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IRC-Server ipo.esper.net

Alle registrierten IRC-Netze werden mehrmals am Tag von unserem IRC-Crawler besucht. Auf diese Weise werden die Daten gesammelt, die u.a. die Grundlage für die Statistiken und die IRC-Suche auf dieser Website bilden. Unten findest du einige Details der letzten Verbindung zum IRC-Server ipo.esper.net. Dieser IRC-Server gehört zum IRC-Netz EsperNet.

Falls du weitere Server dieses IRC-Netzes suchst, wirf auch einen Blick in die Liste der EsperNet Server, die aktuell von unserem IRC-Crawler regelmäßig besucht werden!

Details der letzten Verbindung...

Server:ipo.esper.net (
Date:2018-04-19 02:07  (UTC)
Server Options:
CHANMODES=​eIbq,​​k,​​flj,​​CFLPQTcgimnprstz CHANLIMIT=​#:

Admin Info:
 ipo.​esper.​net :Administrative info The EsperNet IRC Network - ipo.​esper.​net Server Administrator - brynjar <support[at]esper[dot]net>
Message Of The Day (MOTD):
-​    lMMMMMMMMMM,​​
-​ .​.​.​lXXXXXXNMMM,​​
-​ MMMl      ,​​MMM,​​
-​ MMMl      ;MMM,​​
-​ MMMl     oWMWd.​  lk00kc o0kkkkk0o         .​KOkkkkOK'.​KO,​​   'K' ox     ,​​0d   .​dO,​​
-​ MMMl   :KMMO.​      Ok   kO     Ok         'Ml    ,​​M,​​.​M0KO,​​ ,​​M,​​ k0      .​OK;,​​KO'
-​ MMMl ;0MMO'        Ok   kNddddd0d .​ddddd; 'Ml    ,​​M,​​.​Ml ;OOkM,​​ kO        ;NX;
-​ KKKx0MMO,​​        lk00kc ox                .​KOkkkkOK'.​K:   'kK' o0kkkkkkc  xo
-​    lMM0
-​    lMMk                          ipo.​esper.​net
-​                 (the server formerly known as availo.​esper.​net)
-​                                               Not an admin:       brynjar
-​                                           0 helper donkeys at the moment
-​         This server is listening on ports 5555,​​ 6667-​9 and 7000
-​        SSL-​connections are recommended,​​ and welcome on port 6697
-​                                                      *​ TERMS OF SERVICE *​
-​   Your use of this network constitutes an agreement to abide by the
-​   rules presented in the EsperNet AUP -​ http:/​/​esper.​net/​charter.​php
-​   as well as any applicable Norwegian and International laws.​
-​   Further,​​ your use of this network implies consent to a port scan
-​   to detect open proxies and otherwise compromised systems.​
-​   Properly configured bots are permitted,​​ but are required to follow
-​   the same rules as users.​ Please refer to http:/​/​esper.​net/​bots.​php
-​   for more information about configuration requirements and suggestions.​
-​                                                       *​ USEFUL CHANNELS *​
-​   #dragonweyr -​ Network staff assistance
-​   #coders     -​ Help with programming|​tr gm cs|​sed 's/​s\(in\)c/​t\1ation/​'
-​   #lobby      -​ Chat
-​   #help       -​ General IRC help
-​                                                    *​ SPONSORING COMPANY *​
-​   This server is sponsored by donkeys and IP-​Only:
-​   http:/​/​www.​ip-​only.​se/​
-​                                                *​ REALLY OLD THEME SONGS *​
-​   Theme song #1:       http:/​/​kaffekoker.​net/​mp3/​availo_​​01.​mp3
-​   Theme song #2:       http:/​/​kaffekoker.​net/​mp3/​availo_​​02.​mp3
-​   Not a theme song #1: http:/​/​kaffekoker.​net/​mp3/​blip-​hop.​mp3
-​   Feel free to poke 'brynjar' if you are awesome and would like to
-​   donate a chiptune you have composed.​ EsperNet will love you for it!


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