12  Hillary Clinton continues lighting the town on fire with her blamethrower
2017-09-12  GOP upset candidates doing GREAT in Bama and Zona
2017-09-11  911 *​ We remember
2017-09-11  BLM convoy headed into Houston to help African Americans in need.​ http:/​/​sittard365.​com/​wp-content/​uploads/​2014/​05/​216-Empty-Highway2.​jpg
if FL is safe for reporters,​ why evacuate? I smell a rat
2017-09-10  Where we didcuss politics wile Irma douches tampax bay.​
2017-09-10  Welcome to #americapolitics.​.​ the deep dark root cellar of political thought
2017-09-09  Irma is going further west than eggspected,​ should Bama be afraid?
2017-09-08  Let's be realistic.​ Why even have a 'debt ceiling'? At this point.​.​.​ it's just below the rooftop of the highest debt skyscraper in the world.​
2017-09-08  Two Two Two Three Three Three 4
2017-09-08  Monday is 911 *​ NoKo itching to fire a missile *​ Irma threatens *​ fun times!
2017-09-07  Hillary's book is an absurd fantasy about a vast conspiracy of men stealing her destiny.​ She might finally have written a book that sells.​
If I have a dream about secure borders and no unknown,​ hostile foreigners in my neighborhood,​ does that make me a dreamer,​ too?
2017-09-06  Irma 225 mph heads to FL,​ expected to go north
2017-09-05  Irmageddon - Cat 5 - tracking toward Florida
2017-09-05  FREE SPEECH use it or lose it
2017-09-05  END DACA! it was ALWAYS a LIE
2017-09-04  North Korea nuclear test: Hydrogen bomb 'missile-ready'
2017-09-03  MSM attacked queen Melania wearing spike heels to Texas yesterday,​ so today - she wore them AGAIN :) WTG FLOTUS!
2017-09-01  Crooked criminal Comey protected crooked Hellary for decades
2017-08-31  Donate to Houston,​ mess of worthless democrats and wetbacks there.​
2017-08-30  Peaceful Hoodwearing Mobs of Love Spread Proper Groupthink with Batons of Tolerance
2017-08-29  North Korea act of WAR,​ shoots 3 missiles,​ one over Japan
2017-08-28  Harvey Hawk http:/​/​kek.​gg/​u/​V9fQ *​ best hurricane story of all
2017-08-27  President Trump Pardons Sheriff Joe Infuriating Liberals #MAGA
2017-08-26  Obviously,​ most LIEbruls' family trees look more like shrubs.​
2017-08-25  wear a gas mask to a political “rally,​ git shot in the nuts! hahahaa
2017-08-24  When Antifa and comedy meet - https:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​watch?v=​uHti9XctDms
2017-08-23  Trump rally - https:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​watch?v=​1RturpZ8Ato
2017-08-22  Dems lost all three branches of government,​ most governors' mansions & statehouses because they didn't call voters racist enough times.​
2017-08-21  https:/​/​petitions.​whitehouse.​gov/​petition/​formally-recognize-antifa-terrorist-organization-0
2017-08-20  Fiscal responsibility comes before social bandaids.​
2017-08-19  Breitbart hires Bannon back after having garnered more strategy from being in the Orville Offfull.​
2017-08-18  "F*​*​K ZUCK 2020!"\
2017-08-17  Dying Decrepit Democratic Party Will Not Stop The American Recovery #MAGA
2017-08-16  Obama/​Soros are funding these rioters and trying to start a race war
2017-08-15  "Peaceful Counter Protesters" wearing helmets and carrying bats: https:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​watch?v=​YzhqO3iYlxk
2017-08-14  The fundamental truth of modern-day politics is: Conservatives think Leftists are stupid.​ Leftists think Conservatives are EVIL.​
2017-08-13  Virginia state of emergency,​ 1 dead,​ unicorn rioters,​ Antifa,​ BLM,​ KKK and Islam are attacking the Americans.​
2017-08-12  Welcome |​ When the North Korean military attacks the United States,​ the People's Republic of China will be held responsible.​ Fuck her "neutrality".​
2017-08-11  DuckDuckGo,​ because Google is so 1984
2017-08-10  the F00L mcCAIN said - you gotta do what you say.​ that from the demon who sunk healthcare he'd promised
2017-08-09  Please watch Richard Roxburgh's Rake Episode Season 4 Episode 5 and then a Episode of Jerry Springer and you find Rake more pleasing
2017-08-08  An Indian and an African walk into a bar.​.​Just jokin'.​ It's just two liberal white women.​
2017-08-07  OUTRAGE! 'The Swamp' author Eric Bolling OUT at Fox!
