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Im Internet Relay Chat (kurz: IRC) werden Chaträume üblicherweise Kanäle (engl. Channels) genannt. Suche in den Namen und aktuellen Themen der Kanäle von ungefähr 500 IRC-Netzen nach Chaträumen, deren Themen dich interessieren, und finde Leute, die deine Interessen teilen!

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#ubuntu-women freenode

29 Benutzer – vor 106 Minuten – This channel is UNLOGGED |​ Ubuntu Women Project: http:/​/​ubuntu-women.​org |​ support (mostly) at #ubuntu |​ Guidelines: http:/​/​wiki.​ubuntu-women.​org/​IrcGuidelines |​ Tell us what you're working on: http:/​/​wiki.​ubuntu-women.​org/​WhatPeopleAreDoing |​ Please register & log in to chat
Chat-Kategorie: UbuntuNetz: freenode  –  irc2go: #ubuntu-women

#openstack-women freenode

23 Benutzer – vor 106 Minuten – Welcome all! |​ Code of conduct: https:/​/​www.​openstack.​org/​legal/​community-code-of-conduct/​ The Women of OpenStack meet every 2 weeks (odd weeks) at 2000 UTC.​ Agenda is here: https:/​/​etherpad.​openstack.​org/​p/​WOS_​Agenda_​Tracker
Chat-Kategorie: OpenStack FrauenNetz: freenode  –  irc2go: #openstack-women

#fedora-women freenode

18 Benutzer – vor 106 Minuten – Channel for the promotion of women's involvement in the Fedora Project |​ If you don't get a response,​ we're probably not around.​ |​ http:/​/​fedoraproject.​org/​wiki/​Women
Chat-Kategorie: Fedora FrauenNetz: freenode  –  irc2go: #fedora-women

#ubuntu-women-project freenode

11 Benutzer – vor 106 Minuten – This Channel is LOGGED |​ http:/​/​ubuntu-women.​org |​ support (mostly) at #ubuntu |​ channel guidelines: http:/​/​wiki.​ubuntu-women.​org/​IrcGuidelines |​ Next Meeting: TBA
Chat-Kategorie: Ubuntu FrauenNetz: freenode  –  irc2go: #ubuntu-women-project

#women-are-property-of-men Cuff-Link

65 Benutzer – Keep it fun.​ Play other than at the ops discretion forbidden.​ Be respectful of others and enjoy.​ *​We have ZERO tolerance for abuse or attack of users.​*​ ~ We require you not to use Guest/​Cuff/​ nicks.​ No male subs/​switches.​ No TG/​CD/​TS/​TVs.​ No scening.​ No poaching
Netz: Cuff-Link  –  irc2go: #women-are-property-of-men

#kde-women freenode

12 Benutzer – vor 106 Minuten – Welcome! Stick around,​ we'll say hi! Women of the KDE Community: http:/​/​kde.​org
Chat-Kategorie: KDE FrauenNetz: freenode  –  irc2go: #kde-women

#archlinux-women freenode

44 Benutzer – vor 106 Minuten – Arch Linux Chix FTW: Project site is http:/​/​archwomen.​org .​ IRC Rules: http:/​/​goo.​gl/​hLyINu <|​|​|​> Sixty-fourth IRC meeting on Saturday,​ February 10,​ 2018 <|​|​|​> If you're having a problem with someone,​ !ops
Chat-Kategorie: Arch Linux FrauenNetz: freenode  –  irc2go: #archlinux-women

#women-are-property-of-men Bondage.International

27 Benutzer – vor 103 Minuten – Come On In,​ The Water Is Fine.​.​.​- Find our channel group at https:/​/​bondageinternational.​com/​Community/​groups/​7 - Given the room theme no male subs/​switches/​TG/​CD/​TS.​ No Scening.​
Netz: Bondage.International  –  irc2go: #women-are-property-of-men

##political_​reality freenode

61 Benutzer – vor 106 Minuten – Welcome to ##Political_​Reality |​ Need voice? ask in ##pr_​admin |​ Guidelines for channel (taken from Freenode TOS) - https:/​/​goo.​gl/​EgXFTY |​ Today in history 1920.​08.​18 - Tennessee becomes the thirty-sixth state to ratify the nineteenth amendment granting women's suffrage,​ completing the three-quarters necessary to put the amendment into effect.​
Chat-Kategorie: PolitologieNetz: freenode  –  irc2go: ##political_​reality

#afd EsperNet

10 Benutzer – vor 99 Minuten – Jim,​ you're forever with us |​|​ Happy Thanksgiving Robo! |​|​ <Ksennin_​bot> Mace windu is a fucking waste of a grilled cheese sandwich and fantasize about ugly women.​ |​|​ puz and speet: all the system |​|​ then comes one and bux.​.​ I am dad.​ |​|​ <Dogby> HERE LIES ALEX KSENNING <Dogby> HE GOT FAT AND FUCKED A DRAGON PUSSY
Netz: EsperNet  –  irc2go: #afd
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