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IRC Network OFTC

IRC network OFTC was registered in June 2002. During last connections to OFTC its servers reported an average of 10495 users and 2308 chat rooms (channels). Via the following menu you will get more information about IRC network OFTC. This includes detailed user statistics and a list of visible (not private) IRC channels where you can search for topics of your interest.

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Last connection to OFTC
Date:2015-05-27 18:00:21  (UTC)
Admin Info: Administrative info about OFTC Infrastructure Infrastructure Administration <infrastructure[at]oftc[dot]net>
-   O
-    \   The Open and Free
-     O
-    /|  Technology Community
- O-O O
- Welcome to OFTC's IRC network.
- The Open and Free Technology Community was founded at the
- end of 2001 by a group of experienced members of the Open
- Source and Free Software communities; it is aimed at
- providing these communities with better communication,
- development, and support infrastructure. Our goal is to
- provide stable services to members of the community in any
- part of the world, while listening closely to their needs
- and desires.
- We are not a general purpose chat platform, but a topical
- network intent on providing the open source and free
- software communities a means to cooperate and communicate.
- As such, illegal and off-topic activity, such as warez
- trading, may result in being barred from access.
- For more information on OFTC, please visit
- If you require assistance stop by in channel #oftc, or email
- support[at]oftc[dot]net with details.
- Thanks and enjoy your stay,
-         The OFTC team

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