2017-08-06  some yoyos are yerks
2017-08-05  "Show me the man and I'll find you the crime.​" --Robert Mueller,​ channeling Lavrentiy Beria
2017-08-04  Welcome to #AmericaPolitics |​ Know this: Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13),​ Barrio Azteca,​ the Latin Kings and la Raza are very serious threats to American liberty
2017-08-03  Trump Dow Jones Industrial Average Highest In History
2017-08-02  from Sun Tzu 's Art of War: The General takes his orders from the Sovereign.​
2017-08-01  Scaramucci out as White House Communications Director,​ Reince Priebus is laughing
2017-07-31  will General Kelly stop Trump tweets? I HOPE NOT!
2017-07-29  Reince Priebus OUT,​ Gen Kelly in *​ Charlie Gard died
2017-07-28  de-tran da mil
2017-07-27  Research has shown that eating 2 pieces of bacon a day dramatically decreases your chance of being a terrorist to 0%​.​
2017-07-26  BREAKING! Imran Awan Arrested at Airport While Trying to Flee U.​S.​
The United States would be wise to make sure that illegal aliens are not around to be counted in the upcoming (2020) census collection
2017-07-23  USS Ford commissioned today,​ largest most advanced aircraft carrier
2017-07-22  IT'S A SHELL GAME Scaramucci voted for Obama,​ Clinton,​ and wanted Hillary http:/​/​www.​thedailybeast.​com/​new-trump-hire-anthony-scaramucci-deletes-old-tweets-bash
2017-07-21  Postal Service broke law in pushing time off for workers to campaign for Clinton
2017-07-20  Bombshell: Trump and Putin Had ‘Secret’ Meeting in a Room Filled with 80 People at G-20
2017-07-19  REPEAL! *​ if GOP dont dump Ryan-McConnell,​ 0bamacare is permanent Trump doesnt own that - Dems do
2017-07-17  'Pay to Play': the Dems catchy phrase to hide behind when engaging in their treason.​
2017-07-16  If your Tesla is stolen,​ is it now called an Edison?
2017-07-15  the Trump administration stands essentially alone athwart the onslaught of the Left,​ shouting "No more!"
2017-07-14  Savage called for a grand jury to investigate McCain for Trump phony dossier
2017-07-13  The Trumps depart tonite for Paris,​ France
2017-07-12  RIP 15 Marines and a Navy
2017-07-11  Syria ceasefire broken by Assad army
2017-07-08  beware of agent provocateurs lurking in this channel |​ Silly Wolf (Blitzer),​ CNN is for CUCKS !!!
2017-07-07  CNN's innovative ratings strategy is focused on pursuing a smaller,​ more select audience composed solely of members of the elite Complete Idiot demographic.​
2017-07-06  #CNNFraud #CNNBlackmail CNN has destroyed themselves .​.​.​.​.​ lol - IMPLODED
2017-07-05  Happy 11th Birthday #AmericaPolitics - Born on the 4th of July! https:/​/​youtu.​be/​DV-sie0FYA8
2017-07-04  REPEAT! France ready for radically new path - sounds like - fundamentally change USA
2017-07-03  Lizzie Fauxcahontas gets DNA kit for her birthday - Haahahahahaaaa!
