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IRC Network B2IRC

IRC network B2IRC was registered in January 2001. During last connections to B2IRC its servers reported an average of 179 users and 60 chat rooms (channels). Via the following menu you will get more information about IRC network B2IRC. This includes detailed user statistics and a list of visible (not private) IRC channels where you can search for topics of your interest.

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Last connection to B2IRC (
Date:2016-05-29 18:01:00  (UTC)
Server Options:
PREFIX=​(ov)@+ CHANMODES=​b,​​k,​​l,​​cCimnpst CHARSET=​rfc1459 NETWORK=​B2IRC :

Admin Info:
 Administrative info about rovaniemi.​fi.​b2irc.​net Pannu Networks B2IRC Network Admin <jede@b2irc.​net>
Message Of The Day (MOTD):
 -​ 30/​7/​2014 23:14
-​ General information for the B2IRC network follows.​
-​ *​*​[ URLs ]​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​
-​   This server is part of the
-​  B2IRC Network -​ http:/​/​www.​b2irc.​net/​
-​   Created by
-​  Saatoyhteiso B2 ry -​ http:/​/​www.​b2.​fi/​
-​   This server is hosted by
-​  Pannu Networks -​ http:/​/​www.​pannu.​org/​
-​  Admin: Jesse Pietilä <firstname[at]​pannu[dot]​org>
-​ *​*​[ History ]​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​
-​  B2IRC was created by 'Kyuu' Eturautti and Tero 'Sivis' Nybacka,​​
-​  around 3Q-​4Q 2000.​ The B2IRC name was put to active use in
-​  June 2001.​ The name reflects this network being a part of
-​  Saatoyhteiso B2 ry,​​ formerly Project B2.​
-​  B2IRC was originally targeted primarily for anime related IRC
-​  usage,​​ but we're open to anyone agreeing with our rules.​
-​ *​*​[ Rules ]​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​
-​  IRC is a free media.​ The operators of this server take no
-​  responsibility whatsoever for opinions expressed by users
-​  on this network.​ In fact,​​ we encourage people to share
-​  their opinions concerning various matters on this network.​
-​  The network servers are located in Finland and thus  
-​  Finnish law must be followed.​ In short,​​ use common sense.​
-​  Channel protection bots (oer,​​ eggdrop etc.​) are allowed.​
-​  Takeovers and general bad attitude to the users of this
-​  network may get you banned.​ Please act nicely.​
-​  Any commercial use of the network must be agreed upon
-​  beforehand with at least one network administrator.​
-​  If you disagree with one or more of the statements above,​​
-​  please disconnect now.​ Breaking any of the rules will be
-​  taken very seriously by the IRC operators.​
-​   Visit ​#opers for any assistance you may require.​
-​ *​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​
-​  Please enjoy your stay on B2IRC!


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