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Here you see a small report about channel #Pakistan, a chat room on IRC network Undernet. This kind of report usually includes user statistics and topics of the last days and weeks, if the channel was registered before and its administrators didn't set its channel modes to private or secret. In addition you will find a webchat button below. Use that button to jump to irc2go.com and to join channel #Pakistan!

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Chat room #Pakistan on IRC network Undernet was registered at 2009-11-11 and automically assigned to group Pakistan Chat Rooms. Registration of this chat room was based on web requests.

#Pakistan Undernet - Graph about the amount of users during the last week
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2017-11-17  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​perfect place for chat:~
2017-11-17  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​Jumma mubarak to everyOne.​Allhumdulilah another Jummah.​.​.​the master of all days has come again.​
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ There can be no positive result through negative attitude.​ Think positive live positive.​|​ https:/​/​twitter.​com/​undrnetpakistan
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​perfect place for chat.​.​never forGet who was dere for u when no one else was.​
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​Feelings don't die easily because we keep feeding them with memories.​.​
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​.​Zindagi aise Jiyo ke apne Rub Ko pasnd ajaO.​.​.​Duniya walo ki soch to her Roz badalti rehti hia :~
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​ Dhoobna hi parhta hia ubherne se pehle.​.​.​.​Ghuroob hone ka mutlab zawal nahi hota :))
2017-11-10  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Assalamu alayka ya Ya Rasool Allah Assalamu alayka ya habibi Ya Nabiyya Allah|​Jummah Mubarak|​
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ 9th November Iqbal Day |​ Allama Iqbal was a real countryman and a great philosopher.​|​
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​The difference between Genius and stupidity is that Genius has its limits:~
2017-11-08  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ If you r helping someone & expecting something in return,​ you r doing business not kindness.​ |​ https:/​/​twitter.​com/​undrnetpakistan
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Star can not shine without Darkness |​ https:/​/​twitter.​com/​undrnetpakistan
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Happy birthday to you Desi (Laaaaash) may you have many many more.​.​from all of us.​
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​ .​.​.​easy is to JudGe the mistakes of Others.​.​Difficult is to recoGnize Our own mistakes.​.​.​
2017-11-03  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​ Jumma mubarak to everyOne.​.​.​ Jummey ke Roz kasrat se drod pak ka wrd kijiye.​
2017-11-02  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Most good relationships are built on mutual trust and respect.​|​ https:/​/​twitter.​com/​undrnetpakistan
2017-11-01  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Welcome to #Pakistan,​ Enjo Your Stay Here
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ EGO .​ is just a small three letter word,​which can destroy a big twelve letter word call Relationship .​
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ IsmaiL's father passed away,​ please recite surah fatiha and eesal to his soul.​
2017-10-26  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​perfect place for chat .​.​ yaQeen Gehra Ho to Her INSHALLAH ALLHAMDULILAH hojata hai :~
2017-10-25  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​tanQeed ,​ tanz ,​fiQrey bazi se Hosla na harO .​.​.​Shor khelari nahi ,​ tamashai kartey hian:~:))
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​ enJoy ur stay.​.​.​ Lagtah hia Garmiyan is baar sardiyan Guzaar Ker jayengi:)
2017-10-21  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Assalamu alayka ya Ya Rasool Allah Assalamu alayka ya habibi Ya Nabiyya Allah |​ Jummah Mubarak |​
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you.​
2017-10-18  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Welcome to #pakistan,​ Our Own Channel
Live today like it is a special gift,​ because it is the best birthday gift.​ Happy Birthday UmAiR .​