2017-07-02  CNN,​ PMSNBC,​ AP,​ WaPo,​ most networks people call 'news' are NOT NEWS,​ they are Agenda Theater!
2017-07-01  Turkey planning invasion of Kurdistan - HELP! |​ Iyad al-Obaidi and Ayad al-Jumaili are the new leaders of ISIS
2017-06-30  House just passed #KatesLaw.​ Hopefully Senate will follow.​
2017-06-29  New O'Keefe Video - http:/​/​breaking.​projectveritas.​com/​cnnpart2.​html
2017-06-28  CNN bullshits for ratings,​ Stop giving Acosta and company access to the WH Press Corps
2017-06-27  The court upheld Trump’s right to 'executive authority',​ an important tool for protecting our Nation’s homeland.​ The Supreme Court’s decision was 9-0.​”
2017-06-25  Democrats/​CNN Imploding On Fake Trump/​Russian Connection
2017-06-24  Johnny Depp's management company,​ CAA,​ and they would not say if Depp would be dropped as a client.​ 424 288 2000
2017-06-23  Republicans Undefeated–& They Haven’t Even Cut Taxes Yet
2017-06-22  BUILD A NORTH BORDER FENCE Canadian suspect yelled “Allahu Akbar” before stabbing airport police officer in Michigan
2017-06-21  If Earth was flat,​ Cats would have pushed everthing off the edge already
2017-06-20  ?'We don't feel safe!' Eyewitness to Finsbury Park attack says "Muslims don’t feel protected" <<<----lolol
2017-06-19  what BIG news will break tomorrow?
2017-06-18  Scalise upgraded to serious today.​ KEEP PRAYING
2017-06-17  KEEP PRAYING for Scalise,​ hospital LONG time,​ infection DANGER - family thanks you
2017-06-16  Democrats attempt to murder House Majority Whip
2017-06-15  Democrats are trying to murder us
Queasy Comey: Loretta Lynch Ordered Cover-Up of Hillary Clinton Criminal Investigation
2017-06-12  James Con Comey: Loretta Lynch Ordered Cover-Up of Hillary Clinton Criminal Investigation
2017-06-11  VP Pence on 3 Rangers killed - when heroes fall,​ America grieves
2017-06-10  Keep your eyes on the "other hand" .​.​.​ the one who is posing as a president in global nations
2017-06-09  Comey is bought and paid for by Soros if he wasn't Hillary and Obama would be in prison right now where they belong!
2017-06-08  Trump Exonerated – Fired FBI Director James Comey Releases His Prepared Remarks to Media http:/​/​bit.​ly/​2sEBlog
2017-06-07  bars in D.​C.​ will be opening early for the 10 a.​m.​ Comey hearing,​ and offering drink specials like black russians - hahaha
2017-06-06  President Donald Trump will not prevent Comey testimony
2017-06-05  'Never let a good crisis go to waste' sounds like something that'll put a spark under Trump's heels.​ Oh yeah,​ he said PC needs to die.​
2017-06-04  Thank God for Donald Trump
USA is OUT of the Paris Climate HOAX.​ http:/​/​www.​breitbart.​com/​economics/​2017/​05/​31/​every-bad-thing-avoided-rejecting-paris-climate-accords/​
2017-06-01  3000 Elite Pedophiles Arrested this year.​ GO TRUMP!
