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Im Internet Relay Chat (kurz: IRC) werden Chaträume üblicherweise Kanäle (engl. Channels) genannt. Suche in den Namen und aktuellen Themen der Kanäle von ungefähr 500 IRC-Netzen nach Chaträumen, deren Themen dich interessieren, und finde Leute, die deine Interessen teilen!

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#uno MyCooldude

4 Benutzer – vor 136 Minuten – Welcome to the MyCooldude UNO! Game room,​ to start a game,​ type " !uno ",​ type " Jo " to join a game,​ type " !remove " to remove yourself from the game,​ type " !stop " to stop the game,​ and finally type " !unocmds " for list of more commands.​ The bot's nick is " Uno " (NOTE: bug cooldude if the bot looks like it is not online)
Chat-Kategorie: UnoNetz: MyCooldude  –  irc2go: #uno

#uno ARG-IRC

6 Benutzer – vor 147 Minuten – It's a fun thing to do while intoxicated |​ Type !uno to start a game if one isn't in progress,​ use !unocmds to see a full command list |​ You may join games already in progress,​ type jo to join |​ Need to leave a game? type !remove [Really do it if you go AFK or DIE] |​ #Uno,​ where friendships go to die.​
Chat-Kategorie: UnoNetz: ARG-IRC  –  irc2go: #uno

##uno freenode

22 Benutzer – vor 149 Minuten – Welcome to uno on IRC! |​ Channel rules: https:/​/​is.​gd/​l6Nijd |​ Due to PM spam,​ please register with NickServ to PM jenni |​ To start a game type '.​uno' |​ 2 or more players needed |​ For help,​ game rules,​ and examples: https:/​/​is.​gd/​4YxydS |​ Please visit our sister channels,​ ##news,​ ##weather and ##science
Chat-Kategorie: UnoNetz: freenode  –  irc2go: ##uno

#uno Caelestia

3 Benutzer – vor 144 Minuten – A friendly game of Uno.​ |​ /​cs info #uno for URL to the commands and rules|​ Hands may be shown in server window.​ |​ Ask room members for help if needed.​ Bot will join after approx 30 seconds after 1st join,​ if none else join |​ Have fun! <Coach_​R> Please tell my owner when my connection die
Chat-Kategorie: UnoNetz: Caelestia  –  irc2go: #uno

#uno IdleChat

5 Benutzer – vor 139 Minuten – Welcome to UNO! - Be Courteous at all times - Type !start to start a game(if its not already started) & join (to join it) |​ Only need 1 Person to play but up to 10 players can play.​ |​ !unocmds - Shows all commands for the game |​ Confused? check out http:/​/​idlechat.​net/​blog/​uno/​
Chat-Kategorie: UnoNetz: IdleChat  –  irc2go: #uno

#nintendo-uno ChatSpike

4 Benutzer – vor 144 Minuten – http:/​/​wiki.​nin10doh.​com/​wiki/​Nintendo-Uno |​ http:/​/​nin10doh.​com/​?page=​chat_​unostats The person with the most Uno Points Won gets the "Uno Champion" rank! |​ [00:43:41] <TEC> A new game of Uno is starting in #nintendo-uno! |​ [04:58:20] <TEC> Hero wins!
Chat-Kategorie: Nintendo UnoNetz: ChatSpike  –  irc2go: #nintendo-uno

#games.​uno AllredNC-IRC

4 Benutzer – vor 148 Minuten – Commands: !uno !stop !remove [nick] !unowon [nick] !unocmds |​ Stats: !unotop10 [games|​wins|​21] !unotop3last !unostats !unorecords |​ Card Commands: jo=​join pl=​play dr=​draw pa=​pass co=​color ca=​cards cd=​card tu=​turn od=​order ct=​count st=​stats ti=​time
Chat-Kategorie: Spiele UnoNetz: AllredNC-IRC  –  irc2go: #games.​uno

##uno Snoonet

15 Benutzer – vor 132 Minuten – 🦗🦗🦗 Join us for possible good times 🦗🦗🦗 |​ NO IDENTITIES |​ %uno help for general help,​ %uno cards for a tl;dr on the cards |​ Rules: https:/​/​p.​teknik.​io/​Raw/​u6qiI |​ tsgh
Chat-Kategorie: UnoNetz: Snoonet  –  irc2go: ##uno


46 Benutzer – vor 149 Minuten – *​*​Welcome to UNO!.​ Please KEEP IT English*​*​ |​ No:Repeating,​Flooding,​Advertising,​Inviting.​ |​ Need HELP? Ask an op OR type !unocmds in CHANNEL.​ (YOU idle for 2 minutes) You'll be removed by OPS.​ (We're capable to pick the needed Ops)
Chat-Kategorie: UnoNetz: DALnet  –  irc2go: #UNO

#jeuxfr.​uno OnlineGamesNet

12 Benutzer – vor 135 Minuten – ( FR ) [ Bienvenue sur #jeuxFR.​uno ] :: [[ Jeu IRC Uno ]] :: [[ [ Commandes ] Pour lancer le Uno : ?uno et join pour rejoindre la partie - Autres ?site,​ ?support,​ ?unohelp :: [[[ JEU EN LIGNE ]]]
Chat-Kategorie: Spiele Frankreich UnoNetz: OnlineGamesNet  –  irc2go: #jeuxfr.​uno
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