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IRC-Server chickenlittle.nl.eu.serenity-irc.net

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Details der letzten Verbindung...

Server:chickenlittle.nl.eu.serenity-irc.net (
Date:2018-08-21 00:17  (UTC)
Server Options:

Admin Info:
 Administrative info about ChickenLittle.​NL.​EU.​Serenity-IRC.​Net Admin =​ Remmy remmy[at]serenity-irc[dot]net
Message Of The Day (MOTD):
 -​ 20/​9/​2008 8:11
-​     =​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​                            .​-​=​-​.​
-​     W E L C O M E   T O     _​​/​     `.​
-​     CHICKENLITTLE.​NL.​EU    /​_​​( 9    |​.​_​​_​​
-​      .​SERENITY-​IRC.​NET      \          ``-​.​_​​
-​     =​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​=​                            `>    _​​.​.​.​     `'>
-​                                             |​  .​'    `-​.​ _​​,​​'
-​ Using Serenity-​IRC constitutes agreement with our   \ `-​.​    ,​​' ;
-​ Acceptable Use Policy.​ You may view our policy at    `.​  `~~'  /​
-​ http:/​/​www.​serenity-​irc.​net/​aup.​htm                  _​​ 7`".​.​.​"'
-​                                                      ,​​'|​ _​​_​​/​ hjw
-​ All connecting clients are scanned for open proxies,​​     ,​​'SOCKS and/​or Wingate
-​ s.​ If you are not in agreement
-​ with our policies,​​ please disconnect now.​
-​ Go to #Help for assistance in nick and channel registration,​​ questions
-​ regarding services,​​ and to report violations of the AUP.​      
-​ -​-​-​-​-​-​-​
-​ One day Chicken Little was walking in the woods when — KERPLUNK — an acorn
-​ fell on her head.​ "Oh my goodness!" said Chicken Little.​ "The sky is falling!
-​ I must go and tell the king.​"
-​ On her way to the king's palace,​​ Chicken Little met Henny Penny.​ Henny Penny
-​ said that she was going into the woods to hunt for worms.​ "Oh no,​​ don't go!"
-​ said Chicken Little.​ "I was there and the sky fell on my head! Come with me to
-​ tell the king.​"
-​ So Henny Penny joined Chicken Little and they went along and went along as
-​ fast as they could.​
-​ Soon they met Cocky Locky,​​ who said,​​ "I'm going to the woods to hunt for
-​ seeds.​" "Oh no,​​ don't go!" said Henny Penny.​ "The sky is falling there! Come
-​ with us to tell the king.​"
-​ So Cocky Locky joined Henny Penny and Chicken Little,​​ and they went along and
-​ went along as fast as they could.​
-​ Then who should appear on the path but sly old Foxy Woxy.​ "Where are you
-​ going,​​ my fine feathered friends?" asked Foxy Woxy.​ He spoke in a polite
-​ manner,​​ so as not to frighten them.​ "The sky is falling!" cried Chicken Little.​
-​ "We must tell the king.​"
-​ "I know a shortcut to the palace,​​" said Foxy woxy sweetly.​ "Come and follow
-​ me.​"
-​ But wicked Foxy Woxy did not lead the others to the palace.​ He led them right
-​ up to the entrance of his foxhole.​ Once they were inside,​​ Foxy Woxy was
-​ planning to gobble them up! Just as Chicken Little and the others were about
-​ to go into the fox's hole,​​ they heard a strange sound and stopped.​
-​ It was the king's hunting dogs,​​ growling and howling.​ How Foxy Woxy ran,​​
-​ across the meadows and through the forests,​​ with the hounds close behind.​
-​ He ran until he was far,​​ far away and never dared to come back again.​
-​ After that day,​​ Chicken Little always carried an umbrella with her when she
-​ walked in the woods.​ The umbrella was a present from the king.​ And if
-​ — KERPLUNK — an acorn fell,​​ Chicken Little didn't mind a bit;
-​ In fact,​​ she didn't notice it at all.​
-​ -​-​-​-​-​
-​ Enjoy your stay on Serenity-​IRC!


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