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Chat Room: ​#AmericaPolitics

Network: Undernet

​#AmericaPolitics Webchat Undernet Webchat

Chat room ​#AmericaPolitics on IRC network Undernet was registered at 2013-10-17 and assigned to group Political Science Chat Rooms. Registration of this chat room was based on a large attendance.

#AmericaPolitics Undernet - Graph about the amount of users during the last week
to, from topic
2015-10-06 14:00,
2015-10-05 02:00 
Tonight,​ CBS' 60 Minutes investigates how a major network investigative news show can go 7 years without looking into a single Obama scandal
2015-10-04 22:00,
2015-10-04 14:00 
I'm not saying Putin is humiliating Pres.​ Obama but the last time a Russian treated an African-American this way,​ Apollo Creed died.​
2015-10-04 10:00  NO GUN ZONE =​ PC liberal Zone aka Sitting Ducks Zone aka Come in and hurt,​ rob,​ violate,​ rape and murder us Zone
2015-10-04 06:00,
2015-10-04 02:00 
Welcome to Americapolitics
2015-10-03 22:02  f*​*​k Putin and Obama
2015-10-03 18:01,
2015-10-03 06:01 
There is no denying that Hussein Obama was owned,​ completely & wholly OWNED by Putin at the UN Conference last week
2015-10-03 02:00,
2015-10-02 22:00 
2015-10-02 18:00  ​#americapolitics gunman christopher was a republican conervative>>>>>> http:/​/​www.​thedailybeast.​com/​articles/​2015/​10/​01/​umpqua-gunman-id-d-as-chris-harper-merce
2015-10-02 14:00  Obama & Hillary Officially Charged as Accessories to Terrorism - http:/​/​joeforamerica.​com/​2015/​02/​obama-hillary-officially-charged-as-accessories-to-terrorism/​
2015-10-02 10:00,
2015-10-01 22:00 
Ban 'no gun zones',​ it's killing too many people
2015-10-01 14:00  Hey Barry.​ The 1980s called and they are LAUGHING AT YOU
2015-10-01 10:00  cyclone likes to comb the public hair of thirteen year old boys
2015-10-01 06:00,
2015-10-01 02:00 
​#blackthugbabypartsmatter only if non biracial.​
2015-09-30 22:00,
2015-09-30 14:00 
2015-09-30 10:00  ​#BLACKOLIVESMATTER
2015-09-30 06:00  http:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​watch?v=​lN5Lj_74u38
2015-09-29 18:00,
2015-09-29 06:00 
Hillary's poll results with women are going south: Latest survey says the white women Democrats need in order to win the White House don't like her
2015-09-29 02:00  ein volk,​ ein reich,​ ein Hillary!
2015-09-28 22:00,
2015-09-28 02:00 
Barack Obama clings to his abortions and climate fears
2015-09-27 22:00,
2015-09-27 18:00 
When I was a kid there was no internet.​ Sometimes people would have to walk for miles just to call me an asshole
2015-09-27 14:00,
2015-09-27 06:00 
Pope Francis Never Mentioned Jesus In His Speech To Congress
2015-09-27 02:00  Thanks for playing,​ Mr.​ Boehner! Your parting gifts include a shiny Strange New Respect award from Dem media.​ Warning: it tarnishes fast!
2015-09-26 22:00  If you're a fish in this pond,​ you might take debate.​
2015-09-26 18:00  john boehner is hanging it up.​.​.​ gop imploading from with in
2015-09-26 14:00,
2015-09-26 06:00 
If Obama was the President of Kenya,​ he'd be their firstt white President
2015-09-26 02:00,
2015-09-25 06:00 
Pope Francis calls for US to embrace illegal Mexicans and Muslim "refugess" but maintains massive wall around the Vatican
2015-09-25 02:00,
2015-09-24 18:00 
Please make a donation to Dr.​ Carsons campaign and help to heal,​ inspire,​ and revive America - https:/​/​www.​bencarson.​com/​contribute2
2015-09-24 14:00  Money pouring in to Ben Carson's fundraising after muslim remarks - 2$ million within 24 hours
2015-09-24 10:00,
2015-09-24 06:00 
Will Trump buy Fox News and fire them all? Stay tuned.​.​.​ lol
2015-09-24 02:00  Volkswagen fraud: same thing the global warming fakers have been doing for decades
2015-09-23 22:00,
2015-09-23 14:00 
RIP Yogi Bera - I never said those things that I said
2015-10-01 18:00,
2015-09-23 02:00 
Welcome to ​#americapolitics
2015-09-30 02:00,
2015-09-22 18:00 
- none -


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