2017-05-31  Team Mattis scores!!! http:/​/​www.​foxnews.​com/​us/​2017/​05/​30/​us-conducts-successful-missile-intercept-test-pentagon-says.​html
2017-05-30  "For love of country they accepted death,​ & thus resolved all doubts,​ and made immortal their patriotism and their virtue.​" - James Garfield
2017-05-28  RIP Gregg Alman https:/​/​youtu.​be/​F78XV6fjxCE?t=​53s
2017-05-27  Indiana and Colorado tornados
2017-05-25  When Walker The Texes Ranger is better TV you know Fox News is dead
2017-05-24  Abbas: "Pesident Trump achieved peace between Palestinians and Israel" http:/​/​tinyurl.​com/​key4ytq
2017-05-23  Serial Murderer John Podesta Personally Killed Seth Rich - rightwingwatch.​org
2017-05-22  James Comey is a poisonous snake of the highest order.​
2017-05-21  Saudi just paid for the U.​S.​ F35 progarm.​ Trump got manufacturer to drop price and got saudi to pay $130 BILLION
2017-05-20  Trumps depart for Arabia - http:/​/​youtu.​be/​hT9Qh0FZ7-w
2017-05-18  Robert Mueller,​ Former F.​B.​I.​ Director,​ Is Named Special Counsel for Russia Investigation https:/​/​goo.​gl/​sAByzY
2017-05-17  Comey memo reportedly reveals Trump asked FBI to shut down Flynn probe https:/​/​sptnkne.​ws/​exH2
2017-05-16  Tighten the "Unscrews" on North Korea
2017-05-15  U.​S.​ lawmakers ask Trump to turn over any Comey tapes http:/​/​reut.​rs/​2r6YMsg
2017-05-14  Trump has been "Summoned" by Pope Francis ahead of TRUMP'S ISRAEL TRIP
2017-05-13  Comey is going to prison!
2017-05-12  Former congresswoman Corrine Brown guilty on 18 of 22 charges
2017-05-11  https:/​/​pbs.​twimg.​com/​media/​C_​dwtuTWAAAIy4m.​jpg The Stupidity of the Left regime
2017-05-10  COMEY FIRED *​ Hanford emergency (not related)
2017-05-09  I'm tired of the word sanctions.​ It should be deleted by the dictionary till the bombs or missiles take out targets in North Korea
2017-05-08  Sometimes the French need a sympathetic pat.​.​.​ on the head.​.​.​.​ with a hammer.​
2017-05-07  I'm glad caring about the poor doesn't involve anything more than self-righteously arguing how to spend other people's money.​
2017-05-06  Headache de Mayo
2017-05-05  House Passes Bill to Defund baby killers Planned Parenthood
2017-05-04  Why did Heritage fire Jim DeMint? is he a RINO? or a BORE? =​ BORING REPUBLICAN
2017-05-03  will Trump appoint Judge Nap to USSC?
2017-05-02  Shine to leave Fox News.​.​ Is Hannity next?
2017-05-01  Most amazing coincidence ever that the goals of climate alarmists align perfectly with people who love socialism!
2017-04-30  President Donald Trump Rally in Harrisburg,​ PA - https:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​watch?v=​y9viYq9Z3U4
2017-04-29  NK runt fails to achieve full erection,​ launchfail
All senators to White House for briefing on North Korea - http:/​/​209.​157.​64.​200/​focus/​f-news/​3546915/​posts
2017-04-23  Support those who advertise on http:/​/​www.​breitbart.​com/​
2017-04-22  Shadow State Department: Obama Meddles in French Election,​ Heads to Germany Next Month http:/​/​tinyurl.​com/​lu8lxql
2017-04-21  All that government "gives" they first took from someone else.​
2017-04-20  Goodbye Bill,​ We will miss you!!! Let's replace him with Crowder!!