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Assalamu alayka ya Ya Rasool Allah Assalamu alayka ya habibi Ya Nabiyya Allah.​ Jummah Mubarak!|​
2017-10-12  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ You exist only in what you do.​
2017-10-11  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​ Ghaltiyan nahi karengein to pata keisey chalega Ke.​.​.​Kon Kon hamare Girney Ka intezaR karaha hia :X
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​.​always love Your friends from Ur heart .​ .​ .​ Not from ur mood Or need:.​ .​ .​
2017-10-07  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ "Jummah Mubarak" |​ Assalamu alayka ya Ya Rasool Allah Assalamu alayka ya habibi Ya Nabiyya Allah |​
2017-10-06  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​ Har Haal me apne Rab key ehsaan Ka ziker Kiya karO .​.​.​ enJoy ur nice stay OVer Here:~
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Welcome to #Pakistan,​ Enjoy Your Stay Here
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ *​Welcome Home*​
2017-10-02  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #Pakistan .​ What is the most important element in a relationship?? ":x
2017-10-01  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Today's life saver is whatsapp :D
2017-09-30  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Assalamu alayka ya Ya Rasool Allah Assalamu alayka ya habibi Ya Nabiyya Allah.​.​.​ Jummah Mubarak!.​
2017-09-29  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​Shohdan-E-Karbala K Hously They Deed K Qaabil .​Wahan Par Shukar Karty They,​ Jahan Par Sabr Mushkil Tha.​
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Welcome to Pakistan,​ Our Own Chat Channel
2017-09-26  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​perfect place for chat .​.​ Question of the day.​.​{umer aur zindagi me kiya farQ hai ?:X
2017-09-25  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​Agar tum Khud Ko islye badal rahey Ho ke loG tumhe pasnd karein.​.​to behter wo tum se nafrat hi karien.​
2017-09-24  www.​undernetpakistan.​org
2017-09-23  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ All set for Weekend .​.​.​ A new show with a New RJ .​.​.​ Be with US On undernet pakistan .​.​.​ 12Am To 2Am.​.​Let's do lots of fun masti.​.​.​
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​Grab Whatever,​ a cup of tea or a coffee.​.​ Have a nice stay and chat.​.​
2017-09-20  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​Talkative peOple are the best Because,​ They Don't Hide anythinG inside them:~
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​.​.​.​ perfect place for chat :~
2017-09-17  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​All eyes in Pakistan on tomorrow's by-election in NA-120.​.​.​.​.​.​.​
2017-09-16  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Jummah Mubarak
2017-09-15  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Welcome to #Pakistan ,​ Your Own Family Chat Channel
2017-09-14  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​enJoy ur stay .​.​A day without smiling is a day wasted :
2017-09-13  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Welcome ICC International 11 to Pakistan
2017-09-12  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Welcome to #Pakistan ,​ Our Own Chat Channel
2017-09-11  Jis Ka Madadgar Khuda K ilawa Koi Na Ho,​ Khaberdar is per Zulm na karna - Imam Hussain.​ Aye Khuda,​ Berma K Musalmano ki Madad Ferma.​
2017-09-10  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome in :~ Never Argue with stupid peOple,​ they will drag You Down to their level and then beat You with experience:~
2017-09-09  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​Don't Close the BooK when bad things happen in Ur life.​ .​ Just turn the page and begin a new chapter:~
2017-09-08  Aye Khuda,​ Berma K Muslmano ki Madad Frma,​ La ilaha illa Anta Subhanaka inni kuntu mina z-zalimin
2017-09-07  Aye Khuda,​ Berma K Muslmano ki Madad Frma,​ La ilaha illa Anta Subhanaka inni kuntu mina z-zalimin
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​enjoy ur stay :~ Siyaney kehtey hain itne Siyaney na bano ke dosrey siyaney nazer na ayen:)
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​enjoy ur stay :~ Wish You a happy and blessed Eid ul Adha .​.​.​
2017-09-02  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​.​ .​enJoy ur nice stay Over here .​.​.​In Advance A very Happy & Blessed Eid-ul-Azha to all Our frnds:~
