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IRC Network DALnet

IRC network DALnet was registered in August 1998. During last connections to DALnet its servers reported an average of 6772 users and 5200 chat rooms (channels). Via the following menu you will get more information about IRC network DALnet. This includes detailed user statistics and a list of visible (not private) IRC channels where you can search for topics of your interest.

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Last connection to DALnet (
Date:2015-11-26 19:00:12  (UTC)
Server Options:

Admin Info:
 Administrative info about krypt.​ca.​us.​dal.​net DALnet IRC Network Sponsored by Krypt Technologies - Dedicated & Game Server Hosting http:/​/​www.​krypt.​com
Message Of The Day (MOTD):
 -​17/​5/​2012 10:17
-​            .​=​"   "=​.​_​​.​-​-​-​.​  
-​          .​"         c ' Y'`p   Hi,​​ my name is David "The Beaver" Delicious!
-​         /​   ,​​       `.​  w_​​/​    And I welcome you to DALnet IRC Network!
-​     jgs |​   '-​.​   /​     /​    
-​   _​​,​​.​.​.​_​​|​      )_​​-​\ \_​​=​.​\      Your connected host is: krypt.​ca.​us.​dal.​net
-​  `-​.​.​.​.​-​'`-​-​-​-​-​-​)))`=​-​'"`'"    http:/​/​www.​krypt.​com -​ 100gbit of AWESOME.​
-​ -​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​
-​ krypt.​ca.​us.​dal.​net (ircd.​krypt.​com) -​ http:/​/​www.​krypt.​com
-​ -​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​
-​  We reserve the right to deny access to this server without warning or
-​  explanation.​  This is the short version of the MOTD,​​ you must read the
-​  long version by typing /​MOTD.​
-​  All users connected to this server must abide by the several rules
-​  contained within the long version of the MOTD.​
-​  By connecting to this server you agree to be bound by the terms put
-​  forth in DALnet's Acceptable Use Policy at: http:/​/​www.​dal.​net/​aup
-​  This server is hosted by VPLS,​​ INC.​ dba Krypt Technologies.​
-​  Dedicated server hosting from Krypt Technologies.​
-​  http:/​/​www.​krypt.​com
-​  *​ For DALnet Related Help:       /​join ​#DALnetHelp
-​  *​ For IRCop/​CSop assistance:     /​join ​#OperHelp
-​  *​ For help with Services:        http:/​/​www.​dal.​net
-​  *​ For Server related problems:   routing[at]​dal[dot]​net
-​  For assistance with trojans or virus removal please /​join ​#NoHack
-​  Note:
-​  This server will check your PC for open proxy
-​  servers when you connect.​ If you do not want this
-​  test performed on your system disconnect now.​
-​  Additional local rules,​​ above and beyond DALnet's AUP:
-​  -​ -​ -​ -​ -​ -​ -​ -​ -​ -​ -​ -​ -​ -​ -​ -​ -​ -​ -​ -​ -​ -​ -​ -​ -​ -​ -​ -​
-​  1) The admin /​ operators of this server reserve final authority
-​     over your privilege of connecting (or remaining connected) to
-​     this server,​​ up to and including adding your IP or netblock
-​     to our machine and/​or upstream firewalls in response to any
-​     violations of these policies.​
-​  2) If we find you connected to IRC from any hosts to which you do
-​     not have legitimate access (e.​g.​ drones,​​ hacked boxen,​​ proxies)
-​     your connection will be terminated immediately.​  Violators of this
-​     policy will be logged and their information will turned over to any
-​     applicable legal authorities.​
-​  3) Do not ask us for an oline.​  We will not give you one.​  
-​     REASON: we will never oper someone who can not follow simple
-​     instructions,​​ such as "Do not ask us for an oline".​
-​     3b) We will not provide you with an oline or any other form of
-​         access in exchange for money.​  If you ask,​​ we will consider
-​         that to be dishonor and an insult to us,​​ and you will be
-​         klined.​  Permanently.​  Completely free,​​ no charges.​
-​  4) Attacks launched against this server are logged,​​ analyzed,​​
-​     identified,​​ and will most likely result in your information being
-​     provided to the authorities.​  Trust us; it's not worth it.​
-​  5) TOR Exit nodes are not permitted to use this server.​  If we
-​     use our real IP addresses,​​ then so must you.​
-​  6) Non-​abusive bots are allowed a maximum of 3 connections per IP
-​     or 3 connections per user per /​24.​  Don't try to avoid this
-​     restriction by getting shells with multiple idents; we'll find
-​     out.​  Exceptions will be granted on a case by case basis within
-​     the bounds of DALnet's AUP.​
-​         SERVER.​  Such bots,​​ their owners,​​ and their parent net ranges
-​         will be permanently k-​lined.​  We sponsor a chat server,​​ not a  
-​         place for you to make money.​  Get a job and move out of your
-​         mom's house.​
-​  7) Above all,​​ remember -​ this is IRC.​  It's meant to be fun; not a
-​     war zone.​  If you are determined to argue,​​ break rules,​​ whine,​​ or
-​     flood,​​ then perhaps IRC isn't the place for you.​  Remember that
-​     the use of this server is a privilege -​ not a right -​ and that
-​     it is easily possible for that privilege to be revoked.​
-​ -​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​
-​  Thank you for flying DALnet!
-​  -​ check out our HUGE 100GBIT NETWORK at http:/​/​www.​krypt.​com
-​ -​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​

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