2017-04-19  welcome
2017-04-18  Trump’s policy is “America First.​” Obama’s policy was “Blame America First.​”
2017-04-17  I don't care what they say ANTIFA stands for.​ As far as I am concerned,​ it stands for ANTI-First Amendment
2017-04-16  For the cost of that bomb we dropped on Afghanistan,​ we could have given 1000 needy families much smaller bombs.​
2017-04-15  Discount carrier Spirit Airlines now will also beat customers,​ but it'll cost extra.​
2017-04-13  Obama coming out of the shadows community organizing globally meeting Merkel in May "being involved in democracy: Taking on Responsibility Local and Globally"
2017-04-12  Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg confuses Lindsey Graham for a woman
2017-04-11  2 dead in San Bernardino school shooting
2017-04-10  "I caught a terrorist" said no TSA agent ever
2017-04-09  Hell Froze over: Obama,​ Pope Francis,​ Pelosi,​ Schumer agree Trump did the right thing! Chemical Weapon story being used as a weapon to depose al-Assad
2017-04-07  Don Rickles dead
2017-04-06  Judge Nap believes Susan Rice committed espionage at Xident 0bama's order
2017-04-05  Susan Rice has served with all the honor and distinction of the man who hired her.​
2017-04-04  If you don't read MSM you are uninformed.​.​.​ If you do read MSM you are misinformed
2017-04-03  Londonistan: 423 New Mosques; 500 Closed Churches--->>> https:/​/​www.​gatestoneinstitute.​org/​10124/​london-mosques-churches
2017-04-02  Clinton-Connected Pennsylvania AG Found Guilty of 9 Felonies
2017-04-01  Just because you are offended,​ doesn't mean you are right.​
2017-03-31  Needless to say Maxine's pussyhat has quite the abundance of pubes.​
2017-03-30  Your mother wears Army boots and Maxine Waters wears a James Brown wig.​ Big News!!
2017-03-29  AG Sessions warns sanctuary cities - yay,​ we finally heard from him!
2017-03-28  trump failed to sell trumpcare/​ryancare
2017-03-27  Hillary for Prison !
2017-03-26  Somebody in the GOPe's got the SADZ.​ Better say Howdy to Speaker @​TGowdySC
2017-03-25  loud calls to dump Paul Ryan as speaker - DUMP HIM!!
2017-03-23  #arrestobama
2017-03-22  This Supreme Court nominee may not garner any Democrat support now that the hearings revealed he's heard of the Constitution.​
2017-03-20  An Islamic extremist terrorist was finally shot at a Paris airport.​ Next time,​ they'll just let him depart for Hawaii.​
2017-03-19  R.​I.​P.​ Chuck Berry http:/​/​fox2now.​com/​2017/​03/​18/​legendary-rock-n-roll-musician-chuck-berry-dies-at-90/​
2017-03-18  Next book by Chelsea Clinton: "He Persisted,​" the stories of the women that Bill Clinton attacked & sexually harassed /​ assaulted.​
2017-03-17  kill fundg for PBS,​ NPR - http:/​/​209.​157.​64.​200/​focus/​f-news/​3535192/​posts
2017-03-16  Tonight the special "I Meant to Do That" episode of @​maddow
2017-03-15  Stella failed
2017-03-14  SNOWSTORM in eastern USA .​.​.​ hang on folks
2017-03-13  PRAY for Trump administration and America and pray pedoz get arrested
2017-03-12  Clinton purges 93 US attorneys: MEH Obama purges US attorneys: ELECTIONS MATTER Trump purges 46 US attorneys: OH NO HE'S POLITICIZING GOVT!
2017-03-11  Vulgar? Who got the hummer from an intern in the Oval Office?
2017-03-09  On International Women's Day,​ let's speak up for women around the Middle East who can't speak for themselves.​
2017-03-08  "If fascism ever comes to America it will come in the name of Liberalism"
BREAKING: OBAMA DID SPY ON DONALD TRUMP - https:/​/​www.​facebook.​com/​thebenfergusonshow/​?hc_​ref=​SEARCH
2017-03-06  Who ordered the wiretapping? Waterboarding will get the answer
2017-03-05  (MobRule) Obama wiretaps Trump Tower phones - http:/​/​tinyurl.​com/​z45gxpj
2017-03-05  Obama wiretaps Trump Tower phones - http:/​/​tinyurl.​com/​z45gxpj
2017-03-03  AG Sessions recused himself from Trump campaign stuff - he shudnt have - no reason
2017-03-02  The proof of how good President Trumps speech was could be seen on the look on Nancy Pelosi's face.​
2017-03-01  (LOL!) Internet Mocks WaPo's "Emo" New Slogan - https:/​/​townhall.​com/​tipsheet/​christinerousselle/​2017/​02/​22/​internet-mocks-wapos-emo-new-slogan-n2289161?utm_​sou
2017-02-28  Pelosi's Daughter to be the new spokeswoman for "A Place for Mom"
2017-02-27  RIP Bill Paxton
2017-02-26  Slotime won't pay his faaair shaaaare
2017-02-26  Please put your crayon down and answer me.​.​.​ show me on the doll where the Trump voters hurt you.​
WaPedo hired John Podesta - now will every pizza place in DC area adv in it
2017-02-24  Does Podesta secretly send his columns to himself for approval under this arrangement?
