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Chaträume Casino Blackjack

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#H-Casino.blackjack Rizon

4 Benutzer – vor 54 Minuten – Kein Topic
Chat-Kategorie: Casino BlackjackNetz: Rizon  –  irc2go: #H-Casino.blackjack

#Casino Rizon

13 Benutzer – vor 54 Minuten – ♥♦♣♠ Welcome to #Casino! Slots, Blackjack, coin, and dice are played here through Murasa. Everyone gets money at start, and $10000 an hour after you lose everything. || For help: ;help <game name>. To check your balance: ;casino balance || Not bug-free yet. || have fun and enjoy your stay! ♠♣♦♥
Chat-Kategorie: CasinoNetz: Rizon  –  irc2go: #Casino

#H-Casino Rizon

4 Benutzer – vor 54 Minuten – Welcome to #H-Casino, to play, you type ".quote random" and it will generate a random number between 1-100, highest number wins, please donate your gold before playing. Anyone can host, even if you're not a host..
Chat-Kategorie: CasinoNetz: Rizon  –  irc2go: #H-Casino

#blackjack DALnet

8 Benutzer – vor 53 Minuten – Welcome to #blackjack! to start a game type .start | to join a game type .sit | to leave a game type .stand | to buy type .buy 500 - to hit type h - to stay type s | for more help please ask users or visit http://i.imgur.com/Sc5kLof.png?1
Chat-Kategorie: BlackjackNetz: DALnet  –  irc2go: #blackjack

#Games.Blackjack AllredNC-IRC

3 Benutzer – vor 52 Minuten – Welcome to Blackjack (21), where the object of the game is to get a card total value of 21 without going over. Type ?blackjack to start. Have fun!
Chat-Kategorie: Spiele BlackjackNetz: AllredNC-IRC  –  irc2go: #Games.Blackjack

#blackjack ChatSpike

4 Benutzer – vor 48 Minuten – Welcome to #blackjack! | Commands: @deal, @hit, @stand (@double, @split and more to come when I feel like it)
Chat-Kategorie: BlackjackNetz: ChatSpike  –  irc2go: #blackjack

#Casino LibraIRC

22 Benutzer – vor 40 Minuten – >>> <><><>[ Welcome to #Casino type .t2 for trivia type !uno for uno ]<><><> <<<
Chat-Kategorie: CasinoNetz: LibraIRC  –  irc2go: #Casino

#play-casino ST-City

2 Benutzer – vor 34 Minuten – \\\\\\-\\\\\\- PST-Casino: Das Casino des Rollenspiels Play Star Trek |http://trek-rs.de -//////-//////
Chat-Kategorie: Spiele CasinoNetz: ST-City  –  irc2go: #play-casino

#Casino QuakeNet

7 Benutzer – vor 54 Minuten – Welcome to Casino land! Type .reg to register and .help to get the list of commands. Wants flags? .buy them! :D
Chat-Kategorie: CasinoNetz: QuakeNet  –  irc2go: #Casino

#Casino DragonIRC

2 Benutzer – vor 45 Minuten – Kein Topic
Chat-Kategorie: CasinoNetz: DragonIRC  –  irc2go: #Casino
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