2017-09-01  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​ Happy birthday Rimjhim .​ wishinG u a super special birthday :~
2017-08-31  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome in .​.​.​.​Jo Janey waley se ibrat hasil nahi karta.​.​.​wO aney waley ke lye ibrat ban jata hia :~
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​ perfect place for chat :~ enJoy ur stay :~
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ TheGoodGuy and LaaaaaSH Congrats :)
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome in.​.​ Talakh batO key Jawab Sub Ko deney atey hain per kabhi kabhi parwarish ' Zaban ' Rok leti hai :~
"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.​"
2017-08-17  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ ©¯`-.​ _​ .​ -´¯`-.​ _​ .​ ->|​ !! |​ !! Welcome TO #Pakistan .​.​.​ perfect place for chat :~ enJoy ur nice stay Over here:~ !!|​ !!|​ <-.​
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Happy 70th Independence Day to Our Beloved Country ,​ Our Motherland Pakistan
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #Pakistan,​ our own chat channel
LaaaaaSh/​Murat's grand mother passed away today,​ pray for her,​ May her soul rest in peace,​ Ameen.​
2017-08-07  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Dost us waQt tak Dost nahi hosakta .​.​Jab tak wo apne Dost Ki izzat ka khayal us ki Ghair mojodGi me na rakhey:~'
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome in:~ .​.​Yaad ata hai bachpen ka wo zamana .​.​.​.​.​.​Jhandiya la ker porey Gher ko sajana:))Happy independence month :~
2017-08-01  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Her insan apni zaban ke peechey chupa hia .​ .​ .​ Ager usey samjhna hia to usey bolne do:~ welcome in :~ enjoy ur nice stay Over her
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome in:~
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​Breaking News : Verdict Announcement Nawaz Sharif Disqualified - 5/​0 Decision Of Judges
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​ Respect is for those who deserve it ,​ Not for those who demand it.​ enJoy ur nice stay over here :~
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome in :~ enjoy ur stay.​.​ It does not matter how slowly You Go as lonG as You do not stOp:~
2017-07-24  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ ager tanqeed hi kerni hai to naram lehjey me karey kyun key naram lehja zameer ko jagata hai .​.​.​jab key sakht lehja ana Ko:X
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​ Just becoz U r Right,​ Does not mean,​ I am wrong,​ You just haven't Seen life from my side.​
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​ Don't Close the BooK when bad things happen in Ur life.​.​ Just turn the page and begin a new chapter:~'
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​ Never Judge SomeOne by the Opinion of another.​.​.​ enJoy ur stay:~
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​ Happy Rainy Day:~
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ without communication dere is no relationship,​ without respect there is no love,​ without trust there is no reason to continue.​
2017-07-09  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome in :~ We Dont Grow when thinGs are easy,​ We Grow when we face challenges:~
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome in :~ The size of Ur audience Doesn't matter.​.​ Keep Up the Good work:~
2017-07-04  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome in :~ ( weak people revenge .​.​ stronG peOple forGive.​.​ intelligent peOple iGnore :~:)) enJoy ur stay:~
2017-07-02  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome in :~ apno Ko Kiesi baat ka ehsaas dilaney ki nobat ajaye to wo apne nahi rehtey:~:))
2017-07-01  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​ Jumma mubaraK :~
2017-06-30  'www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​End of Eid Holidays Back to office :(
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​.​ eid mubarak :~
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ May this last Friday of Ramadan bring you all peace and prosperity.​ Ameen!
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Stands up for the CHAMPIONS,​ Champions Stands up! Congrats all for Winning Champions Trophy 2017,​ Champions till 2019 ;-)
www.​undernetpakistan.​org|​ A gun is no more dangerous than a cricket bat in the hands of madman.​.​Come on Pakistan !!!