2017-02-23  Could you please go down in the whine cellar and bring me up a 2017 Democrat?
2017-02-22  Don't worry Milo the Boy Scouts will still take you as a troop leader
2017-02-20  Lazy illegal welfare girl Slotime to be deported under new Executive Order
2017-02-19  Ding,​ dong the Blind Sheik is dead !
2017-02-18  Welfare & Slavery Party bitch Slotime is too lazy to pick his own cotton
2017-02-18  Scott Pruitt to lead EPA - Pruitt's gonna Do It!
2017-02-17  Slotime's party of Welfare enslaved and murdered blacks because they were too lazy to pick their own cotton
2017-02-17  I fucking love Trump blasting the enemies to their faces and speaking directly to America
2017-02-16  Slotime loses his welfare -- he's out searching for a black slave to do his fair shaaare of work
2017-02-16  ARREST 9 traitors (leakers),​ Barack Obama,​ John Brennan,​ James Clapper,​ Sally Yates,​ Ben Rhodes,​ HRC,​ Podesta,​ Mcain,​ Graham - My guess
2017-02-15  Slotime and the Democrats want to put black people back in chains and burn the Constitution (including the freedom of slaves)
2017-02-15  The Democrats haven't been this upset since the Republicans took their slaves away.​.​.​.​
2017-02-14  Dam failing in state run by Dem legislature w/​2 Dem senators after 8-yr Dem POTUS spent trillions but this is GOP's fault bc shut up racist.​
2017-02-14  Trump is such a terrifying dictator that literally no one fears speaking out against him - NEWS conf 2 pm today
2017-02-13  Dear White People: Cancel Your Netflix Subscriptions
2017-02-13  Trump builds wall,​ Mexico prepares http:/​/​imgur.​com/​6ueVt3I
2017-02-11  Slotime's welfare cancelled
2017-02-11  Al Franken for President and Jill Stein for VP =​ The Frankenstein ticket
2017-02-10  remember the good old days under obama when all we had to worry about was which one of the 73 gender IDs on facebook fit us best?
2017-02-10  Watching Bernie Sanders debate American health care with Ted Cruz is like watching Maxine Waters debate Thomas Sowell on economics
2017-02-09  Feb.​ 9 is natl pizza day.​ think about it.​ you cant make the timing up!
2017-02-08  Is it wrong to say "Muslims are using the cloak of religion to invade the global nations with their jihad/​caliphate"?
2017-02-08  BETSY DEVOS - skeerz the helouta teechurz
2017-02-07  Before Pres.​ Trump wins in court Obama will have achieved all his important terrorists to enter the USA
2017-02-07  Breaking: Jill Stein has already raised $400,​000.​00 to challenge the outcome of Superbowl LI
2017-02-06  Super Bowl 51 Completes the Left’s Hyper-Politicization of Absolutely Everything
2017-02-06  Super Bowl 51 Completes the LeftÂ’s Hyper-Politicization of Absolutely Everything
2017-02-06  Liberals go read & learn.​.​.​.​ 8 U.​S.​ Code § 1182 - Inadmissible aliens: section (f): http:/​/​www.​law.​cornell.​edu/​uscode/​text/​8/​1182
Love Trumping Hate involves a lot more arson and assault than I thought it would
2017-02-03  Fascist: n.​ any conservative who is winning an argument
2017-02-03  If U.​C.​ Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view - NO FEDERAL FUNDS? - DJT
2017-02-02  RIP Ryan Owens http:/​/​209.​157.​64.​200/​focus/​f-news/​3520158/​posts
2017-02-01  The new term to learn is "Textualism".​
2017-02-01  President Trump nomination for the U.​S.​ Supreme Court is Colorado Judge Neil Gorsuch
2017-01-31  Canadian Muslim shooter proves Trump was right: Witnesses said at least one gunman shouted 'Allahu akbar!' while opening fire
2017-01-30  Thank you Trump for starting the extreme vetting you promised!
