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IRC network jaundies was registered in August 2005. Since that time our small data collector regularly connects this IRC network to determine its key performance indicators, such as its number of users and its number of chat rooms (IRC channels). On this occasion a list of visible (not private) chat rooms is requested too.

During last connections to jaundies its servers reported an average of 94 users and 32 chat rooms. Use the following menu to get more information about IRC network jaundies! Take a view to the generated statistics and search within the list of chat rooms for topics of your interest!

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#molson jaundies

15 users – 142 minutes ago – If a lesbian cock blocks another lesbian is it called a beaver dam? |​|​ [15:38] < m> this actually might be my fault.​ |​ #theweatherchannel
chat category: Molnetwork: jaundies  –  irc2go: #molson

#opers jaundies

5 users – 142 minutes ago – Welcome heisenberg,​ the serva from Down Unda.​ |​|​ LetsEncrypt is globally deployed using Cloudflare's API.​
network: jaundies  –  irc2go: #opers

#services jaundies

4 users – 142 minutes ago – JAUNDIES: Restricted channel - Trespassers will be shot on sight.​ |​ If services have relinked and are not reporting: /​os set logchan on
network: jaundies  –  irc2go: #services

#mafiamatrix jaundies

3 users – 142 minutes ago – My only problem is my problem feels alright
chat category: Matrixnetwork: jaundies  –  irc2go: #mafiamatrix

#help jaundies

2 users – 142 minutes ago – Welcome to #help.​ [ http:/​/​www.​technerd.​net/​irc-commands.​html - To try to get someone's attention type !help ] |​ Jaundies CGI IRC: http:/​/​cgiirc.​jaundies.​com/​ |​ IRC HELP ONLY.​ All members of #help are volunteers,​ they have lives too,​ please be patient.​ |​ For chat,​ visit #indie (this site works - mk
network: jaundies  –  irc2go: #help

#bebop jaundies

2 users – 142 minutes ago – Bang
chat category: Bebonetwork: jaundies  –  irc2go: #bebop

#teq jaundies

2 users – 142 minutes ago – Death to all humans.​ BUT NOT TO CRABS |​|​ ZeQ VALE <3 <3 <3 <3
network: jaundies  –  irc2go: #teq

#divinesanity jaundies

2 users – 142 minutes ago – The other side of the fence.​ http:/​/​joe-biden.​ytmnd.​com TRIXIE https:/​/​fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.​akamaihd.​net/​hphotos-ak-xpa1/​v/​t1.​0-9/​10390112_​762869787107835_​3150930002780107642_​n.​jpg?oh=​e8570c39748a3697c97de153a5f83310&oe=​54778153&_​_​gda_​_​=​1417017579_​d6051632a846bb49bd485ea78bdcdde4
network: jaundies  –  irc2go: #divinesanity

#divinelunacy jaundies

2 users – 142 minutes ago – The real,​ uncensored MafiaReturns chat.​
network: jaundies  –  irc2go: #divinelunacy

#czylharz jaundies

2 users – 142 minutes ago – Home of the Czylharz Family.​ Comrades in Crime.​ http:/​/​bit.​ly/​19Z4fRj - Alive and kicking again! PM JakeLuciano or DeadlySpikeS or Raptor or Scarin.​ Congrats to Jake on GF.​ Erractic I missed you - SS
chat category: Germanynetwork: jaundies  –  irc2go: #czylharz


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