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##sailor-moon freenode

3 Benutzer – vor 95 Minuten – Moon Pride~! | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon~ | https://github.com/Zazie-Lavender/scripts/ | if you joined another channel and landed here; this is where you are supposed to be.
Chat-Kategorie: MondNetz: freenode  –  irc2go: ##sailor-moon

#sailor-moon freenode

3 Benutzer – vor 95 Minuten – 'Moon Pride~! | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon~
Chat-Kategorie: MondNetz: freenode  –  irc2go: #sailor-moon

#moon Undernet

9 Benutzer – vor 95 Minuten – To The Moon And Back
Chat-Kategorie: MondNetz: Undernet  –  irc2go: #moon

#eve ShadowFire

4 Benutzer – vor 79 Minuten – Welcome to #EVE! EVE: Lifeblood launches 24th October, turning mining into non-bear activity and bringing moon-mining stuff and things to Empire space! Also, pretty explosions and stuff. More here: http://www.pcgamer.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-eve-onlines-next-expansion-and-beyond/
Netz: ShadowFire  –  irc2go: #eve

#debates DALnet

48 Benutzer – vor 95 Minuten – China Sets Tariffs On $60 Billion In U.S. Goods, Retaliating Against U.S. Duties | Japan fashion guru Maezawa lands first SpaceX moon flight | Trump sets tariffs on 200 billion in imports from China | Manafort plea deal includes him testifying to everything he knows about Mabus
Netz: DALnet  –  irc2go: #debates

#InfoSec AnonOps

5 Benutzer – vor 92 Minuten – Technical InfoSec for Ops training and guiding| Deployable Docker images for pentesting - https://github.com/ZephrFish/DockerAttack ; https://medium.com/@armaanpathan/chain-the-vulnerabilities-and-take-your-report-impact-on-the-moon-csrf-to-html-injection-which-608fa6e74236
Netz: AnonOps  –  irc2go: #InfoSec

#WoD-SF-OOC DarkMyst

12 Benutzer – vor 90 Minuten – #WoD-SF-OOC: OOC chat and dice channel for #WoD-San_Francisco. Please PM an ST about creating a character. | Site: http://wod.crescent-moon-studios.com/site Mail: wodsf.storytellers@gmail.com | Story progression on Saturdays at 5pm EST and Sundays at 2 PM EST !|
Chat-Kategorie: World of DungeonsNetz: DarkMyst  –  irc2go: #WoD-SF-OOC

#hearth DynastyNet

3 Benutzer – vor 89 Minuten – #Hearth The Hearth is now out of this world! Overhead is a vast glass bubble that looks over the black inkness that is space. Stars and galaxies twinkle. Inside the bubble is a space base built on a rock or a moon. Vivi is a droid that is expecting child
Chat-Kategorie: ErdeNetz: DynastyNet  –  irc2go: #hearth

#Sailor-Moon DALnet

2 Benutzer – vor 95 Minuten – This channel has been recently re-opened by DALnet.
Chat-Kategorie: MondNetz: DALnet  –  irc2go: #Sailor-Moon
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