2017-01-30  President Trump is KEEPING HIS PROMISES - chill
2017-01-30  Trump should use the level of liberal whining as a lodestone on which direction to keep going.​
2017-01-29  Trump executive order prompts Google to recall staff
2017-01-27  President Trump,​ BUILD THAT WALL!!! Between California and the rest of the United States! https:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​watch?v=​vVzNcny9vjg
2017-01-26  President Trump,​ BUILD THAT WALL!!! Between California and the rest of the United States!
2017-01-26  Mary Tyler Moore Dead At 80 *​ RIP
2017-01-25  Military bases dump 44 for pics of Prez Donald Trump #MAGA!
2017-01-24  Betting against Donald Trump is like betting against the Road Runner.​
2017-01-23  Nobody fired for the Obama admin using the IRS as a weapon against conservatives,​ but Trump's use of Twitter is grounds for impeachment.​
2017-01-22  http:/​/​www.​hollywoodreporter.​com/​news/​inauguration-street-artist-targets-hollywood-anti-trumpers-24-spoof-posters-966396
2017-01-21  Congrats to the leader of the free world,​ President Donald John Trump.​ The American nightmare is officially over.​
2017-01-21  It's now PRESIDENT Donald John Trump.​ Say it over and over again,​ commie-libs,​ until your heads explode.​.​.​
2017-01-20  Will Obama pardon El Chapo? He has a few hours left
2017-01-20  https:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​watch?v=​7-iLzd-HKRg <-- how I feel about tomorrow.​.​.​ Hello Friday,​ Goodbye Barray.​.​.​ They are no electoral votes in the StateofDenile
2017-01-19  Time to FREEDOM! https:/​/​www.​timeanddate.​com/​countdown/​generic?p0=​263&iso=​20170120T00&msg=​Time%​20left%​20until%​20Obama%​20leaves%​20office%​22
2017-01-19  1 DAY 02 HOURS 21 MINUTES 43 SECONDS
2017-01-18  Official Countdown https:/​/​www.​timeanddate.​com/​countdown/​generic?p0=​263&iso=​20170120T00&msg=​Time%​20left%​20until%​20Obama%​20leaves%​20office%​22
2017-01-17  I have a dream .​.​.​.​ where the POTUS is not a commie Jihad-lover who ignored Benghazi
2017-01-16  https:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​watch?v=​E4bl1DPuYsA
2017-01-15  inaugeration ceremonies begin Thursday January 19th
2017-01-14  Palestinian Authority turns to Russia for help to stop Trump's plan to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem - https:/​/​goo.​gl/​f8n1ww
2017-01-13  hillary leaks!
2017-01-12  CNN Fake News reporter loses it at a press conference
2017-01-11  Hey,​ Hey B-H-O,​ how many Chi-town blacks died po' !
2017-01-10  Alibaba to discuss expansion plans with Trump; company aims to create 1 million US jobs over the next 5 years
2017-01-09  "Tell us,​ in exact detail,​ the specifics of what will replace Obamacare.​" -folks who said you have to pass the bill to find out what's in it
2017-01-07  (IogicaI) the people that tell me Donald Trump will be a bad President are the same people who told me Barack Obama would be a great president!
2017-01-06  how long until obama invites the chicago 4 to the white house?
2017-01-05  The Whole Democratic Party still has Dingleberry Chads.​
2017-01-03  New #Congress seated TOMORROW January 3 - AG Sessions should be confirmed quickly
2017-01-02  Happy Trump year!
