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IRC Server ipo.esper.net

Our IRC crawler regularly connects all registered IRC networks to fetch current information (for example the amount of concurrent users and a list of IRC channels). Below you will find some details of last connection to IRC server ipo.esper.net that belongs to IRC network EsperNet.

If you're searching for other servers of this IRC network, have a look to the list of EsperNet servers that our IRC crawler periodically connects to!

Details of last connection...

Server:ipo.esper.net (
Date:2018-03-18 06:06  (UTC)
Server Options:
CHANMODES=​eIbq,​​k,​​flj,​​CFLPQTcgimnprstz CHANLIMIT=​#:

Admin Info:
 ipo.​esper.​net :Administrative info The EsperNet IRC Network - ipo.​esper.​net Server Administrator - brynjar <support[at]esper[dot]net>
Message Of The Day (MOTD):
-​    lMMMMMMMMMM,​​
-​ .​.​.​lXXXXXXNMMM,​​
-​ MMMl      ,​​MMM,​​
-​ MMMl      ;MMM,​​
-​ MMMl     oWMWd.​  lk00kc o0kkkkk0o         .​KOkkkkOK'.​KO,​​   'K' ox     ,​​0d   .​dO,​​
-​ MMMl   :KMMO.​      Ok   kO     Ok         'Ml    ,​​M,​​.​M0KO,​​ ,​​M,​​ k0      .​OK;,​​KO'
-​ MMMl ;0MMO'        Ok   kNddddd0d .​ddddd; 'Ml    ,​​M,​​.​Ml ;OOkM,​​ kO        ;NX;
-​ KKKx0MMO,​​        lk00kc ox                .​KOkkkkOK'.​K:   'kK' o0kkkkkkc  xo
-​    lMM0
-​    lMMk                          ipo.​esper.​net
-​                 (the server formerly known as availo.​esper.​net)
-​                                               Not an admin:       brynjar
-​                                           0 helper donkeys at the moment
-​         This server is listening on ports 5555,​​ 6667-​9 and 7000
-​        SSL-​connections are recommended,​​ and welcome on port 6697
-​                                                      *​ TERMS OF SERVICE *​
-​   Your use of this network constitutes an agreement to abide by the
-​   rules presented in the EsperNet AUP -​ http:/​/​esper.​net/​charter.​php
-​   as well as any applicable Norwegian and International laws.​
-​   Further,​​ your use of this network implies consent to a port scan
-​   to detect open proxies and otherwise compromised systems.​
-​   Properly configured bots are permitted,​​ but are required to follow
-​   the same rules as users.​ Please refer to http:/​/​esper.​net/​bots.​php
-​   for more information about configuration requirements and suggestions.​
-​                                                       *​ USEFUL CHANNELS *​
-​   #dragonweyr -​ Network staff assistance
-​   #coders     -​ Help with programming|​tr gm cs|​sed 's/​s\(in\)c/​t\1ation/​'
-​   #lobby      -​ Chat
-​   #help       -​ General IRC help
-​                                                    *​ SPONSORING COMPANY *​
-​   This server is sponsored by donkeys and IP-​Only:
-​   http:/​/​www.​ip-​only.​se/​
-​                                                *​ REALLY OLD THEME SONGS *​
-​   Theme song #1:       http:/​/​kaffekoker.​net/​mp3/​availo_​​01.​mp3
-​   Theme song #2:       http:/​/​kaffekoker.​net/​mp3/​availo_​​02.​mp3
-​   Not a theme song #1: http:/​/​kaffekoker.​net/​mp3/​blip-​hop.​mp3
-​   Feel free to poke 'brynjar' if you are awesome and would like to
-​   donate a chiptune you have composed.​ EsperNet will love you for it!


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