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IRC-Server liquid.oftc.net

Alle registrierten IRC-Netze werden mehrmals am Tag von unserem IRC-Crawler besucht. Auf diese Weise werden die Daten gesammelt, die u.a. die Grundlage für die Statistiken und die IRC-Suche auf dieser Website bilden. Unten findest du einige Details der letzten Verbindung zum IRC-Server liquid.oftc.net. Dieser IRC-Server gehört zum IRC-Netz OFTC.

Falls du weitere Server dieses IRC-Netzes suchst, wirf auch einen Blick in die Liste der OFTC Server, die aktuell von unserem IRC-Crawler regelmäßig besucht werden!

Details der letzten Verbindung...

Server:liquid.oftc.net (
Date:2018-07-30 10:00  (UTC)
Server Options:

Admin Info:
 Administrative info about liquid.​oftc.​net OFTC Infrastructure Infrastructure Administration <infrastructure[at]oftc[dot]net>
Message Of The Day (MOTD):
 -​   O
-​    \   The Open and Free
-​     O
-​    /​|​  Technology Community
-​ O-​O O
-​ Welcome to OFTC's IRC network.​
-​ The Open and Free Technology Community was founded at the
-​ end of 2001 by a group of experienced members of the Open
-​ Source and Free Software communities; it is aimed at
-​ providing these communities with better communication,​​
-​ development,​​ and support infrastructure.​ Our goal is to
-​ provide stable services to members of the community in any
-​ part of the world,​​ while listening closely to their needs
-​ and desires.​
-​ We are not a general purpose chat platform,​​ but a topical
-​ network intent on providing the open source and free
-​ software communities a means to cooperate and communicate.​
-​ As such,​​ illegal and off-​topic activity,​​ such as warez
-​ trading,​​ may result in being barred from access.​
-​ OFTC honors your privacy.​ To operate the network,​​ we store
-​ and process information about IRC connections,​​ nicknames,​​
-​ and channels.​ Our Privacy Policy explains what we do with
-​ that data,​​ and what your rights are.​ By connecting,​​ you
-​ accept these terms: https:/​/​www.​oftc.​net/​Privacy_​​Policy/​
-​ For more information on OFTC,​​ please visit https:/​/​www.​oftc.​net/​.​
-​ If you require assistance,​​ stop by in channel #oftc,​​ or email
-​ support[at]​oftc[dot]​net with details.​
-​ Thanks and enjoy your stay,​​
-​         The OFTC team


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