2016-12-31  3 weeks until this country fixes an error.​
2016-12-30  Yay! Greta's back,​ but on PMSNBC at 6
2016-12-29  2-state is no solution is a LIE,​ the Arab motive is to annihilate Israel
2016-12-28  Kerry to lay out vision on Israeli-Palestinian peace Wednesday Dec 27 2016 http:/​/​www.​timesofisrael.​com/​kerry-to-lay-out-vision-on-israeli-palestinian-peace-wed
2016-12-27  Stephen Miller to write Donald Trump inaugural address
2016-12-26  Merry catmas - http:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​watch?v=​qOo8UGVxfpU
2016-12-24  ever the jackass - 0basturd refused to veto UN resolution on Israel today
2016-12-23  Hillary Clinton's whole political existence was nepotism
2016-12-22  Only a month left to shred Democrat documents
2016-12-21  Merkel's not afraid to get her hands dirty.​ http:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​gpimk
2016-12-20  Electoral College confirms President Trump
2016-12-19  Welcome to Americapolitics.​
2016-12-17  LIVE Stream: President-Elect Donald Trump Rally in Orlando,​ FL 12/​16/​16 - https:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​watch?v=​taFsF4PCm5g
2016-12-16  4 pm mt Sheriff Joe press conference on Obama birth certificate
2016-12-13  USAF flash mob - MAGNIFICENT! https:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​watch?v=​-cKE8pyfcZc
2016-12-12  Slotime is impotent & Hillary lost badly
2016-12-10  Rahm-a-lamb-a-ding-dong flips the bird to a 20/​20 question.​
2016-12-09  R.​I.​P.​ John Herschel Glenn Jr.​ - First man to orbit the planet.​ 1921-2016
2016-12-08  Trump Taps Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt As EPA Head
2016-12-07  obama's counterterrorism plan explained in detail: http:/​/​i.​imgur.​com/​Hs1xXTu.​jpg
2016-12-06  It's likely that @​algore hasn't had sex in decades without first swearing he isn't a cop.​ Waiting on confirmation.​
2016-12-05  Obama openly tells illegals to vote: http:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​watch?v=​_​9fZF4i1ap0
2016-12-02  Flashback: Obama Mocked Trump for Promising to Keep Carrier in the US
2016-12-01  Only 50 more days until the end of an error.​
2016-11-29  Hillary for Prison 2017
2016-11-28  Time for Trump to Lawyer-up and Start Contesting Anything Won by Clinton.​
2016-11-26  RIP Navy Officer Scott Cooper Dayton,​ killed in Syria :(
2016-11-25  145 Law Enforcement Line of Duty Deaths Since Thanksgiving 2015
2016-11-24  California taking first steps toward secession by 2019 -- Be our guest,​ fucktards!
2016-11-23  It didn't take long for the people who got everything wrong about the 2016 election to resume their undeserved air of smug superiority.​
2016-11-22  Democrats can be glad that at least they still control the theater housing Hamilton.​ That's .​.​.​ something.​
2016-11-20  Sanctuary cities don't want to ban illegal immigrants because they report crimes.​.​.​ except crimes like being here illegally.​
2016-11-19  A.​G.​ Jeff Sessions,​ NSA Gen.​ Flynn,​ GREAT CHOICES!
2016-11-18  Putin visited Israel this week
2016-11-17  #YouMightBeALiberal if you're more upset Trump maybe asked to get clearance for his family than Hillary just giving it to Huma and her maid.​
2016-11-16  A taxpayer voting for Hitlery Stalin Clinton is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.​
2016-11-15  January 24th Obama never existed - LOL! - wiped out - no legacy - GONE! HAAAALL LE LOOOOOOOO YAH!
2016-11-14  Are You Suffering From Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder (TARD)? http:/​/​www.​disclose.​tv/​news/​are_​you_​suffering_​from_​trump_​acceptance_​resistance_​disorder_​tard


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