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IRC-Netz Chat4All.org

Das IRC-Netz Chat4All.org wurde im November 2000 hier registriert. Seitdem werden von unserem kleinen Datensammler regelmäßig Verbindungen zu diesem IRC-Netz aufgebaut, um dessen Leistungskennzahlen, wie z.B. die Anzahl der Benutzer und Chaträume (IRC-Kanäle), zu ermitteln. Bei dieser Gelegenheit wird von den IRC-Servern auch jeweils eine Liste der sichtbaren (nicht privaten) Chaträume angefordert.

Während der letzten Verbindungen wurden durchschnittlich 404 Benutzer und 166 Chaträume von den IRC-Servern gemeldet. Über das folgende Menü erhältst du weitere Informationen zum IRC-Netz Chat4All.org. Betrachte die erstellten Statistiken und suche in der Liste der Chaträume nach Themen, die dich interessieren!

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Last connection to Chat4All.org

Server:eu.chat4all.org (
Date:2018-06-20 16:04:12  (UTC)
Server Options:

Admin Info:
 Administrative info about eu.​chat4all.org Jeroen Wierda Adonix aka Adonis Adonis@​chat4all.org http:/​/​www.​chat4all.org http:/​/​support.​chat4all.​net http:/​/​forum.​chat4all.​net
Message Of The Day (MOTD):
 -​ 7/​2/​2014 9:46
-​ This is the short MOTD.​ To view the complete MOTD type /​motd
-​        CHAT4ALL Network,​​ Short MOTD V1.​5 -​-​ Last Updated: 2012-​04-​02        
-​ Welcome to the CHAT4ALL IRC Network; a free,​​ publicly accessible network.​
-​ This is server:  eu.​chat4all.org
-​ If you intended to be on the USA server,​​ enter via  us.​chat4all.org
-​ On this network we do not condone:                                          
-​  *​ Racism,​​ harassment,​​ personal attacks or other abuse;
-​  *​ Flooding,​​ Spamming or Advertising;
-​  *​ Illegal activities (such as Warez,​​(D)DoS or childporn);
-​  *​ Nuking of any kind,​​ such as warbots or using exploits;
-​  *​ Advertising,​​ or Promoting of other chatservers/​channels;
-​  *​ Excessive Cloning: Max.​5 concurrent connections per IP;
-​  *​ Use of (Open-​)Proxy or Tor-​servers;
-​  *​ Indecent conversations with minors;
-​  *​ Impersonating our staff members or claiming to be part of the staff;
-​  *​ Claiming to have admin/​operator rights,​​ unless you have those rights.​
-​ Upon accessing this server,​​ your connection will be scanned for open proxies,​​
-​ and your IP will be matched against several 3rd party blacklists.​ These scans
-​ will originate from IP address 178.​63.​3.​16.​ For details,​​ please type
-​ /​helpop aboutproxies
-​ We reserve the right to block or terminate your connection at our discretion.​
-​ Please keep IRC fun for everyone by abiding to these rules.​ If you don't,​​
-​  you risk being temporarily or permanently revoked access to our chatserver.​
-​ Chat4All is managed by volunteers,​​ please value their time and effort.​
-​ Our team consists of Adonix,​​ Saya,​​ FiXato,​​ Foxman,​​ o_​​o,​​ Siiw and Reikart.​
-​ Positions on the team are invite-​only,​​ so no need to ask for an o-​line.​ ;)
-​ For more detailed staff-​contact information,​​ type  /​quote staff
-​ If you need IRC-​related support,​​ and you've read the full version of the MOTD,​​
-​  then they can assist you in #help or through a support ticket at:
-​  http:/​/​support.​chat4all.​net
-​ This is the short version of our MOTD; /​quote motd ^ offers the full version,​​
-​  while  /​quote rules  contains a list of our rules.​
-​ *​~*​~*​~*​~*​~*​~*​~*​~*​~[ IRC is a privilege NOT a right ]​*​~*​~*​~*​~*​~*​~*​~*​~*​~


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