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IRC-Server tampere.fi.b2irc.net

Alle registrierten IRC-Netze werden mehrmals am Tag von unserem IRC-Crawler besucht. Auf diese Weise werden die Daten gesammelt, die u.a. die Grundlage für die Statistiken und die IRC-Suche auf dieser Website bilden. Unten findest du einige Details der letzten Verbindung zum IRC-Server tampere.fi.b2irc.net. Dieser IRC-Server gehört zum IRC-Netz B2IRC.

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Details der letzten Verbindung...

Server:tampere.fi.b2irc.net (
Date:2018-08-17 20:02  (UTC)
Server Options:
PREFIX=​(ov)@​+ CHANMODES=​b,​​k,​​l,​​cCimnpst CHARSET=​rfc1459 NETWORK=​B2IRC :

Admin Info:
 Administrative info about tampere.​fi.​b2irc.​net Saatoyhteiso B2 ry B2IRC Network Admins Raziel and Kyuu
Message Of The Day (MOTD):
 -​ 5/​2/​2010 14:55
-​ General information for the B2IRC network follows.​
-​ *​*​[ URLs ]​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​
-​   This server is part of the
-​  B2IRC Network -​ http:/​/​www.​b2irc.​net/​
-​   Created by
-​  Saatoyhteiso B2 ry -​ http:/​/​www.​b2.​fi/​
-​   This server is hosted by
-​  Isolcom Ltd -​ http:/​/​www.​isolcom.​fi/​
-​  Admin: Kyuu Eturautti <firstname.​lastname@​b2.​fi>
-​ *​*​[ History ]​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​
-​  B2IRC was created by 'Kyuu' Eturautti and Tero 'Sivis' Nybacka,​​
-​  around 3Q-​4Q 2000.​ The B2IRC name was put to active use in
-​  June 2001.​ The name reflects this network being a part of
-​  Saatoyhteiso B2 ry,​​ formerly Project B2.​
-​  B2IRC was originally targeted primarily for anime related IRC
-​  usage,​​ but we're open to anyone agreeing with our rules.​
-​ *​*​[ Rules ]​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​
-​  IRC is a free media.​ The operators of this server take no
-​  responsibility whatsoever for opinions expressed by users
-​  on this network.​ In fact,​​ we encourage people to share
-​  their opinions concerning various matters on this network.​
-​  The network servers are located in Finland and thus  
-​  Finnish law must be followed.​ In short,​​ use common sense.​
-​  Channel protection bots (oer,​​ eggdrop etc.​) are allowed.​
-​  Takeovers and general bad attitude to the users of this
-​  network may get you banned.​ Please act nicely.​
-​  Any commercial use of the network must be agreed upon
-​  beforehand with at least one network administrator.​
-​  If you disagree with one or more of the statements above,​​
-​  please disconnect now.​ Breaking any of the rules will be
-​  taken very seriously by the IRC operators.​
-​   Visit #opers for any assistance you may require.​
-​ *​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​*​
-​  Please enjoy your stay on B2IRC!


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