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#coffee freenode

77 Benutzer – vor 139 Minuten – Coffee chat: home roasting,​ brewing,​ equipment,​ espresso,​ beaky,​ etc.​ |​|​ The longer you stay,​ the better your chance of an answer |​|​ The beverage,​ not the scripting language |​|​ Channel FAQ: http:/​/​coffeekb.​kanojo.​de/​ |​|​ http:/​/​brewmethods.​com/​ has nice guidelines on brewing |​|​ get a cup of coffee and chill out https:/​/​vimeo.​com/​159612274#t=​30s
Chat-Kategorie: KaffeeNetz: freenode  –  irc2go: #coffee

#Coffee LibraIRC

6 Benutzer – vor 127 Minuten – Coffee chat: [~]D [~]D home roasting,​ brewing,​ equipment,​ espresso,​ beaky,​ etc |​|​ The longer you stay,​ the better your chance of an answer |​|​ The beverage,​ not the scripting language |​|​ Get a cup of coffee and chill out [~]D [~]
Chat-Kategorie: KaffeeNetz: LibraIRC  –  irc2go: #Coffee

#coffee DALnet

2 Benutzer – vor 139 Minuten – CoFFee Chat: Home roasting,​ brewing,​ equipment,​ espreso,​ beaky ,​etc [ The Longer you Stay ,​ The better Your Chance of answer [ The Beverage ,​ not The scripting Language ,​ Welcome To #Coffee
Chat-Kategorie: KaffeeNetz: DALnet  –  irc2go: #coffee

#coffee Snoonet

5 Benutzer – vor 122 Minuten – Coffee
Chat-Kategorie: KaffeeNetz: Snoonet  –  irc2go: #coffee

##nutrition freenode

73 Benutzer – vor 139 Minuten – Dietary and supplemental nutrition |​ Disclaimer: Consult a doctor.​ No professionals here.​ Don't abruptly stop your meds.​ |​ RULES: Identify with nickserv.​ Stay on topic.​ No idling >60d.​ No changing nick.​ No public logging.​ |​ Data: http:/​/​j.​mp/​ndata http:/​/​j.​mp/​MP-HS http:/​/​j.​mp/​WMD-VS |​ Related: #biology ##biochemistry #coffee ##cooking ##fitness #reddit-nootropics #running ##tea
Chat-Kategorie: NutritionNetz: freenode  –  irc2go: ##nutrition

#freedso freenode

4 Benutzer – vor 139 Minuten – Official channel for the unofficial client.​ |​ freeDSO - blasphemous channel for blasphemous Python.​ |​ Developers are voiced.​ |​ http:/​/​www.​freedso.​co.​cc/​ |​ http:/​/​www.​darksignsonline.​com/​ |​ 'This is blasphemy.​ This is madness!' |​ 'Madness.​.​.​? THIS.​ IS.​ PYTHON!!!!' |​ <liveAndLetDie> Even more important than P and NP; Is sleep equal to coffee?
Netz: freenode  –  irc2go: #freedso

#ourspace Rizon

3 Benutzer – vor 139 Minuten – Ha❅ppy❆❈✩Sept✻ember❊!|​ http:/​/​is.​gd/​aoNiCG (hail or blame Ennea)|​ Come have a cup of tea,​ or do you prefer coffee? |​ Relax to some tunes at our channel's lounge http:/​/​tinyurl.​com/​9s9syoz |​ VotD: http:/​/​youtu.​be/​unRPhNH-YWo courtesy of Dakritia |​ Bot Commands: http:/​/​pastebin.​com/​FS9apwup
Chat-Kategorie: Science FictionNetz: Rizon  –  irc2go: #ourspace

#alignak freenode

18 Benutzer – vor 139 Minuten – Alignak Devel channel : https:/​/​github.​com/​Alignak-monitoring/​alignak - Do not feed animals with (too much) coffee - Devel doc : http:/​/​alignak.​rtfd.​org - User Doc : http:/​/​alignak-doc.​rtfd.​org - User mailing list alignak@​freelists.​org,​ register : http:/​/​www.​freelists.​org/​list/​alignak
Netz: freenode  –  irc2go: #alignak

#queen's-divination-coffee-shop GigaCrew

2 Benutzer – vor 130 Minuten – Kein Topic
Chat-Kategorie: KaffeeNetz: GigaCrew  –  irc2go: #queen's-divination-coffee-shop

#Coffee Undernet

10 Benutzer – vor 139 Minuten – "I love the sound of putting a period at the end of a writing.​" - Chicago Typewriter
Chat-Kategorie: KaffeeNetz: Undernet  –  irc2go: #Coffee
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