2017-06-16  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Jab Jeet per Ho eemaan to Haar nahi sakta pakistan .​.​.​.​The TiGer is again Ready to Hunt.​.​.​.​
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Team Pakistan congratulation!!! --->>Murat
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Welcome to #Pakistan ,​ our own family chat channel
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ "A bad attitude is like a flat tire .​.​ You cant Go anywhere until u change it ".​
2017-05-28  www.​undernetpakistan.​|​Ramadan Mubarak 🌙May Allah Almighty guide us towards the right,​ noble path,​ forgive all our sins and shower His blessings upon us.​.​
2017-05-27  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Ramadan Mubarak Everyone :)
2017-05-26  Kahan Hain ap Sab :(.​.​.​.​.​
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Difficult things take a long time,​ impossible things a little longer.​
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​ enJoy ur stay .​.​.​ <​+Naruto-> hanso.​.​ jiyo.​.​ muskurao.​.​ kia pata kal ho na ho :)
'welcome to #pakistan.​.​ Aik Din Hum sub aik Dosrey Ko ye Soch ker Kho dengein.​.​.​Ke jab wo Yaad nahi karta to me Kyun karun.​.​.​.​.​ enjOy ur stay.​.​''
2017-05-16  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Welcome to #Pakistan ,​ Enjoy Your Stay Here
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ All that i am,​,​or hope to be,​,​I owe to my angel mother,​,​*​Mawaaan Thadian Chawaan*​,​,​Happy Mothers Day
2017-05-13  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ SittinG alone and enJoyinG ur Own company is better then being surrounded by fake peOple:~
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​ Shab-e-baraat ( Night Of forGiveness).​.​
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Welcome Home :)
2017-05-05  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Happy Birthday kash1f
2017-05-04  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Khwab adhoorey sahe.​.​ khwab sahara to hein!
2017-05-02  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Welcome to #Pakistan
2017-04-30  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #Pakistan.​ Hope you have wonderful birthday filled with fun,​ excitement and joy.​ Happy Birthday Nazia.​😊
2017-04-29  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome in .​.​.​ Jumma mubarak To everyOne:~
2017-04-28  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome in .​.​.​ Don't Be so comfortable .​.​.​.​ everyOne is replaceable.​.​.​.​ enjOy ur stay:~:))
2017-04-26  (LaaaaaSH) Never Argue with stupid peOple,​ they will drag You Down to their level and then beat You with experience:~'
2017-04-25  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome in :~
2017-04-23  (LaaaaaSH) Kon Kehta hia Dushwar hia admi Ko marna.​.​.​.​ Lehja badal ,​ tevar badal ,​ nazrien badal aur mar dey.​.​ Quiet simple:))'
2017-04-22  Www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Welcome.​
2017-04-21  Waking up this morning was an eye-opening experience.​
2017-04-20  Welcome!
2017-04-19  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ ©¯`-.​_​.​-´¯`-.​_​.​->|​!! Welcome TO #pakistan"  perfect place for chat :~ enjOy ur stay Over here .​.​:))
2017-04-17  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome in :~ enjOy ur stay .​.​.​Happiness is not something ready-made.​ It comes from your own actions.​
2017-04-14  http:/​/​www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Sometimes you just have to play the role of a fool to fool the fool who thinks they are fooling you.​
http:/​/​www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Welcome to #pakistan *​enjoy*​
2017-04-11  It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare,​ it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.​
2017-04-10  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome in .​.​perfect place for chat.​.​.​ Love Ur haters.​ They r Ur BiGGest fans.​:~
2017-04-09  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome in .​.​ perfect place for chat .​.​ WaQt Ko zara waQt Do .​.​.​ waQt aney per waQt badal jayega:~
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome in :~ perfect place for chat: expect nothinG.​.​.​ appreciate everythinG:~
2017-04-05  ipv6 is live on Undernet.​ Use the following: irc6.​undernet.​org
2017-04-04  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome in .​.​ Have U ever been alone in crowded Room ???
2017-04-03  (LaaaaaSH) Biggest mistake I have ever done is loosing myself in the process of valuing some one too much n forgetting that I am special too
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Human rights are women's rights,​ and women's rights are human rights.​
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ .​
2017-03-27  (LaaaaaSH) Relation never Die a natural Death .​They r always murdered by attitude behaviour,​ ego,​ hidden benefits or ignorance .​ enjoy ur stay:~:))'
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome in .​.​.​ AnyOne can SaY TheY CaRe.​ .​ But WaTcH TheIr ActiOns,​ NoT TheiR WoRds!!
