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IRC Server raven.mircphantom.net

Our IRC crawler regularly connects all registered IRC networks to fetch current information (for example the amount of concurrent users and a list of IRC channels). Below you will find some details of last connection to IRC server raven.mircphantom.net that belongs to IRC network mircphantom.net.

If you're searching for other servers of this IRC network, have a look to the list of mircphantom.net servers that our IRC crawler periodically connects to!

Details of last connection...

Server:raven.mircphantom.net (
Date:2018-01-16 08:12  (UTC)
Server Options:
AWAYLEN=​307 MAXTARGETS=​20 WALLCHOPS WATCH=​128 WATCHOPTS=​A SILENCE=​15 MODES=​12 CHANTYPES=​# PREFIX=​(qaohv)~&@​%​​+ CHANMODES=​beI,​​kLf,​​l,​​psmntirzMQNRTOVKDdGPZSCc NETWORK=​mircphantom.net CASEMAPPING=​ascii EXTBAN=​~,​​SOcaRrnqj :

Admin Info:
 Administrative info about raven.​MircPhAnToM.net DeViL Lilith bandqueed
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 -​ 10/​8/​2017 16:34
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