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IRC-Server cricinfo.uk.eu.starlink.org

Alle registrierten IRC-Netze werden mehrmals am Tag von unserem IRC-Crawler besucht. Auf diese Weise werden die Daten gesammelt, die u.a. die Grundlage für die Statistiken und die IRC-Suche auf dieser Website bilden. Unten findest du einige Details der letzten Verbindung zum IRC-Server cricinfo.uk.eu.starlink.org. Dieser IRC-Server gehört zum IRC-Netz StarLink.Org.

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Details der letzten Verbindung...

Server:cricinfo.uk.eu.starlink.org (
Date:2018-08-20 14:18  (UTC)
Server Options:
Admin Info:
 Administrative info about CricInfo.​UK.​EU.​StarLink.Org CricInfo CricInfo GLOBAL Cluster Admin <irc[at]cricket[dot]org>
Message Of The Day (MOTD):
 -​ 29/​2/​2008 16:58
-​ Welcome to CricInfo's IRC server,​​ Please feel free to use any of
-​ the channels on StarLink but remember this is a family network,​​ we do not
-​ permit Sex based channels,​​ nor do we allow any illegal activities such as
-​ swapping Warez.​
-​ Well behaved bots that sit in their own channels and do not impose a heavy
-​ burden on other users are welcome.​
-​ Use of this server implies that you accept monitoring of any traffic from
-​ your ip address to this server or any of its users.​
-​ You may not attempt to hide your real IP address by use of any open proxy
-​ servers such as badly configured WinGates and you must not attempt to interfere
-​ with any other users enjoyment of the IRC or any other part of the Internet.​
-​ Any behaviour that violates any of these conditions will be logged and sent
-​ to ISPs or Law Enforcement agencies as appropriate.​


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