2017-03-24  www.​undernetpakistan.​org|​ *​Happy Pakistan Day*​
2017-03-22  http:/​/​www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​<Hazel> Great things never came from comfort zones.​.​.​.​.​
2017-03-21  http:/​/​www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ <​+Hazel> life is not about waiting for storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain.​
http:/​/​www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Finding friends with same mental disorder is PRICELESS!! ;)
2017-03-16  Welcome Home!
2017-03-14  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ 21:00:22 <​+Naruto-> itna sannata kion hai bhaae.​.​?
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Welcome to Pakistan
2017-03-10  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome in :~ .​.​ Jumma mubaraK to everyOne .​.​.​
2017-03-09  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ The guess a woman makes is much accurate than the certainty a man asserts.​ Happy Women's Day!
2017-03-06  (pekista) As I said very early,​ Zalmi will win
2017-03-05  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Keeeeeeeeeeeep calm and support peshawar zalmi :~ Go Go .​.​.​.​ undernet pakistan zalmi hain peshawar key:))
2017-03-04  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Her insan apni zaban ke peechey chupa hia .​Ager usey samjhna hia to usey bolne do:~ welcome in
2017-03-03  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Assalamu alayka ya Ya Rasool Allah Assalamu alayka ya habibi Ya Nabiyya Allah.​.​.​
2017-02-28  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Happy Birthday Khushii may you have many more!!
2017-02-27  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ (c)æ«@​»æ(c) Happy Birthday KhuShii Hope Your Day is the beginning of a brand new year that`s full of cheer
2017-02-27  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ (c)æ«@​Ⱦ(c) Happy Birthday KhuShii Hope Your Day is the beginning of a brand new year that`s full of cheer
2017-02-26  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​ perfect place for chat .​.​.​.​ :~
Visit: http:/​/​undernetpakistan.​org
2017-02-19  Upcoming Radio Show on Sunday at 10pm by Diamonds.​.​ Radio Link: http:/​/​undernetpakistan.​org/​pakradio vlc: http:/​/​radio.​undernetpakistan.​org:8000
2017-02-18  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ They say marriages are made in Heaven but so is Thunder n Lightening.​ :D
2017-02-17  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ happy birthday beehive` :)
2017-02-16  (UmAiR) {[22:06:25]} <kash1f> Khush Anderson
2017-02-15  Happy Birthday Bored-.​.​.​ May u be blessed with all the happiness,​ health and success in ur life!!! Ameen.​.​
2017-02-14  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ ©¯`-.​ _​ .​ -´¯`-.​ _​ .​ ->|​ !! |​ !! Welcome TO #Pakistan .​ perfect place for chat :~ enJoy ur nice stay Over here:~ !!|​ !!|​ <-.​
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Her insan apni zaban ke peechey chupa hia .​Ager usey samjhna hia to usey bolne do:~ welcome in :~ enjoy ur nice stay Over here:~
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Welcome Home
2017-01-24  (pekista) tune in Rj Wolfy online
YeH BadMasH kHamoShi AkhiR kAb tAk ChaLY Gii??????
Happy Birthday maha_​ :)
www.​undernetpakistan.​org|​ Love the moment and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundries!!!
www.​undernetpakistan.​org|​ There is only one happiness in this life,​,​*​ To love and be loved*​.​
Dear Life: You have some explaining to do.​
2017-01-15  (UnleashRugal) Eagles - Hotel California - Live
2017-01-14  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome *​home*​
2017-01-13  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Happy Birthday Ruga|​
2017-01-12  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ The only disability in life is a bad attitude.​
2017-01-11  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​  welcome to #pakistan happy birthday to me!!!
2017-01-09  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan Jiss Ko ( me ) kI hAwa lagi.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​ Usey na phir Koi dua lagi na Koi Dawa lagi:~:
2017-01-07  Thanks everyone,​ but how about my gifts? *​still pending*​.​
2017-01-05  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Tan Tan Tan
2017-01-04  (bluemagic) Tune in everyone.​ http:/​/​undernetpakistan.​org/​pakradio
2017-01-03  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ to the most sweetest sis and wonderful user Rukhsar we wish u HBD #pakistan team/​users
2017-01-02  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ May this new year bring all the crazy colors and fun in your life.​ Happy New Year!
