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IRC-Netz PurpleSurge

Das IRC-Netz PurpleSurge wurde im September 2005 hier registriert. Seitdem werden von unserem kleinen Datensammler regelmäßig Verbindungen zu diesem IRC-Netz aufgebaut, um dessen Leistungskennzahlen, wie z.B. die Anzahl der Benutzer und Chaträume (IRC-Kanäle), zu ermitteln. Bei dieser Gelegenheit wird von den IRC-Servern auch jeweils eine Liste der sichtbaren (nicht privaten) Chaträume angefordert.

Während der letzten Verbindungen wurden durchschnittlich 71 Benutzer und 43 Chaträume von den IRC-Servern gemeldet. Über das folgende Menü erhältst du weitere Informationen zum IRC-Netz PurpleSurge. Betrachte die erstellten Statistiken und suche in der Liste der Chaträume nach Themen, die dich interessieren!

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Last connection to PurpleSurge

Server:hollywood.purplesurge.com (
Date:2018-03-20 10:14:33  (UTC)
Server Options:

Admin Info:
 Administrative info about hollywood.​purplesurge.​com Admin: Daniel Daniel[at]PurpleSurge[dot]com
Message Of The Day (MOTD):
 -​ 14/​1/​2013 5:49
-​     _​​_​​_​​                  _​​      _​​_​​                      
-​    /​ _​​ \_​​   _​​ _​​ _​​_​​ _​​ _​​_​​ |​ |​ _​​_​​_​​/​ _​​\_​​   _​​ _​​ _​​_​​ _​​_​​ _​​  _​​_​​_​​
-​   /​ /​_​​)/​ |​ |​ |​ '_​​_​​|​ '_​​ \|​ |​/​ _​​ \ \|​ |​ |​ |​ '_​​_​​/​ _​​` |​/​ _​​ |​
-​  /​ _​​_​​_​​/​|​ |​_​​|​ |​ |​  |​ |​_​​) |​ |​  _​​_​​/​\ \ |​_​​|​ |​ |​ |​ (_​​|​ |​  _​​_​​/​
-​  \/​     \_​​_​​,​​_​​|​_​​|​  |​ .​_​​_​​/​|​_​​|​\_​​_​​_​​\_​​_​​/​\_​​_​​,​​_​​|​_​​|​  \_​​_​​,​​ |​\_​​_​​_​​|​
-​                   |​_​​|​                        |​_​​_​​_​​/​
-​ Welcome to PurpleSurge! ::: http:/​/​www.​purplesurge.​com
-​ As our motto suggests,​​ PurpleSurge strives to be
-​ "Something Totally Different.​" Our goal is to provide
-​ chat solutions to small online communities,​​ as well
-​ as offer a stable,​​ safe,​​ friendly environment for the
-​ everyday visitor.​ We strive to make sure your chatting
-​ experience is enjoyable and worth while.​ Please take a
-​ moment to browse our channel listing.​ If you do not
-​ find an area of personal interest,​​ we invite you to
-​ create your own room in order to form a place of
-​ discussion that tailors to your own pastimes.​ If there
-​ is anything we can do to make your time here more
-​ enjoyable,​​ please let us know! Thank you for logging in
-​ and taking the time to check us out.​ Have a good day.​
-​               -​-​PurpleSurge Community
-​ Please visit www.​purplesurge.​com/​policies.​html for an
-​ overview of our network policies.​
-​ For IRC-​related questions,​​ join #Help.​
-​ To connect via SSL,​​ use ssl.​purplesurge.​com (port 6697)
-​ PurpleSurge will not unban you from a channel.​ If you
-​ were accidentally or wrongfully banned from a channel,​​
-​ you will need to speak with an operator from that room.​
-​ You agree upon connecting that you,​​ the user,​​ are responsible for your own
-​ actions while on this network.​ Please protect yourself from other users
-​ through the use of firewalls and other products that discourage viruses and
-​ trojans.​ Do not accept files or scripts from any users unless you are
-​ absolutely sure they are safe.​ PurpleSurge IRC and its operators are not
-​ responsible for the actions or opinions (neither expressed nor implied) of
-​ any users connected to this network.​
-​ The PurpleSurge IRC Network provides its services "as-​is" with no warranties
-​ expressed or implied.​ We reserve the right to change system policies at anytime
-​ and also reserve the right to allow or disallow anyone from the IRC network for
-​ any reason,​​ at any time.​
-​ PurpleSurge IRC is a privately-​owned IRC network,​​ and we reserve the right to
-​ refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason.​ Usage of our network
-​ indicates agreement with the rules of the PurpleSurge IRC Network.​ Our policy
-​ is subject to change at any time without prior notice.​
-​ By connecting to this network you agree to have your host scanned for open
-​ proxies and mail relays.​ If you do not consent to being scanned,​​ please
-​ disconnect now.​ These scans are performed for security reasons only.​
-​ This server is part of the PurpleSurge network.​ If you do not disconnect
-​ right now,​​ you agree with this network's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) which can
-​ be found at the following URL:
-​ http:/​/​www.​purplesurge.​com/​policies.​html
-​ If you have questions,​​ please contact Scott Harstine <legend[at]​purplesurge[dot]​com>
-​ or ask in #Help.​ To see a list of all online operators,​​ type /​ircops.​
-​ This document,​​ in its entirety,​​ is © PurpleSurge IRC Network 2010.​ All rights
-​ reserved.​ Please do not reproduce or distribute this document by any means
-​ without prior written approval.​


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