2016-12-31  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Main Likh kar day deta hon.​.​ ye 2017 b aik sal say ZayaDa Tik nahe Payega.​.​ :D
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome in :~ enjoy ur stay :~ ShaKh ne aik phool ki khatiR.​.​.​ Kitne kanto ko paal rakha hia :~:D
2016-12-28  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Happy Birthday to Salman Khan
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​Mirror Is My Best FrienD.​.​ Beacouse When I Cry,​ They Never Laughs.​.​.​ Charlie Chaplin.​
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​Hell Is EMPTY and All The DEVILS are HERE.​.​ WIlliam Shakespeare
2016-12-22  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Ye Sard Raat,​ Ye Awargi,​ Aur Ye Neend Ka Bojh.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​Ham Apne Sheher Mein Hote To Ghar Gaye Hote !!
2016-12-21  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Welcome Home!
2016-12-20  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​One Who Wins Without Problem It is Just VICTORY.​.​.​ but One WHo Wins With a Lot Of Troubles That is HISTORY.​.​.​ Adolf Hitler
2016-12-19  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​.​ IshQ me marziya Nahi chalti.​ .​ .​ .​ .​ .​ .​ .​ .​ .​ .​ .​ .​ Jiesey Yaar kahey.​ .​ Bismillah:~
2016-12-17  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Today we bleed Together.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​Black Day 16.​12.​2014 :~
2016-12-15  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Dhoondoo Gey Aagar Mulkoon Mulkooon.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​Milnay Kay Nahi Nayab Hain Hum
www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #Pakistan .​.​.​ Da perfect place for chat.​ Just becoz U fit In,​ Doesn't mean U belong Dere:~
2016-12-12  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Kamyabi ka formula to mujhe maloom na ho lekin.​.​.​nakaami ka nuskha ye hia ke her keisi Ko khush kerne ki koshish ki jaey:~:
2016-12-10  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome home.​.​ jumma mubark.​.​.​!
2016-12-09  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Welcome to #Pakistan,​ Our Own Family Chat Channel
2016-12-08  (bluemagic) TUNE IN EVERYONE WHOEVER IS ALIVE! - Undernet Radio !
2016-12-07  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​First They IGNORE you.​.​ then they LAUGH at you then they FIGHT you.​.​ then YOU WIN.​.​.​.​.​ ADOLF HITLER
2016-12-06  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​ Da perfect place for chat .​.​.​ enjoy ur nice stay Over here:~
2016-12-03  (bluemagic) Tamam ahle UAE ko jashne azadi Mubarak!
2016-12-02  (ZinDaGi) *​Welcome Home*​|​www.​undernetpakistan.​org
2016-12-01  (bluemagic) TUNE IN!!!
2016-11-30  If You Want To Shine Like Sun First You Have To Burn Like It.​.​ Adolf Hitler
2016-11-28  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ Every person has good and bad qualities it is up to you how you see that Person.​.​.​.​.​.​.​No One Is Perfect in this World.​
2016-11-26  http:/​/​www.​undernetpakistan.​org/​pakradio/​
2016-11-25  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ KHAMOSHII
2016-11-24  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ ,​
2016-11-23  www.​undernetpakistan.​org |​ welcome to #pakistan .​.​.​ perfect place for chat :~ enjoy ur stay :~
2016-11-22  welcome home
2016-11-19  jumma mubarak everyone.​
2016-11-18  TUNE IN EVERYONE!! - http:/​/​www.​undernetpakistan.​org/​pakradio/​ - !REQUEST (YOUR SONGS)
2016-11-17  It is to inform all that our Admin Fox's mother died Yesterday at AFIC Rawalpindi.​ Inna Lillah Wa Inna Elehe Raja'oun.​ All are requested to pray for her Mother.​


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